Position:Medical Office Assistant – Full-time (40 hours per week)Reports to:Clinical Team LeadCurrent Incumbent:New PositionDate:December, 2012General Accountability:As an integral member of a multidisciplinary team, the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) provides support topatients, physicians, nurse practitioners, and allied health professionals.Key Responsibilities:Key Responsibilities & Functionsa.Provide telephone and in-person receptionist duties for the health clinic including; Greet and welcome patients, guests and business representatives; determine their needs and put them incontact with appropriate staff. Receive incoming calls and answer routine inquiries; screen and/or transfer calls to the appropriatemember of the team. Facilitate the tracking and monitoring of the location of all staff. Take messages, or forward to voice mail, for all staff. Monitor and manage the general tidiness of the waiting room Attend to patient behaviors in the waiting room by listening, supporting, validating and in the case ofdisruptive behaviors employing de-escalating techniques. If necessary, contacting Clinical Team Lead orother appropriate staff member for assistance.b. Provide and manage clinic intake and bookings including: Provide intake services to new clients, by determining their need or directing them to the appropriateclinician. Build positive relationships with individual clients, in support of good health outcomes. Provide assistance with client intake documentation. Direct and schedule client appointments with an appropriate member of the health care team includingrecall and/or follow up. Answer routine inquiries of visiting clients, including assisting clients to access the services of otheragencies. Manage electronic patient files. Provide other services to clients as directed by clinicians.c.Provide medical support as requested, including: Schedule and coordinate testing such as ultrasound, specialist, and/or liase with the pharmacy. Assist with urine testing through request of samples, testing using a dipstick and arranging for pick-up bythe lab. Take vital signs such as blood pressure.d. Provide clerical support services for all members of the Health Care Team Facilitate smooth operation of reception and related areas of office. Provide administrative support to Health Care Team, including: reports, letters, and notices, scanning. File patient history/treatment records in a manner that allows for easy location and fast retrieval. Archivefiles. Enters patient data into MOIS. When requested, accurately type recorded minutes of various meetings Pick-up and sort mail. Perform other related duties as requiredPrince George Division of Family Practice – Medical Office Assistant Job Description1

e.Manage medical supplies in the clinic, including; Inventory control and ordering of consumable medical supplies Stocking of rooms Sterilizing equipmentf.Manage office supplies for the medical clinic including; Manage an inventory control system, including ordering and shelving supplies.g. Provide input regarding program administration procedures that affect the delivery of health services.Leadershipa. Take leadership for supporting the provision of effective primary health care by supporting patients/clients,colleagues, visitors and community partners to access the information and services they need, in a way thatconsistently adheres to and honors the values of the Blue Pine Clinic.b. Pro-actively identify barriers to providing quality service and to gathering and providing needed informationand identifies possible solutions.c.Develop preliminary suggestions or recommendations for moving forward, that anticipate the potential impacton Blue Pine Clinic resources such as staff and funds, and shares these with others in appropriate venues.Strategic and Operational Planninga. Participate in team strategic planning.b. Contribute to the identification of strategic goals in relation to undertaking effective administration, especiallyas it relates to the provision of the best primary health care possible.Quality Improvement (QI) and Evaluationa. Provide input to QI initiatives.b. Collaborate with the Primary Health Care Team in identifying and prioritizing periodic quality improvementevaluation activity.c.Contribute to the implementation and monitoring of QI and evaluation initiatives that relate to the MedicalOffice Assistant functions, as well as to the overall Clinic Administration.d. Contribute to the interpretation of data and the development of QI strategies in order to continually improvethe primary health care services of the Blue Pine Clinic.Community Development (CD)a. Participate in targeted community development activity in ways that support the day-to-day activities/functions of the Blue Pine Clinic.b. Support community development activity by fostering the collaborative, patient-centred nature of the BluePine Clinic operations.d. Represent the core values of the Blue Pine Clinic in interactions with the community.Program Administrationa. Participate in periodic operational planning activities.Prince George Division of Family Practice – Medical Office Assistant Job Description2

