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BAUM America CorpBaum Kunststoffe GmbH, a German company founded by Roland Baum in 1986, is a worldwide leader in the plastic lined piping industry. They manufacture and stock product in theU.S. through the Baum America Corp. Today they continue as a family owned and operatedbusiness and are currently managed by CEO Markus Baum.Baum offers complete manufacturing capability from steel to plastic. Paste extrusion is doneon specially designed extruders and lining uses highly automated production processes.Baum uses assets including state-of-the-art transfer molding to ensure speed to market.TodayBaum manufactures plastic lined pipe, fittings, vessels, dip tubes, valves and expansion jointsthat are protected from corrosion using PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PVDF or PP. All parts are supplied inaccordance with ASTM F1545-15a.Before you purchase a corrosion resistant piping system we invite you to compare. Baum PTFE liners are paste extruded. This ensures permeation resistance that exceeds theisostatically molded PTFE products common in the US. This claim is supported by independent testing by the Korrosionsinstitutet of Sweden. Many of the Baum fittings will be upgraded to injection molded PFA. This is an even higherquality polymer with mechanical properties and permeation resistance that normally comeat a much higher price. Injection molding these fittings means that Baum products comewith full penetration welds unlike the welded over designs. Baum metal housings will feature rotating A105 forged steel flanges as standard. Mostdomestic producers typically charge for similar upgrades. Quality is verified by rigorous testing and assured with Insurance company certification.The Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) requires not only participation in an ISO qualityprogram but 100% traceability, spark and hydro testing, constant batch testing and permanent marking. Individual Baum components can be traced online for your convenience. Greater flexibility in design. (Schedule 10 stainless steel, DIN dimension systems, permeation barriers and conductive PTFE) is available.With Baum’s stringent quality programs, testing, traceability, and permanent marking thehighest level of safety and quality are assured. While other manufacturers provide productsthat simply comply with the current standards, Baum products search for solutions that willlast protecting personnel and the environment to a higher set of criteria. The bar has beenraised! Baum products represent the next level of safety and product quality.The Next Generation of Safety, Quality and InnovationMarkus BaumChief Executive OfficerBaum Kunststoffe GmbH

Technical SpecificationsThese specifications define the material, technical data, fitting instructions and quality checks forour PTFE, PFA, ETFE, PVDF and PP lined pipe and fittings.They are in accordance with the following standards: ASTM F1545-15a for general requirements and ASMEB16.5 and B16.1 for dimensions.ContentsMaterialsSteel partsLiningExternal coatingPage2General Technical DataLiner thicknessOperating temperaturesVacuum resistanceVent holes3Quality ManagementWeldingMaterial certificatesRaw materials checksOptical and dimensional checksSpark testsHydrostatic testsMarkingIdentification bands4Installation InstructionsProtective coversGasketsTorquesWelding operationsVent holesBolt Lengths5Chemical ResistancePTFEPFAPP, PVDFETFE6Introducing the next levelof permeation resistance!Contact Baum America for information on TF-Evolution –the ultimate solution to your permeation issues.Pipe and Flange DimensionsClass 150Class 30067Product ows 45 /90 10Laterals11Short Stack Tees and Short Stack Crosses11Strainer Tees11Tees12,13Crosses14Instrument Tees15Reducing Flanges16, 17Concentric Reducers18Eccentric Reducers19Hose20Jacketed Pipe & Fittings20Nozzle Liners24Expansion Joints21-24Dip Tubes & Spargers(PTFE Lined & Covered)25Dip Tubes & Spargers (Solid PTFE)25Fixed, One Piece Threaded Field Flare Flange 26Two Piece Field Fabrication Flanges27Baum Solutions28(Conductive Liner & Traceability)(304) 343-25711

1. Material1.1 Steel parts1.1.1 All steel pipe (carbon steel) is furnished in either ASTM A106 Gr. B, A587 Gr. B ERW, or A53Gr. B ERW depending on size and manufacturing location.1.1.2 Flanges comply with ASTM A1051.1.3 Fittings comply with ASTM A234 Gr. WPB1.1.4 Stainless steel is supplied per customer specification.1.2 Lining1.2.1 Liner Physical Properties (test method: ASTM D638)PROPERTYSp. GravityPTFEPFAPPPVDFETFE2.14 - 2.192.11 - 2.17.901.75 - 1.781.70 - 0Melt Point625580338340491Max. Service Temp. ( ensile Strength (psi)Elongation (%)Colors1.2.2 Plastics Conductivity (PTFE)DIN/EC 60093 and DIN/EC 60167 does not exceed 106 Ohm.1.2.3 FDA CompliancePTFE, PVDF, ETFE, and PP lining of our piping parts complies with the regulations of the Food and DrugAdministration (FDA). This includes our conductive liner.1.3 External Coating1.3.1 SandblastingAll carbon steel parts are sandblasted according to SA Paint coatingAccording to our standard specification all carbon steel pipe is painted with an epoxy primer toprotect it from corrosion.2(304) 343-2571

