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GENERAL OVERVIEWArgus Security Projects is an international security company providing comprehensive and tailoredprotective services, logistics, procurement and training for the defense, energy, and financial sectors, aswell as high net-worth clients, diplomatic missions and international organizations operating inhigh-risk, volatile, hostile, and complex environments.We currently have operations and are deployed in challenging environments including Saudi Arabia,Libya, Mauritania and Syria but also in the Balkans and the European Union. Our field experienceacquired since 1997, has positioned our company within the security industry landscape as aprofessional and reliable provider.

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupOUR ADDED VALUEOur added value in the international security industry landscapeWe also focus our efforts in constant improvement of qualityis based on our approach: ASP's goal is to propose mitigationstandards and in reinvestment in business development, namelyservices and strategies to avoid all together, manage, controlin training. Our edge in the field is our local manpower,and/or minimize the risks that may affect its client's operation.especially selected and properly trained to our standardsallowing us to implement security setups integrating ourOur international staff come from reputable European army andexperience, the local regulations and sensibilities to bestPolice units and receive an ASP specific standard trainingsatisfy the client's needs.tailored to our clients in line with best security industryWe strive to reach the highest standards of honest and ethicalpractice.behavior by promoting integrity and good governance. We alsoOur integrated approach enable us to be able to provide, coverendeavor to develop our integration in the countries where weand support upon request all aspects and phases of our clients’operate by understanding and following local customs andoperations:unwritten laws but also by promoting professionalism bysharing experience and developing educational programs. Pre-deployment Support and Advice Security RiskAssessmentOUR WORKING LINE Risk Mitigation Measures Cost Effective Security Strategies Minimum Operating Security Standards Contingency PlanningThe fact that we do have operations, offices and operationalrooms in several countries already up and running, allows us toprovide to our clients, thanks to our footprint on the ground: Standard Operating Measures Business Continuity Planning Guard Services, Access control, Mobile Patrols Close Protection Services Self Sufficient Evacuation and/or Relocation Plans Accommodation, Office identification and Assessment Guest Houses Services A capacity of projection and support in case of crisis A top-quality service at a competitive priceArgus Security Project's success lies in the selection of itsstaff, partners, equipment and the developing of long termrelationships with its clients in order to provide quality security Ground Transport Travelers Advices Briefing and Trainings (HostileEnvironment Security Training for Corporate Staff) Ops Rooms 24/7 Support and Watch keepers Local Administrative Supportservices tailored to their needs and budget.Our operations in the field are self-sustained allowing us toreduce HQ management, shorten the line of communication withthe clients and deliver responsive global security services andsupport.ASP [email protected]

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupOUR SERVICESOur competitiveness stems from our extensive field experience, capacity of reaction and adaptation, streamlined management andcommunication structure, human resources pool, international and local staff, as well as local competence, partnerships andtraining. Argus Security Project proposes a full range of security solutions.ASSESSMENT / SUPPORTOur teams have experience and resources to successfullyThe cornerstone of any strategic decision particularly in termsprovide logistical support for our clients’ mission (short term orof safety/ security is intelligence. Our services rely on locallong stay) and assist identifying best suitable locations forknowledge and extensive field experience, which has led to theoffices, accommodations, ground transport, Airport meet anddevelopment of ASP's local networks. These networks helpsgreetASP to identify possible threats and to evaluate the risk basedadministrative support.andtransportation,Guesthouseservicesandon a typical threat/ risk matrix, in order to mitigate the client'sOur strength relies on our ability to provide tailored services to our clients.INTEGRATED SECURITY SERVICES AND LOGISTICSOur company is a security provider for the European UnionCRISIS MANAGEMENTsecuring premises and persons in volatile regions such as theOur various operations in unstable regions have enabled us toMiddle East and North Africa. We are also providing services forgain experience and expertise in the field of crisis management:the oil and gas industry, Diplomatic and InternationalQuick Reaction Teams, Ops room 24/7 and Watchkeepers,Organizations as well as high net-worth clients. In this specificBusiness continuity planning, Emergency relocation andcontext we developed services which include Quarterly reports,Evacuation, Contingency planningSecurity assessments, Pre-deployment trainings for corporatestaff and managers, Surveillance systems, Security guards,TRAININGMobile patrol, Ops rooms 24/7, Quick Reaction Teams (QRT)In an increasingly competitive and unstable world, security24/7, Close protection and awareness are essential in order for companies tomaintain control of their environment and their information. OurSecure transport of people and equipment in hostile/ complextrainings are intended for companies and individuals, andenvironments is one of our main activities. Providing journeyadaptable to their specific needs including: Security/ Safetymanagement planning, accommodation and equipment inAwareness, Contingency planning, Business intelligence, Crisisconflict and post-conflict countries can be a challenge,communication,especially in the Middle East and Africa.procedures, First aid, Advanced trauma training and HostileDataprotection,Standardoperatingenvironment security training.EN ISO14001:2015EN ISO9001:2015EN ISO45001:2018EN ISO18788:2015S E C U RIT Y PRO J E CTSGR OUP

