Fleck 5800 LXT & SXT Downflow/UpflowService ManualTABLE OF CONTENTSJOB SPECIFICATION SHEET.1INSTALLATION.2START-UP INSTRUCTIONS.3TIMER FEATURES.3TIMER OPERATION.4MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE.5DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAMMING MODE.6POWERHEAD ASSEMBLY.75800 CONTROL VALVE ASSEMBLYDOWNFLOW/UPFLOW.83/4" PLASTIC TURBINE METER ASSEMBLY.9METER ASSEMBLY.93/4", 1" or 1-1/2" PADDLE WHEELMETER CAP ASSEMBLY.10BYPASS VALVE ASSEMBLY (PLASTIC).10BYPASS VALVE ASSEMBLY (PLASTIC).112310 SAFETY BRINE VALVE.11WATER CONDITIONER FLOW DIAGRAMS.12TROUBLESHOOTING.14The chart below is for dealer use only. Use this informationto configure the system to suit the application. The 5800 LXTtimer will use the settings to calculate cycle times.TankDiameter8Resin VolumeBLFC 3.75105#30.50110#30.50115#30.50141616 InjectorSizeUS (FT )34.0043359 Rev AMR12

JOB SPECIFICATION SHEETJob Number:Model Number:Water Hardness: ppm or gpgCapacity Per Unit:Mineral Tank Size: Diameter: Height:Salt Setting per Regeneration:Regenerant Flow:UpflowDownflow1. Meter Size:A. 3/4" Paddle Wheel (Not Used)B. 3/4" TurbineC. 1" Paddle Wheel (Not Used)D. 1" Turbine (Not Used)E. 1-1/2" Electronic Inline Plastic Turbine (Not Used)F. 1-1/2" Paddle Wheel (Not Used)G. 2" Paddle Wheel (Not Used)H. Generic Pulse Count Meter Size2. System Type:A. System #4: 1 Tank, 1 Meter, Immediate, or Delayed RegenerationB. System #4: Time Clock3. Timer Program Settings:A. Backwash: MinutesB. Brine and Slow Rinse: MinutesC. Rapid Rinse: MinutesD. Brine Tank Refill: MinutesE. Pause Time: MinutesF.Second Backwash: Minutes4. Drain Line Flow Control: gpm5. Brine Line Flow Control: gpm6. Injector Size#:2 MR12 Fleck 5800 LXT & SXT Downflow/Upflow

