D EAR J ANE ,Thank you for choosing to have an Akashic Record Reading! It is my pleasure to readfor you.As you signed up for this reading, it is likely that you already know that you are morethan your human self — you’re a soul, too! And your soul has a story and a history,one which governs your human strengths & weaknesses, your purpose, and yourvalues — and not just in this lifetime, but in others, too.I am going to give you the story of your soul in this report, and aim to clarify how thismight impact on who you are in the here and now.I hope it helps you to make better sense of your life and your path.T HIS READING IS SPLIT INTO SEVERAL KEY SECTIONS - I HAVE LISTED THEMBELOW —1. Your Energy Centre of Training2. Your Soul Group(s) of Origin3. Your Life Lessons4. Your Soul Trainings Between Incarnations5. An Overview of Your Past Lives Here on Earth6. Your Archetypes7. Your Intuitive Gifts8. The Spiritual Energies Around YouWithout further ado, let’s get into your reading! PAGE 2

1. Y OUR E NERGY C ENTRE OF T RAININGThe first aspect of your soul I want to go into is something called your Energy Centreof Training. You may be wondering what this term means Most of my clients have heard of the seven main chakras that we have in thephysical. But what most people don’t know is that there are also seven ‘places’ orrealms which exist in the Universe, which hold the energetic frequencies that weassociate with each of these seven main chakras, and each one is presided over byan Archangel.Every soul who incarnates trains in one of these energy centres/realms. And whenyou do this, your soul becomes a specialist in bringing that particular energy forwardwith you into the physical plane here when you incarnate. So this is all about theenergies that you bring in this world - not just in this lifetime, but in previous (andfuture) lifetimes, too. Expressing our energy centre of training is a major componentof our soul’s identity and purpose here on Earth.L ET ’ S HAVE A LOOK AT THE REALM YOU HAVE TRAINED IN :You’ve primarily trained in the fourth realm, which corresponds to the heartchakra. This realm is presided over by Archangel Raphael (so, as someone who hasyour training in this realm, you’re called a ‘Raphaelite’).This is the realm of healing, love, empathy and giving and so a big part of your soul’spurpose is to bring healing energy into the physical realm. This is the archangelicrealm of the natural–born healer — as you go through life, you will radiate theenergetic qualities of both healing and love , and having your training in this realmmeans you are very loving and giving and you will usually give with no thought forwhat you might receive in return. Having this as your primary training also meansthat you will have a very open, sincere heart, and you’ll be the kind of person who isopen about your feelings with other people. PAGE 3

Note that Raphaelites are often healers in the ‘being’ sense, in that they areunconditionally accepting of others and as a result, they have a healing, soothingpresence that is very nice to be around. They bring healing through the power of loveand acceptance, and so they often attract the emotionally troubled or wounded forthis reason. They make loving, caring and understanding friends.Note that this healing gift does not have to be expressed through a career, althoughit is sometimes expressed in that way. I often encounter doctors, dentists,acupuncturists, nurses and counsellors with this realm of training. It is the realm ofall kinds of healing — physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological.The Challenges of Being a RaphaeliteAs a Raphaelite, you will be learning to take care of yourself first. When you have thisrealm of training, your natural inclination is to give a great deal, sometimes until youhave nothing left. And so Raphaelites often have difficult learning experiences whichcause them to realize that caring for the self must come first, otherwise they havenothing to give to others.I have often heard of the heart chakra as being described as a fountain. The more youfill it with care and nurture of the self, the more that overflows and you have to giveto others. If you don’t fill it with anything for yourself, there will simply be nothing tooffer others. This is a key lesson for Raphaelites to thrive in this world.Choosing Your Friends WellBeing a Raphaelite will make you naturally very empathic and you will be prone totaking on and ‘absorbing’ other peoples’ pain and difficulties — you will be prone toestablishing an unequal exchange of energy in your friendships and otherrelationships, sometimes without even noticing. The result is that you will becomedepleted from being around other people.Because of this tendency, Raphaelites must be aware of whether their relationshipsare two-way streets (i.e. where both parties give and take more or less equally, overtime). Not everyone who comes to them for a shoulder to cry on wants help or healing PAGE 4

— some people are actually quite attached to their emotional wounds and negativityand may simply want to complain or vent, and this will be draining for theRaphaelite. Because you have your primary training in this realm, you need toremember that not everyone wants to do what is necessary to be healed, and thatyou do not have to give of yourself to everyone who crosses your path.*************************************Now, let’s have a look at another important aspect of your soul’s profile, your soulgroup of origin.2. Y OUR S OUL G ROUP OF O RIGINFirst of all, I am going to give you a bit of context as to what the term ‘soul groupof origin’ means:Your soul group of origin means the place where your soul experienced its first fewincarnations.Here on Earth, about 75% of the world’s population are what we call ‘Earth souls’. Thismeans that they have only ever experienced an incarnation here in this world. Thenthere is another category of souls that we call ‘star travellers’ or ‘star seeds’. Thesesouls make up about 25% of the world’s population, and being a star traveller meansthat you have experienced your formative incarnations in a place other than Earth.When you are a star traveller, you tend to have been impacted by the ‘environment’your soul grew up in — it can affect your strengths, your gifts and your soul’smission.So, the first thing I found is that you are a star traveller , so this means that you arein the minority here on Earth, and you're probably going to feel a little bit different or‘alien’ (pardon the pun) compared to most people. I am going to get more specificand tell you about the place which has had the biggest impact on your soul. PAGE 5

