OV-10 BRONCO INSTRUCTIONSKIT INCLUDESwww.estarmodels.comITEMS NEEDED TO COMPLETEMini Receiver(5-7 channel).Full size plan.Lasercut parts.1.5mm(1/16”)xL600mm(24”) balsa : 7sheets1.5mm(1/16”)xL460mm(18.2”) balsa : 18sheets1.5mm(1/16”)xL320mm(12.6”) balsa : 7sheets3.0mm(1/8”)xL600mm(24”) balsa : 2sheets3.0mm(1/8”)xL460mm(18.2”) balsa : 9sheets3.0mm(1/8”)xL320mm(12.6”) balsa : 2sheets5.0mm(3/16”) xL550mm(21.7”) balsa : 1sheet5.0mm(3/16”) xL370mm(14.6”) balsa : 1sheet1.8mm(5/64”)xL200mm(8”) plywood : 2sheets3.0mm(1/8”)xL600mm(24”) plywood : 4sheetsVacuum formed Cowls and Canopy.Motor mounts 10x10x90mm.Landing gears(3ea),2mm bolts/nuts(4sets), 3mm screws(4ea), 2mm screws(16ea).5mm Wing dowels(6ea), 4mm Wing bolts (3ea).CA hinge.Pushrods(7ea) for Rudders, Elevator, Ailerons and flaps.Two GWS EPS-400C-DS(3:1) orTwo BL motors(5:1 geared, 9 12A).Brushed : 1 ESC (30 35A)Brushless : 2 ESC (15 20A).7 submicro Servos(Hitec HS-55 / Futaba S3108 /GWS pico servos, orequivalant).Servo extension cords and Yharness.1 mini metal geared servo fornose steering(Optional).Propeller 9070 (2-blades or 3blades) or APC 9x6E.2 3 rolls of covering film.(Solite/Monokote/Oracover)Li-Poly 11.1V 3000 3400mAh(brushed) / 2400 3000mAh(brushless) battery w/Li-Polycharger.Instructions and Stickers.Page 11-60mm and 2-70mm Wheels,Wheel Collars(5 7ea) and Rodadjusters(7ea).

PREPARATIONRemove parts from laser-cut panel and group as shownabove.5. Glue vertical fin sheets(V1a-V2, V1b-V2) together.VERTICAL FIN and RUDDER1. Sand trailing edges of rudder sheets(R1, R1a).6. Lay elevator servo extension cord and glue the parts(V3V10) on the outboard vertical fin sheet(V1a,V2) with thin CAand apply thick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing.Note Elevator servo extension needed right vertical fin only.7. Make notch for extension on the V5a part and glue.2. Glue sub leading edge(R2) and ribs(R3-R4) on theoutboard rudder sheet(R1a) with thin CA and then applythick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing.8. Cover the inboard vertical fin sheet(V1b,V2) with thickCA.3. Cover the inboard rudder sheet(R1) with thick CA.4. Glue the rudder leading edge(R5) with thick CA.9. Glue the fin leading edge(V11) and trailing edge(V13) withthick CA.Glue the parts (V12,V14,V15) with thick CA.Note To fit center, use cardboard as shown above.Page 2

10. Carefully sand surfaces.16. Glue the leading edges(H7, E5) and trailing edge(H6)with thick CA.STABILIZER and ELEVATOR11. Glue the sub leading edge and sub trailing edge(H2),ribs(H3-H4) on the stabilizer bottom sheet(H1) with thin CAand apply thick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing.17. Carefully sand surfaces.FLAP and AILERON12. Cover the top sheet(H5) with thick CA.1. Sand trailing edges of aileron(A1,A4) and flap sheets(P1,P6).13. Sand trailing edges of elevator sheets(E1, E4).2. Glue the ribs(A2) and sub leading edge(A3) on the aileronbottom sheet(A1R,A1L) with thin CA and apply thick CAglue at each joints for reinforcing.14. Glue the leading edge(E2) and ribs(E3) on the elevatorbottom sheet(E1) with thin CA and apply thick CA glue ateach joints for reinforcing.15. Cover the top sheet(E4) with thick CA.3. Cover the top sheet(A4) with thick CA.Page 3

