Model 3900Service ManualIMPORTANT: Fill in Pertinent Information on Page 3 for Future Reference

Table of ContentsInstallation & Start-Up Checklist. 3Installation Instructions. 43200 Timer Setting Procedure. 53210 & 3220 Timer Settings. 63200, 3210, 3220 & 3230 Regeneration Cycle Setting Procedures. 73200 Time Clock Timer Assembly. 83210 Meter Delayed Timer Assembly. 103220 Meter Immediate Timer Assembly. 123230 Remote Start Timer Assembly. 14Control Drive Assembly Upper. 16Adapter Control Drive Lower Powerhead. 18Control Valve. 201800 Brine System. 223" Meter Assembly. 242350 Safety Brine Valve Assembly. 25Troubleshooting. 26Water Conditioner Flow Diagrams. 28Flow Data & Injector Draw Rates. 30Dimensional Drawing 3900 Top Mount. 31Dimensional Drawing 3900 Side Mount. 32Typical Installations. 33System #4 – Valve Wiring. 35System #4 With Remote Meter – Valve Wiring. 36System #5 – Valve Wiring. 37System #6 – Valve Wiring. 38System #7 – Valve Wiring. 39System #7 Multivalve – Valve Wiring. 40Service Assemblies. 41IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: The information, specifications and illustrations in this manual are based on the latest information available at the time ofprinting. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice. This product should be installed by a plumbing professional. This unit is designed to be installed on potable water systems only. This product must be installed in compliance with all state and municipal plumbing and electrical codes. Permits may berequired at the time of installation. Do not install the unit where temperatures may drop below 34 F (0 C) or above 104 F (40 C). Do not place the unit in direct sunlight. Do not strike any of the components. Warranty of this product extends to manufacturing defects of the vessel and controller, not the membrane. Misapplication of thisproduct may result in failure to properly condition water, or damage to product. A prefilter should be used on installations in which free solids are present. In some applications local municipalities treat water with Chloramines. High Chloramine levels may damage system components. Correct and constant voltage must be supplied to the controller to maintain proper function.

Installation & Start-Up ChecklistJob Number:Model Number:Water Hardness: ppm or gpgCapacity Per Unit:Mineral Tank Size: Diameter: Height:Salt Setting per Regeneration:1.Type of Timer:A.7 Day or 12 Day2.Downflow:3.Meter Size:B. Meter InitiatedUpflowUpflow VariableA.3/4” Std Range (125 - 2,100 gallon setting)B.3/4” Ext Range (625 - 10,625 gallon setting)C.1” Std Range (310 - 5,270 gallon setting)D.1” Ext Range (1,150 - 26,350 gallon setting)E.1-1/2” Std Range (625 - 10,625 gallon setting)F.1-1/2” Ext Range (3,125 - 53,125 gallon setting)G. 2” Std Range (1,250 - 21,250 gallon setting)H.2” Ext Range (6,250 - 106,250 gallon setting)I.3” Std Range (3,750 - 63,750 gallon setting)J.3” Ext Range (18,750 - 318,750 gallon setting)K.Electronic Pulse Count Meter Size4.System Type:A.System #4: 1 Tank, 1 Meter, Immediate, or Delayed RegenerationB.System #4: Time ClockC.System #4: Twin TankD.System #5: 2-5 Tanks, 2 Meters, InterlockE.System #6: 2-5 Tanks, 1 Meter, Series RegenerationF.System #7: 2-5 Tanks, 1 Meter, AlternatingG. System #9: Electronic Only, 2-4 Tanks, Meter per Valve, AlternatingH.5.System #14: Electronic Only, 2-4 Tanks, Meter per Valve. Brings units on and offline based on flow.Timer Program Settings:A.Backwash: MinutesB.Brine and Slow Rinse: MinutesC.Rapid Rinse: MinutesD.Brine Tank Refill: MinutesE.Pause Time:F.Second Backwash: MinutesMinutes6.Drain Line Flow Control: gpm7.Brine Line Flow Controller: gpm8.Injector Size#:9.Piston Type:A.Hard Water BypassB.No Hard Water BypassPage 3