In the Akashic Records, it says that the majority of your formative incarnationswere spent in the Alpha Caeli star system (this is a double star system in theCaelum constellation.)Those who have their origins in Alpha Caeli are called Alpha Caelians, so you’re aAlpha Caelian soul.Here’s what we know about these souls:This is a group that was discovered only very recently, so I would definitely welcomeyour feedback on what, if anything here, resonates with you.Alpha Caelian souls have mostly been non-physical healers & guides on the ‘otherside’. As you may know, here on Earth we evolve through both positive and negativeexperiences and that contrast between light and dark that we can experience here onEarth is a defining aspect of evolution here.And so we can go through difficult or traumatic experiences and even die from them.Once we reach the other side following a traumatic death, or following a life wherethere was a lot of trauma, there is a healing process that goes on for souls on the‘other side’ — a "sloughing off" of the emotional or physical imprints from suchearthly traumas on the soul.The Alpha Caelians are a group that seem to specialise in "lightness" as an energeticquality and so many of them have been involved, on the other side, in helping humansouls to heal after difficult lifetimes, in this way, and slough off any heavy energiesthat need to be released. So, healing & lightness seem to be their specialty as a soulgroup.Then in the last 1000 years, they started to incarnate here on Earth for themselves, toget a taste for the difficulties humans can go through. It was a sort of experiment tohelp them serve others better. Lots of them came in around the times of theAmerican and the French Revolutions. Some of them are still incarnating here, in anattempt to help and serve. (The average number of earthly lifetimes for them isbetween 30 and 40.) However, they do struggle a bit once they’re incarnated here. Fora start, they consider Earth to be a very ‘low density’ place for them (in terms ofvibration) because their own home world resonates in the seventh dimension. Alpha PAGE 6

Caeli is a non-physical world that is very high-vibrational (hence the energeticquality of "lightness" that they carry.) In coming here, the Alpha Caelians are going tofeel like they're ‘fish out of water’.But Alpha Caelians do serve in various ways, and they are to be found at the momentin many positions of influence within society. They bring the qualities of lightness,sensitivity, love, loyalty, generosity of spirit and hope. These are highly sensitivesouls (something else they struggle with a bit) - lots of them are HSP’s and empaths .So they can bring that sensitive approach to others. They are effective healers - theymay be drawn to counselling, and high level spiritual healing (the kind that workswith the light bodies.) Their goal is to help us to build a gentler, kinder society, wherewe can be more attuned to one another’s feelings and considerate of other peoples’needs.Alpha Caelians make up around 0.4% of the world’s population.Alpha Caelians often lack confidence and self-assurance. Mainly because they're notentirely sure of their place here. They struggle with the polarity between light/darkand the very low-density energies and negativity they help other souls to "slough off"on the other side. This makes them feel like frauds sometimes; that they can helpothers to heal but sometimes struggle to heal themselves when they’re incarnatedhere, or get past the sort of thing they are able to help other souls with. They need notfeel like this; but they often do.*************************************So that was your soul group of origin. Next, I want to cover another important part ofyour soul’s purpose: your life lessons.3. Y OUR L IFE L ESSONSA huge reason for souls incarnating on Earth is for the learning opportunities offeredhere. PAGE 7

And before we even incarnate here, we decide on a curriculum of ‘life lessons’ that weare going to learn. I call these ‘life lessons’ but in fact they are more like energeticqualities or themes that we explore in any given lifetime. They are like the underlying‘thread’ of our life experiences - and we usually attract people, situations andexperiences which help us to explore these themes and lessons.Why do we bother to learn life lessons? Well, the keyword is ‘wholeness’. On the soullevel, we always have strengths (look to your soul group of origin and your energycentre of training for those!) but there are also energetic qualities that we lack inourselves.And the purpose of life lessons is to give us experiences that change us slightly onthe soul level, so that we can integrate those energetic qualities into our soul, andreach a greater sense of wholeness on the soul level.I hope that makes sense.A few other things to note about our life lessons:1. We have one primary life lesson (which is the dominant one) and severalsecondary life lessons. When we complete our primary life lesson, a secondaryone replaces it as the primary2. It takes at least several lifetimes (and sometimes longer) to thoroughlyexplore one life lesson3. Our life lessons are not a ‘to do’ list! We do not have to consciously ‘try’ to learnor explore them - we naturally attract and subconsciously choose experiencesin life anyway which help us to learn them - no trying necessary4. We learn our life lessons through both positive and challenging experiences.So, now let’s take a look at your life lessons:The first life lesson that came up for you was the life lesson of Gratitude. PAGE 8

You are learning to embrace and appreciate what shows up in your life, and go withthe flow of what shows up, rather than focusing on the future or striving for whatmight be to come.This life lesson is also about realising the value of things; appreciating them, andcounting one's blessings.With this life lesson, you will probably also be exploring or experimenting with theNew-age idea that what you focus on expands — and when we focus on the positiveaspects of our lives, we will find more aspects to feel positive about.This theme for you is ESPECIALLY being explored in your relationships. You may haveexperiences around the transformative power of practising gratitude andappreciation in your relationships - the idea that if you appreciate what other peoplebring to a relationship, you will experience more blessings within that relationship.You will also be learning to give yourself credit, in addition to giving others credit forwhat they contribute to your life.In a spiritual sense, this lesson can also be about thanking the Universe/God for yourblessings.You are almost 70% complete with this life lesson, which means that you have beenexploring this theme for at least a few lifetimes already, and you’ll continue toexplore it throughout this lifetime.Let’s have a look at your most dominant secondary life lesson:The second life lesson that came up for you was the life lesson of Self-Worth.You are almost one-third complete with this life lesson, which means you have beenexploring this in previous lifetimes (and possibly will be in future lifetimes, too.)With this life lesson, you are learning about your own value as