Nozzle liners and dip pipes

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PTFE-Nozzle liner (PN 10)Lining-materials: PTFE (virgin or conductive)Different lining thicknesses on request.Other pressure rates: PN 16 PN 25 PN 40Different external diameter of the pipe and flaring diameteron request.DNL max.d1(mm)(mm)Allowance (mm)d4Weight(mm)(ca. L Total lengthd1 External diameter of the piped4 Flaring diameterwww.baumkunststoffe.comDIN-NL-2009-EN

PTFE-Lined Dip Pipe (PN 10)Dip pipes allow the precise feeding of corrosive media into tanks.Nozzle heads additionally offer the possibility of a directed dispersionof the medium.

PTFE-Lined Dip Pipe (PN 10)Lining-Materials: ǩ 37)( YLUJLQ RU FRQGXFWLYHMaterial: carbon steel and stainless steel6SHFLDO IHDWXUHV HDUWKLQJ VWXGV HDUWKLQJ OXJV IODQJH stopper,final painting, with nozzle head, bended type.Different lining thicknesses on request.([HFXWLRQV ǩ ZHOGHG ǩ VHDPOHVVOther pressure rates: ǩ 31 ǩ 31 ǩ 31 3OHDVH LQGLFDWH WKH W\SH RI OLQLQJ ZHOGHG VHDPOHVV for calm vessels (standard type)DN1Steel pipeDN2L max.(mm)L KopfOuter diam. xwall(mm)2533,7 x 2,632405060,3 x 2,96576,1 x 2,4 x 2,615055002800434,450,448,3 x e indicate with your orderwelded8088,9 x 3,2100114,3 x 3,6125139,7 x 4,0150168,3 x 4,5200219,1 x 6,3250273,0 x 6,3300323,9 x 7,1150300015006311,9335,9350355,6 x 8,01502000-----6343,6367,6400406,4 x 8,81502000-----5396,4416,4L 7RWDO OHQJWKs Lining thicknessd ,QWHUQDO GLDPHWHU RI WKH piped2 ([WHUQDO GLDPHWHU RI WKH pipeZZZ EDXPNXQVWVWRIIH FRP',1 '36

PTFE-Lined Dip Pipe (PN 10)Lining-materials: PTFE (virgin or conductive)Different lining thicknesses on request.Types: welded seamlessOther pressure rates: PN 16 PN 25 PN 40Material: carbon steel and stainless steelSpecial features: earthing studs, earthing lugs, flange stopper,final painting, with nozzle head, bended type.Please indicate the type of lining (welded/seamless).for agitated vessels (reinforced)DN1Steel pipeDN2Outer diam. xwallL max.(mm)L Kopf(mm)weldedseamlesssdd2(mm)(mm)(mm)33,7 x 4,01505000---3,526,740,73242,4 x 6,31505000---434,450,44048,3 x 6,31505000---440,356,35060,3 x 8,01505000---452,368,36576,1 x 10,01505000---468,184,18088,9 x 10,01505000---480,996,9100114,3 x 10,01504000---5104,3124,3125139,7 x 10,01504000---4,5130,7148,7150168,3 x 16,01504000---5158,3178,3200219,1 x 16,01504000---5209,1229,1250273,0 x 16,01503000---6261,0285,0300323,9 x 16,01503000---6311,9335,9Please indicate with your order25L Total lengths Lining thicknessd Internal diameter of the piped2 External diameter of the pipewww.baumkunststoffe.comDIN-DPR-2009-EN