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupEMBEDDED SECURITY MANAGERSASP security managers are recruited based on their experienceon the field and follow an in-house training and selection toguarantee best standards and service to the client. Our securitymanagers are trained to adapt and develop the security cultureof the client according to the client specific standards (if any)or will help the client to develop their own standards,procedures and assist in the implementation in line with theduty of care, and balancing costs and risks.Through outsourcing security management the administrativeissues are solved, the position can be covered withoutASP MOBILE SECURITY APPLICATION SYSTEMinterruption relying on ASP to provide replacement or back toIn emergency situations, the ability to provide immediateback security managers. From deploying the security managernotifications, particularly in situations when every secondwithin your company (upgrading your company’s protectioncounts, can be a lifesaver.based on industry best standards, identifying cost-savingopportunities) to deploying field security managers onASP Mobile Security System comprises of the ASP MobilededicatedSecurity Smartphone/ Tablet application and the ASP ging site-specific emergency responses, ensuring allSecurity Web application.relevant SOPs are updated, conducting regular trainings) we candevelop very cost effective model that will assist yourKey features of the ASP Mobile Security system:operations and guarantee due diligence. Fast crisis communication and incident management,MONITORING PERSONNEL AND ASSETS 24/7 Simple and intuitive user interface design.Our Monitoring Emergency Response Centers are staffed 24 Robust messaging systemhours a day, 365 days a year, with highly trained security Automatic failover to SMS or voice calls when Internetprofessionals who follow streamlined standard operatingconnectivity is not available.procedures to ensure efficient and effective service delivery. Multi-device supportApart from the standard Fire, Intruder and event monitoring with Full support for location services: shows exact real-timeemergency services, our sites are fully equipped for the remotemonitoring of clients CCTV and Video surveillance systemslocation of the system users Logging of all events(analog/hybrid/IP), and rebuild/upgrade such systems ifneeded. We also have all necessary equipment and experienceSystem is made to be easily customized to client needs andprovide various Location Based Services (Lone Worker,typical scenarios.Vehicle/Asset tracking, Geo-fencing and monitoring etc.) withProactive and/or Reactive responses on trigger events,For more info please check following page on our website:depending on the protocol agreed with the [email protected]

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupOUR SECTORS AND AREAS OF OPERATIONSSectors: Diplomatic Oil and Gas in volatile environment Banking CIT Airline sector Support/ escort missions for News Networks in difficult environments Edgefund wealthy individual escorts Evacuation/ relocation missions Training.Washington DCASP USASince 2019Full range of security servicesHaitiSince 2009Full range of security servicesAMERICASDominican RepublicSince 2006Full range of security servicesColombiaExtractionBrazilFull range ofsecurity servicesVenezuelaSecurity EscortsPERMANENT DEPLOYMENT (365/y)FIELD MISSIONSASP BalkansBosnia & HerzegovinaSerbiaBALKANSSince 2018Since 2001MontenegroSince 2001KosovoSince 2001North MacedoniaAlbaniaSince 2001PERMANENT DEPLOYMENT (365/y)FIELD MISSIONSEN ISO14001:2015EN ISO9001:2015EN ISO45001:2018EN ISO18788:2015S E C U RIT Y PRO J E CTSGR OUP

