TABLE OF CONTENTSJOB SPECIFICATION SHEETTABLE OF CONTENTS.2JOB SPECIFICATION SHEET.2TIMER FEATURES.3TIMER OPERATION.4MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE CHART.5MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE.6MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE continued. 7MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE continued. 8USER PROGRAMMING MODE.9DIAGNOSTIC PROGRAMMING MODE. 102510/2750/2850S TIMER ASSEMBLY. 119000/9100/9500 TWIN TANK TIMER ASSEMBLY. 123/4-INCH PLASTIC TURBINE METER ASSEMBLY. 13PLASTIC PADDLE METER ASSEMBLY. 143/4-INCH BRASS PADDLE METER ASSEMBLY. 151-INCH BRASS PADDLE METER ASSEMBLY. 161-INCH STAINLESS STEEL METER ASSEMBLY. 17INLINE PLASTIC TURBINE METER ASSEMBLY. 181-1/2 INCH BRASS METER ASSEMBLY . 191-1/2 INCH STAINLESS STEEL METER ASSEMBLY. 203/4-INCH, 1-INCH or 1-1/2 INCH PADDLE WHEEL METERCAP ASSEMBLY. 21TROUBLESHOOTING. 222510SXT WIRING DIAGRAM. 232750SXT/2850SXT WIRING DIAGRAM. 249000SXT/9100SXT/9500SXT WIRING DIAGRAM. 25SERVICE ASSEMBLIES. 26Job Number:Model Number:Water Hardness: ppm or gpgCapacity Per Unit:Mineral Tank Size: Diameter: Height:Salt Setting per Regeneration:1. Type of Timer:A. 7 Day or 12 DayB. Meter Initiated2. Downflow:UpflowUpflow Variable3. Meter Size:A. 3/4-inch TurbineB. 3/4-inch PaddlewheelC. 1-inch TurbineD. 1-inch PaddlewheelE. 1-1/2 inch TurbineF. 1-1/2 inch PaddlewheelG. Generic Pulse Count Model4. System Type:A. System #4: 1 Tank, 1 Meter, Immediate, orDelayed RegenerationB. System #4: Time ClockC. System #4: Twin Tank5. Timer Program Settings:A. Backwash: MinutesB. Brine and Slow Rinse: MinutesC. Rapid Rinse: MinutesD. Brine Tank Refill: MinutesE. Pause Time: MinutesF. Second Backwash: Minutes6. Drain Line Flow Control:gpm7. Brine Line Flow Controller:gpm8. Injector Size#:9. Piston Type:A. Hard Water BypassB. No Hard Water BypassCALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNINGWARNING: This product contains chemicals known tothe State of California to cause cancer orbirth defects or other reproductive harm.2 FLECK SXT Timer Service Manual

TIMER FEATURESParameterDisplayDataDisplaySetting the Time of Day1. Press and hold either the Up or Down buttons until theprogramming icon replaces the service icon and theparameter display reads TD.PMIndicatorError/InformationIcon2. Adjust the displayed time with the Up and Down buttons.Flow IndicatorServiceIconx1000 Indicator3. When the desired time is set, press the Extra Cycle buttonto resume normal operation. The unit will also return tonormal operation after 5 seconds if no buttons are pressed.ProgrammingIconExtra CycleButtonUpButtonDownButton42637 Rev DFigure 1Features of the SXT: Power backup that continues to keep time and thepassage of days for a minimum of 48 hours in the eventof power failure. During a power outage, the controlgoes into a power-saving mode. It does not monitorwater usage during a power failure, but it does store thevolume remaining at the time of power failure. Settings for both valve (basic system) and control type(method used to trigger a regeneration). Day-of-the-Week controls. While in service, the display alternates between time ofday, volume remaining or days to regeneration, and tankin service (twin tank systems only). The Flow Indicator flashes when outlet flow is detected. The Service Icon flashes if a regeneration cycle hasbeen queued. A Regeneration can be triggered immediately bypressing the Extra Cycle button for five seconds. The Parameter Display displays the current Cycle Step(BW, BF, RR, etc) during regeneration, and the datadisplay counts down the time remaining for that cyclestep. While the valve is transferring to a new cycle step,the display will flash. The parameter display will identifythe destination cycle step (BW, BF, RR, etc) and the datadisplay will read “----”. Once the valve reaches the cyclestep, the display will stop flashing and the data displaywill change to the time remaining. During regeneration,the user can force the control to advance to the nextcycle step immediately by pressing the extracycle button.Queueing a Regeneration1. Press the Extra Cycle button. The service icon will flash toindicate that a regeneration is queued.2. To cancel a queued regeneration, press the ExtraCycle button.Regenerating ImmediatelyPress and hold the Extra Cycle button for five seconds.FLECK SXT Timer Service Manual 3