b. Contribute to the implementation of actions plans set up to support the achievement the Blue Pine Clinicgoals; contribute to the monitoring of implemented activities, and share accountability for ensuring actionitems are completed.c.Participate in staff meetings; collaboratively explore and identify action plans to address issues and/or fosterpositive clinic developments; commit to taking specific actions, report back to the team on actions taken andnotes what else is needed.d. Work collectively and collaboratively with the team to troubleshoot barriers to implementing the operationalplan and other action plans.Financial/Facilities Planning and Managementa. Contribute to effective financial planning and management by following established Blue Pine Clinic financialpolicies and procedures.b. Pro-actively identify and report to the Clinical Team Lead any equipment issues interfere with the efficientcompletion of day-to-day work.c.Assist in ensuring a sanitary clinic environment through regular disinfection of surfaces (cavi wiping)Human Resources Planning and Managementa. Undertake continuous learning activitiesb. With the support of the Clinical Team Lead, undertake self-evaluation to identify and address personaltraining and learning needs.c.Manage personal leave by: Being accountable when requesting leave i.e. collaborate with immediate co-workers to schedule holidaysand other absences in ways that have the least impact on clients, other colleagues and the community. Tracking personal leave usage, requesting un-paid leave when paid leave has been fully utilized.d. Provide input to the team regarding the HR needs and capacity of the front-end to successfully complete dayto-day work, to implement the operational plan, and to contribute to the achievement of the Blue Pine Clinicstrategic objectives.Additional Dutiesa. Performs other related duties as assigned.Executive Director’s signature:Date:Incumbent’s Signature:Date:Prince George Division of Family Practice – Medical Office Assistant Job Description3

MEDICAL OFFICE ASSISTANTCore Competencies: Professionalism – Is able to demonstrate commitment to ethical and professional conduct; takes personalresponsibility for actions, demonstrates integrity, is self-aware and is dedicated to continuous learning. Initiative – Is able to actively influence events rather than passively accepting; ability to be a self-starter and toact without prompting; generates ideas to recommend change or improvement; embraces a challenge. Communication skills – Is able to express ideas, thoughts and information clearly, orally or in writing, selectsand uses appropriate communication methods; exhibits good listening and comprehension; keeps othersadequately informed; uses accepted language, grammar and style. Interpersonal skills – Is able to build effective working relationships with internal and external stakeholders;respects and values all individuals for their unique abilities and contributions; responds quickly, accurately,professionally and with good judgment to inquiries (written, phone or in-person). Teamwork – Is able to work collaboratively with others demonstrating commitment to achieve common goals;approaches issues and problems through teamwork and collaborative efforts; is committed to team decisions;relates to people in an open, friendly, accepting manner; develops working relationships with people of diverselevels, backgrounds and styles. Organizational and Time Management – Is able to establish priorities and organize and prioritize multipletasks while adapting to changing circumstances and meeting deadlines in a fast paced environment withfrequent/continuous interruptions; uses his/her time effectively and efficiently. Attention to Detail and High Level of Accuracy – Is able to accomplish tasks through concern for all areasinvolved, no matter how small. Shows concern for all aspects of the job. Accurately checks for processes and tasksand follows up in a timely manner with appropriate persons. Analytical and Problem Solving – Is able to identify and analyze issues, problems and opportunities;determines course of action; develops appropriate solutions; distinguishes between relevant and irrelevantinformation to make logical decisions. Creativity – Is able to create new ideas or approaches to work related issues or assignments; ability to think “outof the box” and not be afraid to try new things. Handling Pressure – Is able to prioritize responsibilities in order to have a clear idea of what needs to be doneand meet committed deadlines; ability to recognize and work through stressful occasions, have stress-reducingtechniques to cope with work pressures and stressful situations. Business Writing – Is proficient in written communication. All office communications are free of grammatical,spelling and formatting errors, e.g. e-mail, memos, minutes and newsletters. Tact and Diplomacy – Is able to exercise discretion, tact and diplomacy in dealing with highly sensitive andconfidential matters. Computer and Office Technology Literacy – Is proficient in Microsoft Office suite including, Word, Excel,Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access; ability to utilize office equipment and other relevant technology(software and programs) to meet work needs.Prince George Division of Family Practice – Medical Office Assistant Job Description4

Functional Competencies (Values, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities): Attitude and valueso Commitment to patient centered careo Commitment to working collaboratively within a team based environment Knowledgeo Knowledge of medical terminologyo Knowledge of Electronic Medical Record Systems (i.e., MOIS) is an asset Skillso Computer skills including familiarity with MS Office Suiteo Good communication skillso Problem-solving skillso Resourcefulness skillso Relationship-building skillso Well-organized and efficient filing skills Abilitieso Ability to work effectively in a fast paced environmento Ability to accurately type 50 wpmo Ability to use typical office equipment including fax machines, telephone switchboards and computersPrince George Division of Family Practice – Medical Office Assistant Job Description5