INSTALLATIONWater PressureA minimum of 20 pounds (1.4 bar) of water pressure is requiredfor the regeneration valve to operate effectively.Electrical FacilitiesAn uninterrupted alternating current (120 VAC) supply isrequired. The control uses a tranformer to supply 12 VDC.Please make sure your voltage supply is compatible with yourunit before installation.Existing PlumbingCondition of existing plumbing should be free from lime andiron buildup. Piping that is built up heavily with lime and/or ironshould be replaced. If piping is clogged with iron, a separateiron filter unit should be installed ahead of the water softener.Location Of Softener And DrainThe softener should be located close to a drain to prevent airbreaks and back flow.CAUTION If grid plate is used, cut air check height evenwith grid plate. This is critical on 6", 7", 8" and 9"tanks. The brine refill water must come above thegrid plate and make contact with the salt.10. On units with a by-pass, place in by-pass position. Turn onthe main water supply. Open a cold soft water tap nearbyand let run a few minutes or until the plumbing is free fromforeign material (usually solder) that may have resultedfrom the installation. Once clean, close the water tap.11. Slowly place the by-pass in service position and let waterflow into the mineral tank. When water flow stops, slowlyopen a cold water tap nearby and let water run until the airis purged from the unit.12. Plug the transformer into an electrical outlet.NOTE: All electrical connections must be connectedaccording to local codes. Be certain the outlet isuninterrupted.By-Pass ValvesAlways provide for the installation of a by-pass valve if unit isnot equipped with one.CAUTION Water pressure is not to exceed 125 psi (8.6 bar),water temperature is not to exceed 110 F (43 C),and the unit cannot be subjected to freezingconditions.WARNING: The system must be depressurized beforeremoving any connections for servicing.Installation Instructions1. Place the softener tank where you want to install the unit.make sure the unit is level and on a firm base.2. During cold weather, the installer should warm the valve toroom temperature before operating.3. All plumbing should be done in accordance with localplumbing codes. The pipe size for a residential drain lineshould be a minimum of 1/2" (13 mm). Backwash flow ratesin excess of 7 gpm (26.5 Lpm) or drain line length in excessof 20' (6 m) require 3/4" (19 mm) drain line. Commercialdrain lines should be the same size as the drain line flowcontrol.NOTE: The tank should have the distributor tube installedand have the proper amount of regenerant in place.4. Refer to the dimensional drawing for cutting height of thedistributor tube. If there is no dimensional drawing, cut thedistributor tube flush with the top of the tank.5. Lubricate the distributor O-ring seal and tank O-ring seal.Place the main control valve on tank. Note: Only usesilicone lubricant.6. Soldering of joints near the drain port must be done priorto connecting the Drain Line Flow Control fitting (DLFC).Leave at least 6" (15 cm) between the DLFC and solderjoints when soldering pipes that are connected on theDLFC. Failure to do this could cause interior damage to theDLFC.7. PTFE plumbing tape is the only sealant to be used on thedrain fitting.8. Make sure that the floor is clean beneath the salt storagetank and that the tank is level.9. Place approximately 1" (25 mm) of water above the gridplate. If a grid is not utilized, fill to the top of the air check(Figure 1) in the salt tank. Do not add salt to the brine tankat this time.60002 Rev EFigure 1 Residential Air Check ValveFleck 5800 LXT & SXT Downflow/Upflow MR12 3

START-UP INSTRUCTIONS LXTThe water softener should be installed with the inlet, outlet, anddrain connections made in accordance with the manufacturer’srecommendations, and to meet applicable plumbing codes.1. Program the valve control according to instructions shownin this manual.2. Start an immediate regeneration by holding the Extra Cyclebutton for 5 seconds. Position the valve to backwash.Ensure the drain line flow remains steady for 10 minutes oruntil the water runs clear.3. Position the valve to the brine / slow rinse position. Ensurethe unit is drawing water from the brine tank (this step mayneed to be repeated).4. Position the valve to the rapid rinse position. Check thedrain line flow, and run for 5 minutes or until the water runsclear.5. Position the valve to the start of the brine tank fill cycle.Ensure water goes into the brine tank at the desired rate.The brine valve drive cam will hold the valve in this positionto fill the brine tank for the first regeneration.6. Replace control cover.7. Put salt in the brine tank.NOTE: Do not use granulated or rock salt.TIMER FEATURES LXTProgram IconDisplay PositionClockService IndicatorTime ofDayFilterCapacityPMTime ningResinMODEModeButtonExtra CycleButtonFigure 2Features of the LXT: Power backup that continues to keep time and thepassage of days for a minimum of 12 hours in the eventof power failure. During a power outage, the control goesinto a power-saving mode. It does not monitor waterusage during a power failure, but it does store the volumeremaining at the time of power failure. Day of the week reserve calculates a reserve for eachday based on the past 4 weeks. The Flow Indicator flashes when outlet flow is detected. The Service Icon flashes if a regeneration cycle has beenqueued. A Regeneration can be triggered immediately by pressingthe Extra Cycle button for five seconds. During a regeneration, the display will show the cyclenumber followed by the time remaining in that cycle During regeneration, the user can force the control toadvance to the next cycle step immediately by pressingthe extra cycle button.TimeRemainingCycleFigure 3Setting the Time of Day1. Press and hold either the Up or Down buttons until the Timeof Day icon appears.2. Adjust the displayed time with the Up and Down buttons.3. When the desired time is set, press the Extra Cycle buttonto resume normal operation. The unit will also return tonormal operation after 5 seconds if no buttons are pressed.PMFigure 4Queueing a Regeneration1. Press the Extra Cycle button. The service icon will flash toindicate that a regeneration is queued.2. To cancel a queued regeneration, press the Extra Cyclebutton.4 MR12 Fleck 5800 LXT & SXT Downflow/UpflowRegenerating ImmediatelyPress and hold the Extra Cycle button for five seconds.