TIMER OPERATIONMeter Immediate ControlA meter immediate control measures water usage andregenerates the system as soon as the calculated systemcapacity is depleted. The control calculates the systemcapacity by dividing the unit capacity (typically expressedin grains/unit volume) by the feedwater hardness andsubtracting the reserve. Meter Immediate systemsgenerally do not use a reserve volume. However, in twintank systems with soft-water regeneration, the reservecapacity should be set to the volume of water used duringregeneration to prevent hard water break-through. A MeterImmediate control will also start a regeneration cycle at theprogrammed regeneration time if a number of days equalto the regeneration day override pass before water usagedepletes the calculated system capacity.Meter Delayed ControlA Meter Delayed Control measures water usage andregenerates the system at the programmed regenerationtime after the calculated system capacity is depleted. Aswith Meter Immediate systems, the control calculates thesystem capacity by dividing the unit capacity by the feedwaterhardness and subtracting the reserve. The reserve should beset to insure that the system delivers treated water betweenthe time the system capacity is depleted and the actualregeneration time. A Meter Delayed control will also start aregeneration cycle at the programmed regeneration time if anumber of days equal to the regeneration day override passbefore water usage depletes the calculated system capacity.Time Clock Delayed ControlA Time Clock Delayed Control regenerates the system on atimed interval. The control will initiate a regeneration cycleat the programmed regeneration time when the number ofdays since the last regeneration equals the regeneration dayoverride value.Day of the Week ControlThis control regenerates the system on a weekly schedule.The schedule is defined in Master Programming by settingeach day to either “off” or “on.” The control will initiates aregeneration cycle on days that have been set to “on” at thespecified regeneration time.Control Operation During RegenerationDuring regeneration, the control displays a specialregeneration display. In this display, the control shows thecurrent regeneration step number the valve is advancingto, or has reached, and the time remaining in that step.The step number that displays flashes until the valvecompletes driving to this regeneration step position. Once allregeneration steps are complete the valve returns to serviceand resumes normal operation.Pressing the Extra Cycle button during a regeneration cycleimmediately advances the valve to the next cycle step positionand resumes normal step timing.Control Operation During ProgrammingThe control only enters the Program Mode with the valve inservice. While in the Program Mode, the control continuesto operate normally monitoring water usage and keepingall displays up to date. Control programming is stored inmemory permanently, eliminating the need for batterybackup power.4 FLECK SXT Timer Service ManualManually Initiating a Regeneration1. When timer is in service, press the Extra Cycle button for5 seconds on the main screen.2. The timer advances to Regeneration Cycle Step #1(Backwash), and begins programmed time count down.3. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #2 (Brine Draw/Rinse).4. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #3 (Rapid rinse).5. Press the Extra Cycle button once to advance valve toRegeneration Cycle Step #4 (Brine Refill).6. Press the Extra Cycle button once more to advance thevalve back to in service.NOTE: If the unit is a filter or upflow, the cycle step ordermay change.NOTE: A queued regeneration can be initiated bypressing the Extra Cycle button. To clear a queuedregeneration, press the Extra Cycle button againto cancel. If regeneration occurs for any reasonprior to the delayed regeneration time, the manualregeneration request shall be cleared.Control Operation During A Power FailureThe SXT includes integral power backup. In the event of powerfailure, the control shifts into a power-saving mode. The controlstops monitoring water usage, and the display and motor shutdown, but it continues to keep track of the time and day for aminimum of 48 hours.The system configuration settings are stored in a non-volatilememory and are stored indefinitely with or without line power.The Time of Day flashes when there has been a power failure.Press any button to stop the Time of Day from flashing.If power fails while the unit is in regeneration, the control willsave the current valve position before it shuts down. Whenpower is restored, the control will resume the regenerationcycle from the point where power failed. Note that if power failsduring a regeneration cycle, the valve will remain in it’s currentposition until power is restored. The valve system shouldinclude all required safety components to prevent overflowsresulting from a power failure during regeneration.The control will not start a new regeneration cycle withoutline power. If the valve misses a scheduled regeneration dueto a power failure, it will queue a regeneration. Once power isrestored, the control will initiate a regeneration cycle the nexttime that the Time of Day equals the programmed regenerationtime. Typically, this means that the valve will regenerate oneday after it was originally scheduled. If the treated wateroutput is important and power interruptions are expected, thesystem should be setup with a sufficient reserve capacity tocompensate for regeneration delays.