2. Glue right and left spars (W1-W1, W2-W2). Glue plywoodspars(W3) with thick CA.4. After sand leading edges, and then glue aileron leadingedge(A5) with thick CA. Carefully sand surfaces.5. Glue flap ribs(P2,P3) and sub trailing edge(P5) on the flapbottom sheet(P1a, P1b) with thin CA and apply thick CAglue at each joints for reinforcing.6. Test fit plywood joiner(P4) to the inboard and outboardflaps.Note Do not glue joiner(P4) in this step.3. Assemble bottom spars(W1-W3), ribs(W4-W12), wing boltmounts(W13-W14,W16-W17) and dowel mounts(W15,W18).Note Balsa mounts(W14,W17) must be located under theplywood mounts(W13,W16).4. Assemble plywood servo trays(W22,W23).5. Assemble top spars(W1-W3), sub leading edge(W19) andtrailing edges(W20,W21).Temporary glue all the frames with thin CA.7. Cover the top sheet(P6) with thick CA. After sand leadingedges, and then glue flap leading edges(P7) with thick CA.And then, carefully sand surfaces.WING1. Glue wing bottom sheets(W24-W28) and wing topsheets(W29-W32) each together.6. Cover the bottom sheet(W24-W28) with thick CAFrom the top, apply thick CA glue at each joints.7. Temporary glue wing jig with thick CA.Page 4

3. Assemble plywood doubler(F2), longerons(F3a,F4a, F5a,F5b) and bulkheads(F7-F9,F13-F14) on the right side sheet(F1a, F1b) and then, glue with thin CA.Note Make sure to pay attention to all the bulkheads, thepart numbers should be facing forward.8. Apply wood glue as shown.9. Cover the top sheet(W29-32).Hold down the front edge with pins to the sub leading edge.4. Assemble battrey tray(F21), steering servo tray(F22),plywood doubler(F2), longerons(F3a,F4a, F5a, F5b) andwing mount(F19,F20).Note Balsa mount(F20) must be located over the plywoodmount(F19).10. Weigh down with magazine as shown.5. Assemble bulkheads(F15-F18) and longerones (F6).11. Insert wing dowels and glue.FUSELAGE1. Glue fuselage side sheets(F1a-F1b) and bottom sheets(F24a-F24b) each together.2. Glue the longerons(F5a-F5b, F23a-F23b) together.6. Assemble left side sheet(F1a, F1b).Apply thick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing.7. Glue frames(F25a) and top sheet(F26a) with thick CA.8. Assemble and glue longerones(F23a,F23b) with thickCA.Page 5

9. Assemble and bottom sheet(F24a,F24b) with thick CA.15. Assemble and glue rear fuselage frames(F3b,F4b,F4c,F5c,F10-F12,F23c,F25b) with thick CA.10. Assemble and glue longerones(F27-F28) with thick CA.16. Assemble and glue rear fuselage sheets(F1c,F24c,F26b) with thick CA. And then, sand edges.11. Glue fore turtle deck(F29) with thick CA.17. Glue edges(F32,F33) with thick CA.12. Sand fuselage bottom edges.18. Glue and rear cone(F40-F42) with thick CA. Carefullysand surfaces.13. Glue edges(F23a,F23b) and nose cones(F37-F39) withthick CA.BOOMS1. Glue the longerons(B4a-B4b) together.14. Carefully sand fuselage surfacesPage 6

