FEATURES OF YOUR WATER CONDITIONING SYSTEMCongratulations on the purchase of your new waterconditioning system featuring the Pentair§ Fleck§ SXTelectronic controller.You will have peace of mind knowing your system willbring you years of treated water use and enjoyment.Your water conditioning system helps you:Eliminate: Stains Scale Deposits Soap Scum Clogged Plumbing Dissolved MineralsEnjoy: Longer lasting appliances (up to 30% longer) Less detergent / soap / cleanser use Greater lathering of soap Cleaner dishes, towels, and linens Softer skin2 Pentair Fleck SXT Controller Service Manual

MANUAL OVERVIEWHow To Use This ManualThis owner’s manual is designed to provide the homeowner with instructions on performing routine care andmaintenance of the residential water softener or filter valve and control packaged with this manual.This manual does not include instructions regarding installation, setup, service, or troubleshooting of thevalve, control, or other components of a residential water conditioning system. Please contact your localwater treatment professional with questions or concerns about the operation or performance of your waterconditioning system.Icons That Appear In This ManualWARNING: Failure to follow this instruction can result in personal injury or damage to the equipment.NOTE: This will make the process easier if followed.General WarningsWARNING: There are no user-serviceable parts in the AC adapter, motor, or controller. Do not attempt toremove or repair individual components.WARNING: Use only the power transformer supplied with this water conditioning system.WARNING: The power outlet must be grounded and always on. If it is necessary to disconnect power,unplug the AC adapter from its power source.WARNING: Only fill the brine tank with salt designed for water softening.WARNING: Ambient temperature surrounding the system should be between 35 F (1 C) and 120 F(49 C).WARNING: Water temperature flowing through the system should be between 35 F (1 F) and 100 F(38 C).California Proposition 65 WarningWARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer or birthdefects or other reproductive harm.Pentair Fleck SXT Controller Service Manual 3

FEATURES OF THE PENTAIR FLECK SXT CONTROLLER Power backup that continues to keep time and the passage of days for a minimum of 8 hours in the eventof power failure. During a power outage, the control goes into a power-saving mode. It does not monitorwater usage during a power failure, but it does store the volume remaining at the time of power failure. Settings for both valve (basic system) and control type (method used to trigger a regeneration). Day-of-the-Week controls. While in service, the display alternates between time of day, volume remaining or days to regeneration,and tank in service (twin tank systems only). The Flow Indicator flashes when outlet flow is detected. The Service Icon flashes if a regeneration cycle has been queued. A Regeneration can be triggered immediately by pressing the Extra Cycle button for five seconds. The Parameter Display displays the current Cycle Step (BW, BF, RR, etc) during regeneration, and thedata display counts down the time remaining for that cycle step. While the valve is transferring to a newcycle step, the display will flash. The parameter display will identify the destination cycle step (BW, BF,RR, etc) and the data display will read “----”. Once the valve reaches the cycle step, the display will stopflashing and the data display will change to the time remaining. During regeneration, the user can forcethe control to advance to the next cycle step immediately by pressing the extracycle /InformationIconFlow IndicatorServiceIconx1000 IndicatorProgrammingIconExtra CycleButtonUpButtonDownButtonSETTING TIME OF DAY ANDINITIATING A MANUALREGENERATIONSetting the Time of Day1. Press and hold either the Up or Down buttons untilthe programming icon replaces the service icon andthe parameter display reads TD.2. Adjust the displayed time with the Up and Downbuttons.3. When the desired time is set, press the Extra Cyclebutton to resume normal operation. The unit willalso return to normal operation after five seconds ifno buttons are pressed.Queueing a Regeneration1. Press the Extra Cycle button. The service icon willflash to indicate that a regeneration is queued.Figure 1 Time of DayFigure 2 Up and Down Buttons2. To cancel a queued regeneration, press the ExtraCycle button.Regenerating ImmediatelyPress and hold the Extra Cycle button for five seconds.4 Pentair Fleck SXT Controller Service ManualFigure 3 Extra Cycle Button

