Side Curtain NewsV39, I10N2018Gateway Healey AssociationSt. Louis, MOProud chapter of theAustin-Healey Club ofAmerica since 1979.RumblingsHappy Fall everyone!I am sure most of you have winterized your classic for theseason or are very close to doing so. From what I received overthe past few weeks it is obvious that the car show season isover. Wow, there were a lot of pictures this year and in themwere some really neat cars.Richard Etz has done a fantastic job as president of the club.He provided a long list of good car shows to attend everymeeting and also attended many of the car shows this year. Healso provided this newsletter hundreds of his fantastic photos.Between him and Jim Reiter’s great photos they have both keptme busy putting together a newsletter chocked full of very coolphotos of very cool cars. Ron Varley, Mark Morgan, Ed Knoll, and Simon Griffin providedinteresting articles that were also fun to publish.This year has been a hard year too. Dan Forguson suffered a stroke last Christmas and is stillrecovering. Please keep him in your prayers. Long-time member Mel Parentin Passed awayin April. Also long time charter member Dave Plotkty passed away in August. And KeithBester injured himself badly but is recovering. Keep him in your prayers as well. I am certainthat Keith was very disappointed that he could not host the Christmas party this year butthanks to the Kressers for inviting everyone to the SLTOA holiday party!So continuing the good side segue, the RUMP has been going strong with the drive of JimReiter. The group has visited a lot of cool places both car-wise and food-wise. During thesummer some of us were able to try Dave Massey’s Trump Russian Imperial Stout. SeanDowell and his white 3000 is a nice addition to the club. And, of course, the annual Valentinesday dinner and the wash up tune up was, as always, a club hit.Inside this issue:Rumblings1Meeting Minutes2RUMP3SLTOA Holiday Party!4Electrified Classic Cars5GHA SCN Calendar7One final note. My 1959 BN6, which I have had for 9 years, is finally moving forward with theframe being painted in the next few weeks. My hope is that I will finally get it to a rollingchassis next summer and hopefully body painted next fall. It will be its 60th anniversary so Ihope that I can get it back on the road in time. For me, that is very exciting. I have been busygetting various parts ready for the reassembly, such as rebuilding the rear axle, cleaning up ,painting and putting new bushes and seals on the front suspension, and rebuilding the brakes.I have a new wire harness and will have new SS brake lines soon so I am stoked aboutgetting started with the reassembly. Wish me luck with this. It is my first car project in 35years. Photos will follow in future additions.Phil Ellerbrock—GHA Newsletter EditorNote!Keith Bester was seriously injured a few weeks ago in his garage but is now home recovering.He seriously lacerated his leg on an engine block where it later became infected and spent 4nights in the hospital at Missouri Baptist. However the recovery may be slow.Note that the SLTOA has invited all GHA members to their party. Pleasesee the information on Page 4 of the newsletter for more information.

V39, I10PGateway’s OfficersPresidentMembership Chairman & TreasurerSocial Events CoordinatorRichard EtzDan ForgusonMarilyn Salini(314) 647-3193(618) 558-3060(314) [email protected] PresidentRon Varley(314) [email protected] Hartman(314) [email protected] EditorPhil Ellerbrock(314) 749 [email protected] DelegateGHA WebmasterTom HartmanJim Reiter(314) 486-4320(636) [email protected]'t forget to go to the club e website includes additional articles, links to videos, maintenance tips, and copies of GHA SCN.Members and Guests at the October meetingBob McElwee, Keith Bester, Sean Dowell, Dennis Dowell, Bandit, Dave Guebert, Dave MasseyMeeting MinutesIt was a very low key meeting. The president and Vice-president we not present.Keith mentioned that he is meeting with Anita Forguson’s, Dan’s wife, topickup all of clubs financial and membership information. Anyone who is interested in assuming the duty of Financial and Membership should contactKeith.NOTE: AHCA Dues notices or out. Everyone should have received a bill fromthe AHCA. Please mail the renewals soon. AHCA dues are 50 and local GHAdues are 15. Please mail them to Dan Forguson ASAP. Keith Bester is going to get financial and membership info from Dan and take care of it until weelect a new chairman.2