MASTER PROGRAMMING MODE CHARTCAUTION Before entering Master Programming, please contact your local professional water dealer. To enter MasterProgramming, set time to 12:01 PM.Master Programming OptionsAbbreviationParameterDFDisplay FormatVTValve low/Upflow Single BackwashdF2bDownflow Double BackwashFltrFilterUFbdUpflow Brine FirstUFtrUpflow FilterOthrCTNTControl TypeNumber of TanksOptionsOtherFdMeter (Flow) DelayedFIMeter (Flow) ImmediatetcTime ClockdAYDay of Week1Single Tank System2Two Tank SystemU1Tank 1 in ServiceU2Tank 2 in ServiceTSTank in ServiceCUnit CapacityHFeedwater HardnessRSReserve SelectionSFSafety FactorRCFixed Reserve CapacityDODay OverrideThe system’s day override settingRTRegen TimeThe time of day the system will regenerateBW, BD, RR, BFRegen Cycle StepTimesThe time duration for each regeneration step. Adjustable fromOFF and 0-199 minutes.NOTE: If “Othr” is chosen under “Valve Type”, then R1, R2,R3, etc, will be displayed insteadD1, D2, D3, D4, D5,D6, & D7Day of Week SettingsRegeneration setting (On or OFF) for each day of the week onday-of-week systemsCDCurrent DayFMKNOTE:Flow Meter TypeMeter Pulse SettingUnit Capacity (Grains)Hardness of Inlet WaterSFPercentage Safety FactorrcFixed Reserve CapacityPercentage of the system capacity to be used as a reserveFixed volume to be used as a reserveThe current day of the weekP0.73/4" Paddle Wheel MeterGenGeneric or Other MeterP2.02" Paddle Wheel Metert1.51.5" Turbine MeterP1.51.5" Paddle Wheel Metert1.21.25" Turbine Wheel Metert1.01" Turbine MeterP1.01" Paddle Wheel Metert0.73/4" Turbine MeterMeter pulses per gallon for generic/other flow meterSome items may not be shown depending on timer configuration. The timer will discard any changes and exit MasterProgramming Mode if any button is not pressed for sixty seconds.FLECK SXT Timer Service Manual 5

MASTER PROGRAMMING MODEWhen Master Programming Mode is entered, all availableoption setting displays may be viewed and set as needed.Depending on current option settings, some parameterscannot be viewed or set.Display FormatSettingUnit of VolumeTime DisplayGALU.S. Gallons12-Hour AM/PMLtrLiters24-HourSetting the Time of Day1. Press and hold either the Up or Down buttons until theprogramming icon replaces the service icon and theparameter display reads TD.2. Adjust the displayed time with the Up and Down buttons.3. When the desired time is set, press the Extra Cyclebutton to resume normal operation. The unit will alsoreturn to normal operation after five seconds if nobuttons are pressed.Figure 32. Valve Type (Display Code VT)Press the Extra Cycle button. Use the display to set the ValveType. 5800 is the only currently available valve type.3. Regenerant Flow (Display Code RF)Figure 2Entering Master Programming ModeSet the Time of Day display to 12:01 P. M. Press the ExtraCycle button (to exit Setting Time