Vendor:VeritasExam Code:VCS-278Exam Name:Administration of Veritas NetBackup8.1.2Version:Demo

QUESTION 1An administrator configures a default Standard file system backup policy, which backs up very large file systems from aset of clients. There are multiple scheduled backup attempts configured. How can the administrator reduce the amountof time needed to complete these backup jobs after failures?A. configure the \\'"Take checkpoints every" policy setting.B. increase the "Job retry delay" host property setting.C. use the "Resume Job" action instead of "Restart Job".D. increase the "Client connect timeout" host property setting.Correct Answer: AQUESTION 2From where is the Cleanup Wizard for Instant Recovery launched?A. From the NetBackup Administration ConsoleB. From the vSphere Client for WindowsC. From the NetBackup Plug-in for VMware vSphere Web ClientD. From the command line on the NetBackup Master ServerCorrect Answer: CThe graphical Instant Recovery and Instant Recovery Cleanup wizards are found in the NetBackup Plug-in for VMwarevSphere Web Client.QUESTION 3What is the certificate deployment and management behavior when the security level is set to High?A. Certificates are deployed automatically for known hosts and the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is refreshed every4 hours.B. Certificates are deployed automatically for all hosts and the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is refreshed everyhour.C. Certificates are deployed automatically for known hosts and the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is refreshed everyhour.D. Certificates are deployed with a token for all hosts and the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) is refreshed every 4hours.Correct Answer: A

QUESTION 4Refer to the exhibit.A backup job configured with a retention level of 2 and "Policy volume pool" set to the "server tapes" is failing due tostatus code 96: Unable to allocate new media for backup. See the output of the available media command below:Which task in the NetBackup Administration Console should the administrator perform to resolve the status code 96error?A. Change volume C11201 to the "scratch pool" volume poolB. Change volume E02002 to the "scratch pool" volume poolC. Unfreeze volume E02004 in the "server tapes" volume poolD. Change volume E02003 to the "scratch pool" volume poolCorrect Answer: CQUESTION 5Prior to initiating a restore, an administrator realizes that media needed for the restore was written by a server that isunavailable. The administrator does have another server that can perform the restore and that is connected to the samelibrary.

Which two commands can the administrator perform to change the server ownership, so the restore can be performed?(Choose two.)A. bpimageB. bpimmediaC. bpimagelistD. bpmediaE. bpimportCorrect Answer: ADQUESTION 6Which two prerequisites must an administrator perform to allow restoration of individual objects and attributes in ActiveDirectory? (Choose two.)A. install the NetBackup File System daemon (nbfsd) on the clientB. choose the "Enable granular recovery" option in the policyC. choose the "Use Accelerator" option in the policyD. choose the FlashBackup-Windows policy typeE. enable the Network File System (NFS) on the clientCorrect Answer: BEQUESTION 7Which action is performed by the NetBackup deduplication plug-in?A. writing data segments into the MSDP containers.B. processing MSDP transaction logs.C. performing file fingerprinting actions.D. performing queue processing.Correct Answer: AQUESTION 8Consider the configuration information for a single UNIX client displayed below.Allow Multiple Data Streams is enabled. ALL LOCAL DRIVES is specified.

Media multiplexing is set to 6.Three tape drives are available in the storage unit and multiplex per drive is 2.Max Jobs per Client is set to 8.The client has five local file systems with no exclude list.How many concurrent data streams will there be when the policy runs?A. fiveB. eightC. threeD. sixE. twoCorrect Answer: AQUESTION 9An administrator has a backup for client Linux1 using the LinuxClients policy complete successfully. Even though thepolicy Backup Selections are NOT modified, the backup job fails the next day with the following status code:Error 71: none of the files in the file list exist.What is a possible reason the job failed?A. The \\'\\'Enable granular recovery" option was unset.B. The client was added to another backup policy.C. The file systems have been unmounted on the client.D. The client was temporarily shut down.Correct Answer: CQUESTION 10A disk volume is a .A. Collection of media in a volumeB. Pool of volumesC. DataStore PoolD. Logical unit of disk storage

Correct Answer: DQUESTION 11In which scenario is \\'\\'Use Accelerator" unavailable in a backup policy?A. for VMware virtual machines with a Linux guest OS.B. for virtual machines hosted on a Hyper-V Host using WMI.C. for a NetApp NDMP filer.D. for an Exchange database availability group (DAG).Correct Answer: DQUESTION 12An administrator needs to recover the NetBackup master server catalog at a disaster recovery site, but the DR files areunavailable.Which command should the administrator use to recreate the DR file?A. bprecoverB. nbcatasyncC. bpimtportD. cat importCorrect Answer: C

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