V39, I10Page 4Eight hardy folks met for a visitto Classic Car Studio: DaveMassey, Sean Dowell, DennisDowell, Lou Salini, Tom Evans,Steve Hurst, Bob McElwee, JimReiterWe were allowed to visit CCS’s inventory of cars butnot permitted to go into the shop. Too busy. Louand Tom went into the shop accidently and werepermitted to look around for a few minutes. Lucky ones.The popular Velocity Channel show, ‘Black is the new Speed’. they were notfilming when we were there, but had just finished a couple shows a week ago. Itappears to me that they specialize in street rods and American Iron. But it whatthe customer wants.We then ventured to Cousin Hugo’s for another great lunch.NOTE: There will be no RUMP Lunches in Nov or Dec because of the holidays.Planning to attend a RUMP? please email Jim Reiter [email protected]

V39, INi10Page 5: Tpn n e .eiSLTOA Holiday PartyFriday, December 7, 20186:30 p.m. Cocktails7:30 p.m. DinnerMi s"# A %&e'i( C* ,1.7 De P e RoaT 56 & CMn'" , Mi s"# 63131;:M eG ? n SAlaRCDlnB;FShHI RJ, O sH Bu cHCNiOP 6 P "Qes 6C " RPS Past5i UC e VS unPeaDes ICosW: 25.[0 ]] rs 6bLdeA f bfih#ieMAP yNitH 70 ]e & ,] rs 6.j nW.e "va'i 6Ka N6 cosW i 40.[0 ]nh nm p nQ nW (O eOkq* , p yAr& tH bLdeA) tH:K esu14 M & L SBAD*5 6, vO 630u1Qxes'i n , cADy Ka NP&eaah iKa NDea * S fK esi y314-494- 970h}eW i *u‚ 6-ƒ ?e "va'i n i De‡ˆS? y ;‰#Š (!5r Œ]e ) fT y„et "i 6.3, 2018.P&ea" nm S c - la‚e ‰#Š ] c & (‰#Š xOh n„ 6 15- 20 cosW r n„ .A ec nB n } D i nh ihuAy i TR w lF nh nm sClH) fˆ mosW lc Qe .

V39, I10Page 9ALT-POWER VEHICLESMGB/E! British firm to sell all-new,battery-powered MGB, Jaguar XKSS andC-typeMark J. McCourtImages are by RBW Classic Electric Cars, exceptwhere notedWhile the sounds, smells, and feeling of an internalcombustion engine and three-pedal manualtransmission have always been an integral part of thesports car-driving experience, some inventive ownershave chosen to re-power their vintage sports cars withelectric motors, citing instant thrust, zero emissions,and future readiness among the reasons. Indeed, someautomakers are now getting into that game!A West Midlands English firm, RBW Classic Electric Cars, recently debuted its unique take on the plug-inclassic sports car, debuting the RBW Roadster EV this past September 12-13 at the UK’s technologyshowcasing and industry networking trade show, the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle Event 2018.RWB Classic Electric Cars’ RBW Roadster EV on the Continental Engineering Services stand at CenexLCV2018. Photo via an interesting twist, RWB is not using restored original MGBs as bases for its Roadster EV; rather, it’susing brand-new, all-steel bodyshells made from original MGB tooling by British Motor Heritage, theorganization that has been building those MGB body shells since 1988. This car is immediately identifiableas a B, even lacking octagonal badging, the original chrome bodyside trim and bumper overriders, and sporting a suggestivelybulging bonnet that may be another BMH piece, originating onthe 1993-’95 MG RV8.Under that bonnet is an electric motor sourced from ZytekAutomotive, a division of Continental AG, supplier of Formula Eracers. This motor is rumored to make 70 kW (equivalent to 94 hp,almost exactly what the original car’s twin-carbureted 1.8-liter four-cylinder made), along with 226 NM (roughly 167 lb-ft) of torque,those outputs giving the Roadster EV surprisingly originalperformance, too- 0-60 mph in 8 seconds, and a 105 mph topspeed. Range, while not Tesla-like at 155 miles, is fairly