Installation InstructionsWATER PRESSURE: A minimum of 20 pounds (1.4 bar) of water pressure is required for regeneration valve to operateeffectively.ELECTRICAL FACILITIES: An uninterrupted alternating current (A/C) supply is required. Note: Other voltages areavailable. Please make sure your voltage supply is compatible with your unit before installation.EXISTING PLUMBING: Condition of existing plumbing should be free from lime and iron buildup. Piping that is builtup heavily with lime and/or iron should be replaced. If piping is clogged with iron, a separate iron filter unit should beinstalled ahead of the water softener.LOCATION OF SOFTENER AND DRAIN: The softener should be located close to a drain to prevent air breaks andback flow.BY-PASS VALVES: Always provide for the installation of a by-pass valve if unit is not equipped with one.CAUTION: Water pressure is not to exceed 125 psi (8.6 bar), water temperature is not to exceed 110 F (43 C), and theunit cannot be subjected to freezing conditions.Installation Instructions1.Place the softener tank where you want to install the unit making sure the unit is level and on a firm base.2.During cold weather, the installer should warm the valve to room temperature before operating.3.All plumbing should be done in accordance with local plumbing codes. The pipe size for residential drain line shouldbe a minimum of 1/2" (13 mm). Backwash flow rates in excess of 7 gpm (26.5 Lpm) or length in excess of 20'(6 m) require 3/4" (19 mm) drain line. Commercial drain lines should be the same size as the drain line flow control.4.Refer to the dimensional drawing for cutting height of the distributor tube. If there is nodimensional drawing, cut the distributor tube flush with the top of the tank.5.Lubricate the distributor O-ring seal and tank O-ring seal. Place the main control valve ontank. Note: Only use silicone lubricant.6.Solder joints near the drain must be done prior to connecting the Drain Line Flow Controlfitting (DLFC). Leave at least 6" (15 cm) between the DLFC and solder joints whensoldering pipes that are connected on the DLFC. Failure to do this could cause interiordamage to the DLFC.7.Teflon tape is the only sealant to be used on the drain fitting. The drain from twin tankunits may be run through a common line.8.Make sure that the floor is clean beneath the salt storage tank and that it is level.9.Place approximately 1" (25 mm) of water above the grid plate. If a grid is not utilized, fill tothe top of the air check (Figure 1) in the salt tank. Do not add salt to the brine tank at thistime.10. On units with a bypass, place in by-pass position. Turn on the main water supply. Opena cold soft water tap nearby and let run a few minutes or until the system is free fromforeign material (usually solder) that may have resulted from the installation. Once clean,close the water tap.11. Slowly place the bypass in service position and let water flow into the mineral tank. Whenwater flow stops, slowly open a cold water tap nearby and let run until the air is purgedfrom the unit.12. Plug unit into an electrical outlet. Note: All electrical connections must be connectedaccording to local codes. Be certain the outlet is uninterrupted.CAUTION Do not exceed 125 psi (8.6 bar) water pressure. Do not exceed 110 F (43 C) water temperature. Do not subject unit to freezing conditions.Page 460002-34REVCFigure 1 ResidentialAir Check Valve

3200 Timer Setting ProcedureHow To Set Days On Which Water Conditioner Is ToRegenerate (Figure 2):Rotate the skipper wheel until the number “1” is at thered pointer. Set the days that regeneration is to occurby sliding tabs on the skipper wheel outward to exposetrip fingers. Each tab is one day. Finger at red pointer istonight. Moving clockwise from the red pointer, extendor retract fingers to obtain the desired regenerationschedule.How To Set The Time Of Day:1.2.3.Press and hold the red button in to disengage thedrive gear.Turn the large gear until the actual time of day is atthe time of day pointer.Release the red button to again engage the drivegear.How To Manually Regenerate Your WaterConditioner At Any Time: the manual regeneration knob clockwise.This slight movement of the manual regenerationknob engages the program wheel and starts theregeneration program.The black center knob will make one revolution withinthe following three hours and stop in the positionshown in the drawing.Even though it takes three hours for this center knobto complete one revolution, the regeneration cycle ofyour unit might be set for only one half of this time.In any event, conditioned water may be drawn afterrinse water stops flowing from the waterconditioner drain line.How to Adjust Regeneration Time: the power source.Locate the three screws behind the manualregeneration knob by pushing the red button in androtating the 24 hour dial until each screw appears inthe cut out portion of the manual regeneration knob.Loosen each screw slightly to release the pressureon the time plate from the 24 hour gear.Locate the regeneration time pointer on the insideof the 24 hour dial in the cut out.Turn the time plate so the desired regeneration timealigns next to the raised arrow.Push the red button in and rotate the 24 hour dial.Tighten each of the three screws.Push the red button and locate the pointer one moretime to ensure the desired regeneration timeis correct.Reset the time of day and restore power to the unit.61502 3200REVAFigure 2Page 5

3210 & 3220 Timer SettingsTypical Programming ProcedureCalculate the gallon capacity of the system, subtractthe necessary reserve requirement and set the gallonsavailable opposite the small white dot on the programwheel gear (Figure 3).NOTE: Figure 3 shows 8,750 gallon capacity setting.The capacity (gallons) arrow shows zero gallonsremaining. The unit will regenerate at the next setregeneration time.How To Set The Time Of Day:1. Press and hold the red button in to disengage thedrive gear.2. Turn the large gear until the actual time of day isopposite the time of day pointer.3. Release the red button to again engage the drivegear.How To Manually Regenerate Your WaterConditioner At Any Time:1. Turn the manual regeneration knob clockwise.2. This slight movement of the manual regenerationknob engages the program wheel and starts theregeneration program.3. The black center knob will make one revolutionwithin the following three hours and stop in theposition shown in the drawing.4. Even though it takes three hours for this centerknob to complete one revol