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Welcome toConnectedOfficeWith High-Speed Internet plus a suite of powerful online conferencing andcollaboration tools, Connected Office provides everything you need to work as asmoothly functioning team – bundled with the Internet essentials every businessexpects, such as email, automatic backup and more. And now, Connected Officeis powered by Office 365, your complete office in the cloud.Connected Office is available in 3 levels: Essential, Advanced, or Premium.The level you chose is listed on your Order Confirmation letter.Connected Office includes:EssentialAdvancedPremiumHigh-Speed InternetUp to 15MbpsUp to 25MbpsUp to 45MbpsMicrosoft Office 365Enterprise Premium3 subscriptions5 subscriptions10 subscriptions3 licenses5 licenses10 licensesMcAfee Endpoint Protection3 seats5 seats10 seatsWebsite Hosting plusDesign and Marketing Tools5GB storage1 Domain Name Registration5GB storage1 Domain Name Registration5GB storage1 Domain Name RegistrationOnline Data Backup75GB / 3 devices 25GB each125GB / 5 devices 25GB each250GB / 10 devices 25GB eachUp to 20 pages / monthUp to 20 pages / monthUp to 20 pages / monthMicrosoft Office Applications(Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)Cloud FaxCONNECTEDOFFICETABLE OF CONTENTSClick the page number to learn more:This Quick Start Guide offers a briefoutline for setting up and using your newConnected Office services. The best wayto get started is with a FREE one-hourApplication Activation session with ourTechnology Support Team. Please to schedule yourappointment or call 1-888-712-1406 forhelp at any time.High-Speed Internet Setup. 3Complimentary One-Hour Activation Appointment. 3Activation Checklist. 3Online and Cloud ServicesLog in to the CenturyLink Portal / Management Console. 4Activate Domain Name. 5Activate Entitlements. 5Office 365 ServicesAdministration and User Setup. 6Install Office Applications. 7Outlook Email. 8Office / Excel / PowerPoint / OneNote. 8Skype for Business / SharePoint / OneDrive. 9Secure Online Backup. 10Website and SEO Tools. 11Cloud Fax. 11McAfee Services Activation. 12McAfee Endpoint Protection. 12Resources and Help. 13Terms & Conditions. 13888.712.1406 / Office Quick Start Guide 2

Getting StartedInstall your High-Speed Internet and ModemYour High-Speed Internet service must be connected before you can activate services. EASY SELF-INSTALLATIONPlease follow the installation guide included inside your CenturyLink modem kit. TECHNICIAN INSTALLCall 1-888-712-1406 if you’d rather have a CenturyLink technician do it for you.Learn how to Set Up and Use Connected OfficeSchedule your FREE Activation AppointmentDuring this complimentary one-hour consultation, a member of our Technology Support Team willguide you through the activation process and provide invaluable user tips for your ConnectedOffice services. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, this session is the easiest way to get everythingset up properly for the unique needs of your business.If you were not scheduled for an Activation Appointment when you placed your order,we recommend you do so now. Please visit to schedule your appointment online. Set aside one hour for the appointment, at a time when you can be both on the phone and onlineat your computer. You and the consultant will walk through each step together, right on yourcomputer screen. If you prefer to set up your services on your own, use the following pages as a guide.For in-depth instructions, refer to the Do-It-Yourself section ChecklistWhat to prepare before you startWhether you choose the guided activation, or prefer to handle it on your own, there are a fewthings you should have prepared ahead of time:CEDOTENCNECOIFF Decide who will be the primary Administrator of your account. Administrator functions areindicated with this icon throughout this guide. Consider what users and email addresses you need. Have a domain name in mind for your business, either one you already own or the oneyou’d like to have (e.g. You may also need the login credentials for yourcurrent domain registrar (such as GoDaddy), if any. Determine which computers and/or devices you would like to set for backup. Coordinate with your company’s IT department, if any, to ensure systems access. You will need a CenturyLink ID, which is the same user name and password you useto access your CenturyLink account online. If you don’t already have a CenturyLink ID,choose the Get Help button on the first CenturyLink login screen. You’ll be redirectedto a page where you can Create New Account.Or, you can go to now and click the Enroll Now button. You’ll also need the Office 365 Administrative ID you should receive in a separatewelcome email from CenturyLink. If you do not receive the email, call 1-855-459-6121.888.712.1406 / of contents)Connected Office Quick Start Guide 3

Log in via the CenturyLink PortalGo to You’ll always access your features using this same URL, so you may want to bookmark this page. Click the [ LOGIN ] button and enter your CenturyLink ID.Bookmark your portal page you can easily get to it again.Enter the same user name and passwordthat you use to access your CenturyLinkaccount, if you have one already.If you are a new user, click the Get Helpbutton. You’ll be taken to a screen whereyou can Create New Account.CENTURYLINK PORTALLOGIN SCREENGet acquainted with your Management ConsoleAfter you log in, you will be at your Management Console. Let’s take a look at the sections: The DASHBOARD tab shows account information on the left side, and a list of your subscribed serviceson the right. Click Manage to access that service. The APPLICATIONS tab shows a complete list of your services and their status. The Status may sayReady to Activate, Provisioning, or Active depending on what stage of setup you’ve completed. Choose any individual tab, such as Web Hosting, to access that particular service. Under MyCloud in the upper right corner, pull down for convenient links to your Dashboard and Account.Although most features can be found inseveral places, the instructions for certainservices may recommend that you accessthem through a particular screen.DASHBOARD TABAPPLICATIONS TABINDIVIDUAL SERVICE TABMY CLOUDLook for more complete instructionsin the Do-It-Yourself section, click the Live Chat button forimmediate assistance at any time.888.712.1406 / of contents)Connected Office Quick Start Guide 4