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupGermanyFull range ofsecurity servicesSwitzerlandFull range ofsecurity servicesRussiaEUROPEFull range ofsecurity servicesASP FranceFranceBalkansFull range ofsecurity servicesFull range ofsecurity servicesTurkeyFull range ofsecurity servicesItalyPERMANENT DEPLOYMENT (365/y)ARGUS SUPPORTPROJECTS HQ MaltaFIELD MISSIONSASP HQ CyprusSyriaSince 2007TunisiaLebanonFull range ofsecurity servicesSince 2007JordanSince 2008LibyaEgyptKSASince 2008YemenPERMANENT DEPLOYMENT (365/y)FIELD MISSIONSMIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICAFull range ofsecurity servicesBurkina FasoMauritaniasince 2014NigerSecurityassessmentNigeriaFull range ofsecurity servicesSUB-SAHARAN AFRICAConvoysSecurity EscortsCentral African RepublicSenegalSecurity EscortsGuardingPSDSecurity escortsMaliRisk assessmentProvision of securityguardsIvory CoastEvacuationExtractionPSDConvoysSao TomeFull range ofsecurity servicesAngolaMozambiqueLogisticssupportSecurity GuardingPSDSouth AfricaFull range ofsecurity servicesASP [email protected] DEPLOYMENT (365/y)FIELD MISSIONS

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupARGUS SUPPORT PROJECTSGENERAL OVERVIEWArgus Support Projects is an international supply company based in Malta that provides safety & security equipment, logistics andtraining for clients operating in the Middle East and North Africa. Our clients work in the private security, NGO, intergovernmentaland diplomatic sectors. Whether they are based in urban capitals or remote and complex destinations, we provide solutions to solvetheir procurement needs.As a subsidiary of Argus Security Projects Holdings Ltd., our company was born out of support for our group’s operations, which hasbeen active in the Middle East, Africa and the Americas since 1997.OUR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Well-established in the private security and governmental sectors with on-the-ground knowledge of high-risk areas of operation Access to a network of tried and trusted manufacturers that allow us to offer a wide variety of solutions to match budgets and lead times Reliable and experienced logistics partners to ensure delivery, installation and maintenance of equipment in the most challenging environmentsSERVICESEQUIPMENTWith a varied network of suppliers, we offer a wide range of equipment to support all types of operations. We are able to find theequilibrium of price, quality and delivery time to match our clients’ needs.FOOTWEARSAFTEY EQUIPMENTMEDICAL EQUIPMENTPROTECTIVE BODY ARMOURCOMMUNICATIONSVEHICLESCAMP EQUIPMENTOPTICSLOGISTICSWith access to a well-established logistics network, we can provide various options for delivery of your order. We are in a position toarrange the most reliable, trusted and time-efficient logistics provider to match your requirements.We offer sea freight and air charter to most of the Middle East and Africa. In addition, we cater to all types of cargo includinghazardous or dangerous goods.Logistics Services include airfreight, ocean freight, express courier, trailer service and air chartering.TRAININGWe are able to match the products we offer with professional guidance and training. A technical education is essential for the correctoperation and maintenance of purchased equipment. Depending on the origin of goods, training can be offered on site of themanufacturer or in-country.EN ISO14001:2015EN ISO9001:2015EN ISO45001:2018EN ISO18788:2015S U PPORT PROJ E CTSA SP G R OUP

COMPANY PROFILEASP GroupEXPERIENCESince 1997 we managed hundreds of projects successfully from organizing a VIP visit to Cairo for 2days to high value projects like in Libya where we provided integrated services including security,logistics, procurements and even housing. We also ma