6. Sand the end of longerons(B21,B4b) as shown.2. Glue side sheets(B22i,B22o) and bottom sheets(B23aB23c) each together.7. Assemble plywood bulkheads(B16-B19), longerons(B20B21) with thin CA.Apply thick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing.3. Assemble plywood doubler(B2), longerons(B3,B4a,B4b,B5), servo bed(B7a) and bulkheads(B6,B7,B8R,B9R, B15R)on the right side sheet(B1) and then, glue with thin CA.Note Make sure to pay attention to all the bulkheads, thepart numbers should be facing forward.8. Assemble inner(B22i), outer(B22o) side sheets, and then,apply thick CA glue at each joints for reinforcing frominside.Assemble bottom(B23) and top(B24,B25) sheets.4. Assemble plywood doubler(B2), longerons(B3,B4a,B4b)and wing mount(B2a,B2b) and then, glue with thin CA.Glue landing gear mount(B10-B12,B12R,B13,B13a) withthin CA.Note Balsa mount(B2b) must be located over the plywoodmount(B2a).9. Glue motor mount sticks, servo trays(B7b) and cowlmounts(B31,B32).5. Assemble left boom with same 9L,B10,B11,B12,B12L,B13,B13a,B15)10. Insert and glue plastic pipes for rudder pushrods.Page 7

11. Assemble flap joiner cap (B26-B30).16. Insert and glue wing dowels.Shape and sand the surfaces.17. Glue trailing edge(W39) with thick CA.Note Refer to the wing section on the drawing and usecardboard to make a gap.12. Tapping with 4mm tap to fit wingbolts.18. Shape and sand the surfaces.Note Refer to the wing section on the drawing13. Carefully sand right and left boom surfaces.SPONSON1. Glue sponson bottom sheets(N10-N11), top sheets(N11N12) each together. Assemble and glue sponson frames(N1N9) with thick CA.14. Temporary assemble wing to fuselage and booms.Glue leading edge(W33,W34) with thick CA.2. Cover the sheets(N10,N11) with thick CA.15. Glue wingtips(W35-W38).Page 8

COVERING AND EQUIPMENTINSTALLATION3. Glue leading(N12), trailing edges(N13) and tips(N14) withthick CA.1. Cover films with your own color scheme.4. Carefully sand surfaces.2. Assemble tail and insert elevator servo extension.5. Glue sponson to the fuselage with thick CA.3. Glue vertical fins to the booms with thick CA. (Horizontaltail must be paralleled with wing and at right angle tovertical tail.)6. Fix stabilizer to the vertical fin with screws. (Horizontaltail must be at right angle to vertical tail.) Glue H9 partsto the stabilizer and elevator servo bed(V16) to the verticalfin with thick CA.7. Sand H9 pats as shown above.4. Cut CA hinges as shown above.5. Install and glue plywood horns with thick CA. Apply thinCA to the horns for reinforcing. Make slots and install hinges.Page 9

6. Install elevator servo.11. Insert flap hinges(FH) and temporarily glue with smallamount of CA. After throwing check, and then glue themfirmly.Install aileron and flap servos. When you connect flap servoswith Y-harness, install additional flap horn(F).7. Install motors and rudder servos.12. Paint canopy, cowl and cockpit area.8. Insert rudder pushrods to the horns and then glue hingesto the fin with small amount of thin CA.13. Assemble and glue nose gear mount(F34-F36) withthick CA.9. Temporary assemble cowls. Drill holes for fixing screws.14. Install nose gear and fix with wheel collar below andabove of mount.(Optional) Assemble and glue nose steering servo mount(F44-F47) and install nose steering arm, drill, tap and fix tothe collar with small bolt.10. Insert and glue plywood joiner(P4) to the inboard andoutboard flaps and then glue plywood horns(F)Page 10

15. Install main gear and then fix plywood retainers (B14)with screws. Fix wheels with wheel collars.With Landing gear.16. Glue hinges to the stabilizer with small amount of thin CAand then, connect elevator pushrod.Without Landing gear.Control ThrowsThe following control throws are recommended startingpoints. After you are familiar with this plane, you mayincrease, or decrease.- Ailerons : 19mm(5/8”) up, 16mm(5/8”) down.- Elevator : 16mm(5/8”) up and down.- Rudders : 16mm(5/8”) right and left.- Flaps : takeoff-15degrees(16mm), landing35degrees(37mm)(Flap-elevator down mix is required.)17. Fix battery with Velcro tape.Install switch and charge connector on the bottom offuselage.18. Install canopy, rear cone and flap joiner cap with scotchtape.Check CG. (CG location is shown on the drawing.)Congratulations! Enjoy flying.Page 11