Activate EntitlementsFirst, you have to ACTIVATE the services you plan to use before you can set up and use them. Log in to your Management Console: described on the previous page. You will be presented with the Entitlements screen, which lists all the services included in your package. Activate your DomainYour company’s designated AccountAdministrator should perform thefunctions indicated by this icon .Registration of one domain is includedwith Connected Office. If a new name youwant isn’t available, you’ll be given somealternate suggestions, or you can try againwith another name.You may register and purchase any numberof domain names through CenturyLink,however only the first one included in yourCenturyLink package is free of charge.Before you can set up any of your Connected Office services, you need to designate the domain name you wantto use. You may register a new name if you don’t have one yet, transfer an existing name to your CenturyLinkaccount, or continue to use a name you already own. Locate the Add Your Domain section, then: To register a new name, click the Register New button, then enter your desired Domain Name in the boxon the right. Click [ ACTIVATE DOMAIN ]. You’ll be taken to a screen where you can “purchase” the domainname included in your package for 0.00. Follow the instructions, then return to your Entitlements list. To transfer an existing name, click the Transfer button, then [ ACTIVATE DOMAIN ]. Follow theinstructions given on the next screen. You will need to contact your current registrar for an authorization codeto complete the transfer. To keep an existing name with your current provider, it should already be listed on your accountwhen you purchased Connected Office. If not, go to the Web Hosting tab, Configure & Buy page. Click theUse Existing button, and enter your current domain name. This tells Connected Office to make that domainname available for your email, website and other included services.Transfer a domain name from anotherprovider to CenturyLink in order to savemoney or to keep all your services togetherin one place.ENTITLEMENTS / ADD YOUR DOMAINCONFIGURE & BUY OPTIONS Activate other EntitlementsAfter you choose your Domain Name, return to the Entitlements tab. If you’re ready to activate more of your Entitlements, select any of the others you want to use EXCEPT forMicrosoft Office 365, and click [ ACTIVATE ]. Make sure you receive a confirmation for each. You can alwaysreturn at another time and activate more if you’re not sure which ones you’re going to use right now. Some of the Entitlements, such as Web Hosting, will have a dropdown menu where you can select whichdomain you intend to use for that service. The dropdown should already list the domain name(s) you registeredin the steps above.If your domain name(s) don’t appearin the dropdown, try refreshingyour screen. Or, pull down to Enter yourDomain and follow the instructions. If you activate all the Entitlements, you’ll see the message: “You have no Entitlements that require activation.” Follow the special instructions to activate Office 365 on the following page.888.712.1406 / of contents)Connected Office Quick Start Guide 5

Microsoft Office 365 Admin Activating Office 365 requires a different activation procedure from the other Entitlements. Log in to your Management Console: Activate Office 365 From the Entitlements screen, select the Microsoft Office 365 line item. Choose your domain namefrom the pulldown menu, or enter a new one now. Click [ ACTIVATE ]. You will be redirected to the Office 365 login page to establish a master Admin password. Enter the Office Administrative ID you received in your Office 365 welcome email (NOT your CenturyLink ID).Click the Can’t Access Your Account link, enter your desired password, then click NEXT to return to theOffice 365 login screen and continue.Your Connected Office package includesMicrosoft Office 365 Enterprise Premium.Make a note of your new password.You will need it each time you log into Office 365.ENTITLEMENTSOFFICE 365 LOGINOFFICE 365 ADMIN CENTER / DASHBOARDOFFICE 365 SET UP USERS Set up Office 365 UsersConnected Office includes 3, 5, or 10users depending on the level of serviceyou chose. Unlimited additional users areavailable for a small fee per user.If you’re switching existing emailaddresses over to Office 365, make surethey are typed out exactly the samewhen you Add Users.IMPORTANT: All existing users needto be set up in Office 365 BEFORE youupdate your DNS records, or their emailcould disappear.Once you get logged in, you’ll be at the Office 365 Admin Center. Click SETUP in the left sidebar and followthe Basic Setup wizard. You will be guided to: Verify your DomainTell Office 365 what domain you’ll be using for your email. Take your time and follow the instructionscarefully. Be sure to wait for confirmation at each step. Call for assistance if you need help. Add Users and Assign LicensesAdd Users one at a time, establishing each email address ([email protected]) you need for your staff.A password will be automatically generated for each person, or you can type in your own. Keep in mind thatthe same user will be enabled on every Office 365 feature, so make sure to assign your users wisely. You willreceive an email to confirm that each user has been set up. Make sure to provide their p