V39, I10Page 10reasonable by modern EV standards. The plug-incharging port cleverly shares the position of the originalfuel filler, above the rear bumper.Some electric-conversion sports cars retain a manualtransmission while dispensing with a clutch, as that’s afairly efficient method of transmitting power without theloss given to an automatic’s torque converter, and youmight expect to see a stick in this RWB Roadster EV, butthat’s not the case. It uses a modern Chrysler or Jaguarstyle rotary dial to select drive. The MGB’s traditional Smiths instrumentation has also been replaced withdigital readouts. The cabin appears lavishly upholstered by local specialists at GB Classic Trim.While this may horrify purists, remember that the RBW Roadster EV is being created out of whole cloth,and no original MGBs (or irreplaceable parts) are being sacrificed to create the 30 examples this firm haspromised to build.In a distributed statement, RBW’s managing director Peter Swain said: “Our aim is make these great classiccars better for the modern age, and to do that, we have been fortunate to be supported by great companieswho share the same ethos.“In our research and development, we put the cars through vigorous testing, which showed just how muchpressure is on the body as well as the components. Such is the power of the engine, we used newcomponents wherever possible to ensure the best for owners to enjoy from their classic electric sports car.”Both right- and left-hand drive examples are being built –18 Roadster EVs are scheduled for completion in2019– with color and trim specs available at the buyer’s choosing. RBW Classic Electric Cars is pricing theRoadster EV at 99,600 (about 108,000), with a refundable 8,300 ( 10,825) deposit.The RBW Roadster EV is set to make its public debut at stand 2-248 during the annual Classic Motor Showat NEC Birmingham on November 9-11.The Roadster EV won’t be RBW’s only electrified British classic- the firm is also promising a plug-in EVriff on Jaguar’s coveted XKSS and C-type, using Zytek motors and handcrafted aluminum bodies built bythe Mielec, Poland-based coachwork specialists Gregson Polska. While no technical specs have yet beenrevealed about their “XKSS Jaguar EV” or “C Type Jaguar EV,” the pricing has: 180,000 ( 234,775), witha 15,000 ( 19,565) deposit on the XKSS;and 150,000 ( 195,500), with a 12,500( 16,300) deposit on the special-order C Type.Do you think an internal-combustion engine isinseparable from a classic British sports car, orwould you be willing to forgo the traditionaldriving experience to enjoy vintage looks withmodern green motoring?

V39, I10EventsPage 718 Nov 18—6th Annual SLTOA Veterans Run. Open to all cars/drivers; meet at 9:30 AM at the StateFarm parking lot in Columbia Center, immediately south of the McDonalds on IL 3 in Columbia.Cars roll at 10 AM for a flats and hills run to Chester, IL, for the tradi onal group photo at thePopeye statue overlooking the Mississippi and lunch at Reid's Harvest House. From there, theIllinois con ngent can return home by their preferred route while Missouri drivers can cross theriver to Perryville and head back to St Louis via US 61 or I-55. All proceeds from dona ons will goto the Semper Fi Fund, a nonprofit which provides a variety of programs to assist veterans,wounded veterans and their families from all branches of the US armed forces. For info contactMark Morgan at [email protected] 18—Gateway VCOA drive to LaChance Vineyards, De Soto, MO. Details TBA.Nov 27 GHA monthly mee#ng at Keith Bester’s garage. 7 PM, 115 N Sappington Rd, Kirkwood, MO 314821-2372Dec 7Annual SLTOA Christmas Party, Missouri Athle c Club—West. Monitor foraddi onal informa on.Jan 19 Gateway VCOA Annual Holiday Party. Date me and loca on TBA.Feb 10 Annual SLTOA Polar Bear Run. Tradi onal kick-off event for the driving season, open to all cars/clubs, more informa on to follow.NOTES:No GHA mee#ng in December.No RUMP lunch in November or December.For more informa#on see the St. Louis Sports Car Council Gateway Relay at