BYPASSING THE WATER CONDITIONING SYSTEMA bypass should be installed on all water conditioningsystems. A bypass isolates the conditioner from thehome’s water system and allows unconditioned water tobe used in the home while the conditioner is undergoingservice or maintenance procedures or if the conditioner isexperiencing performance issues. Figures 4 - 7 show themost common bypass methods.Metal Bypass ValveThis type of bypass is located directly behind the conditionervalve on top of the media tank. To bypass the conditionersystem using this type of bypass, turn the handle on top ofthe bypass until the arrow on the handle is pointing to theword BYPASS stamped on the bypass valve body.To return the conditioner system to regular service, turn thebypass handle until the arrow on the handle is pointing toSERVICE (see Figure 4 Metal Bypass Valve).Handle Style Plastic Bypass ValveThis type of bypass is located directly behind the conditionervalve on top of the media tank. To bypass the conditionersystem using this type of bypass, turn both of the smallhandles on the bypass until they are in the position shown inFigure 5 Handle Style Plastic Bypass Valve, perpendicular tothe inflow and outflow plumbing.To return the conditioner system to regular service, turnboth of the small handles on the bypass back to theiroriginal positions, parallel with the inflow and outflowplumbing.Knob Style Plastic Bypass ValveThis type of bypass is located directly behind the conditionervalve on top of the media tank. To bypass the conditionersystem using this type of bypass, turn both of the knobson the sides of the bypass clockwise until the holes in theknobs are facing up as shown in Figure 6 Knob Style PlasticBypass Valve.To return the conditioner system to regular service, turnboth of the knobs on the bypass counter-clockwise back totheir original positions.To return the conditioner system to regularservice, open Valves 1 and 3 and close Valve 2.Figure 4 Metal Bypass ValveFigure 5 Handle Style Plastic Bypass ValveB2Manual BypassThis type of bypass system is plumbed into the home’swater system, and generally consists of three valves: oneon the inflow line going into the conditioning system, one onthe outflow line coming out of the conditioning system, andone on the bypass line connecting the inflow and outflowlines (See Figure 7 Manual Bypass).To bypass the conditioner system using this type of bypass(following Figure 7 Manual Bypass), open Valve 2 and closeValves 1 and 3.13Figure 6 Knob Style Plastic Bypass ValveFigure 7 Manual BypassPentair Fleck SXT Controller Service Manual 5

CONTROL OPERATION DURING A POWER FAILUREThe Pentair Fleck SXT includes integral power backup. In the event of power failure, the control shifts into apower-saving mode. The control stops monitoring water usage, and the display and motor shut down, but itcontinues to keep track of the time and day for a minimum of 8 hours.The system configuration settings are stored in a non-volatile memory and are stored indefinitely with orwithout line power. The Time of Day flashes when there has been a power failure. Press any button to stop theTime of Day from flashing.If power fails while the unit is in regeneration, the control will save the current valve position before it shutsdown. When power is restored, the control will resume the regeneration cycle from the point where powerfailed. Note that if power fails during a regeneration cycle, the valve will remain in it’s current position untilpower is restored. The valve system should include all required safety components to prevent overflowsresulting from a power failure during regeneration.NOTE: After power is restored following a power failure, time of day will flash to indicate a powerinterruption. Press the Extra Cycle button to resume normal operation.The control will not start a new regeneration cycle without line power. If the valve misses a scheduledregeneration due to a power failure, it will queue a regeneration. Once power is restored, the control willinitiate a regeneration cycle the next time that the Time of Day equals the programmed regeneration time.Typically, this means that the valve will regenerate one day after it was originally scheduled. If the treatedwater output is important and power interruptions are expected, the system should be setup with a sufficientreserve capacity to compensate for regeneration delays.CARE AND USE OF YOUR BRINE TANKEach time the softener regenerates, salty water (brine) is needed to recondition the media in the water tank.The brine is pulled from the salt tank at a controlled amount. If the salt tank does not contain enough salt, thebrine is weak, the media will not fully recondition and untreated water will pass through. To ensure the highestlevel of performance of your water conditioning system, please observe the following: Keep the brine tank filled with salt at all times. The salt level should always be higher than the water levelin the brine tank. Only use sodium chloride salt designed for water softeners. Other types of salt (rock or snow melting)may contain dirt and chemicals that will affect the quality of your water and the performance of yourwater softener. Keep the brine tank covered. Empty and clean the tank every three years.6 Pentair Fleck SXT Controller Service Manual

TROUBLESHOOTINGError CodesError codes appear on the In Service display.Error CodeError Type0Cam Sense ErrorSolution1Cycle Step Error2Regen FailurePerform a Manual Regeneration to reset the error code.See SETTING TIME OF DAY AND INITIATING A MANUALREGENERATION. If problem still exists, contact your local watertreatment professional.3Memory ErrorContact your local water treatment professional.UDUpper Drive SyncContact your local water treatment professional.Valve will automatically recover; no action is needed.Common IssuesProblemSolutionControl valve fails to regenerateCheck for power outage and verify unit is plugged in. Attempt toperform a manual regeneration. See SETTING TIME OF DAY ANDINITIATING A MANUAL REGENERATION. If problem still exists,contact your local water treatment professional.Water does not feel or appear softCheck salt in brine tank and ensure salt level is above waterlevel. If problem still exists, contact your local water treatmentprofessional.Unit uses too much saltLoss of water pressureIron in conditioned waterContact your local water treatment professional.Excessive water in brine tankOther problems with the water softenerPower OutageSee CONTROL OPERATION DURING A POWER FAILURE for moreinformation.Pentair Fleck SXT Controller Service Manual 7

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