TIMER OPERATION LXTMeter Delayed ControlA Meter Delayed Control measures water usage. The systemregenerates at the programmed regeneration time after thecalculated system capacity is depleted. The control calculatesthe system capacity by dividing the unit capacity by thefeedwater hardness and subtracting the reserve. The reserveshould be set to insure that the system delivers treated waterbetween the time the system capacity is depleted and theactual regeneration time. A Meter Delayed control will also starta regeneration cycle at the programmed regeneration time ifa number of days equal to the regeneration day override passbefore water usage depletes the calculated system capacity.Control Operation During RegenerationDuring regeneration, the control displays a specialregeneration display. In this display, the control shows thecurrent regeneration step number the valve is advancing to,or has reached, and the time remaining in that step. The stepnumber that displays flashes until the valve completes drivingto this regeneration step position. Once all regeneration stepsare complete the valve returns to service and resumes normaloperation.The meter and time clock controls will use and display cycles:1. Backwash2. Brine/Slow Rinse3. Rapid Rinse4. Brine Tank RefillThe filter controls will use and display cycles:1. Backwash2. Rapid RinsePressing the Extra Cycle button during a regeneration cycleimmediately advances the valve to the next cycle step positionand resumes normal step timing.Control Operation During A Power FailureThe LXT includes integral power backup. In the event of powerfailure, the control shifts into a power-saving mode. The controlstops monitoring water usage. The display and motor shutdown, but it continues to keep track of the time and day for aminimum of 12 hours.The system configuration settings are stored in a non-volatilememory and are stored indefinitely with or without line power.If power fails while the unit is in regeneration, the control willsave the current valve position before it shuts down. Whenpower is restored, the control will resume the regenerationcycle from the point where power failed.CAUTION If power fails during a regeneration cycle, thevalve will remain in it’s current position untilpower is restored. The valve system shouldinclude all required safety components toprevent overflows resulting from a power failureduring regeneration.The control will not start a new regeneration cycle without linepower. If the valve misses a scheduled regeneration due toa power failure, it will queue a regeneration. Once power isrestored, the control will initiate a regeneration cycle the nexttime that the Time of Day equals the programmed regenerationtime. Typically, this means that the valve will regenerate oneday after it was originally scheduled. If the treated wateroutput is important and power interruptions are expected, thesystem should be setup with a sufficient reserve capacity tocompensate for regeneration delays.Control Operation During ProgrammingThe control only enters the Program Mode with the valve inservice. While in the Program Mode, the control continuesto operate normally monitoring water usage and keeping alldisplays up to date. Control programming is stored in memorypermanently, and does not rely on battery backup power.Manually Initiating a Regeneration1. When timer is in service, press the Extra Cycle button for 5seconds on the main screen.2. The timer advances to Regeneration Cycle Step #1(backwash), and begins programmed time count down.3. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #2 (brine draw & slow rinse).4. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #3 (rapid rinse).5. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #4 (brine refill).6. Press the Extra Cycle button once more to advance thevalve back to in service.NOTE: If the unit is a filter or upflow, the cycle steporder may change.NOTE: A queued regeneration can be initiated bypressing the Extra Cycle button. To clear aqueued regeneration, press the Extra Cyclebutton again to cancel. If regeneration occurs forany reason prior to the delayed regeneration time,the manual regeneration request will be cleared.Fleck 5800 LXT & SXT Downflow/Upflow MR12 5

START-UP INSTRUCTIONS SXTThe water softener should b