2. General Technical DataLiner Thickness & Vacuum ResistanceNPS (in)PTFELiner Thickness (in)Vacuum (in. l.160Full.160Full.275Full.310Full.310/.42 .310/.45*/FV*/FVTemperature ( F)450450450450450450450250/450 250/450Liner Thickness (in). (in. Hg)FullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullFullTemperature ( F)225225225225225225225225225Liner Thickness (in). (in. Hg)FullFullFullFullFullFullFullTemperature ( F)275275275275275275275O/AO/APPPVDFPFALiner Thickness (in). (in. Hg)FullFullFullFullFullFullFullConsult FactoryTemperature450450450450450250150Consult Factory* Vacuum ratings for 10" and larger fittings and .31" liner pipe spools have limitations.Consult factory.Note 1: All vacuum data reflects testing done per ASTM F1545-15aNote 2:Vacuum Ratings may not apply for short stack crosses, laterals, crosses, special angle elbows and sightindicators 4" and above. Consult factory.Note 3: Certain chemicals may affect vacuum ratings. Consult factory.Note 4: Larger sizes require special attention. Factors such as length of spool, rapid cool down and suddenpressure drops should be anticipated and vacuum breakers should be considered.Note 5: 1"-8" fittings meet or exceed pipe liner thickness and vacuum ratings for same size and liner material.2.1 Tolerances: Defined in ASTM F1545-15a ANSI B16.1 and ASME B16.5. The liner thickness mayvary approximately 10% but always meets or exceeds the ASTM minimum.(304) 343-25713

3. Quality Management3. welding processes are subject tothe following criteria:1. We are an approved manufactureracc. AD-Merkblatt HP0/TRD201and we comply with EN 729-2.2. Our procedures are approved acc.AD-Merkblatt HP 2/1 and complywith ISO15614.3. Our operations are supervised byan international welding specialist(IWS).4. We only employ welders whoare approved acc. AD HP 3and comply with ISO9606- andISO14732.Material certificatesAll pipe, flanges, elbows and weldedfittings have a works certificate accor ding to EN 10204-3.1.Raw material checksLining materials are only procuredwith material certificates WAZ 2.3from manufacturers certified accor ding to ISO 9001.In addition, our lab continually checksand records the physical data of semi finished products from the produc tion line.Optical and dimensionalchecksThe dimensions of all pipe and fittingsare checked visually. 343-2571Spark testsAll lined pipes (not conductive) andfittings undergo a 25,000 Volt sparktest to make sure the lining is notporous.Hydrostatic testsThe standard hydrostatic test is carriedout with 1.43 times the nominal workingpressure (15 bar).Testing with higherpressure and duration is available on aspecial order basis.MarkingIn accordance with ASTM F1545-15a,every pipe and fitting is marked asfollows:Manufacturer’s signProduction lotLining materialDate of productionCE marking (if applicable)Additional markings – e.g. materialno.– are available upon customerrequest.Identification BandsAll pipe and fittings are shipped witha color coded plastic band. Embossedletters indicate the liner andmanufacturer.

4. Installation Instructions4.14.24.3Protective coversProtective covers must only be removedimmediately before installation.GasketsFlared surfaces of identical plasticmaterials do not require gaskets. Gasketsmay only be sensible for connectionsfrequently undone or for connectionsto other materials such as metal, glass,enamel, etc.Torques (Class 150 and 300)Details for assembly and operatinginstructions can be found in our datasheet FB 03.4b assembly and operatinginstructions. Please see table on cover foradditional installation guidelines.Nominal pipe 20"24"134.4Welding operationsLined pipes and fittings maynot be welded, as the hightemperature will destroy the plastic.Vent holesVent holes should at all times be keptopen. Care should be taken not toclog them with paint or insulatingmaterial.Bolt/Stud LengthsCalculated to include two threads pastthe nut and rounded to the nearest1/4" to insure commercial availability.4.54.6ANSI B16.5 Class 150Bolt Torque (ft-lbs)# boltsxsize4 x 1/2"4 x 1/2"4 x 1/2"4 x 1/2"4 x 5/8"4 x 5/8"4 x 5/8"8 x 5/8"8 x 3/4"8 x 3/4"12 x 7/8"12 x 7/8"12 x 1"16 x 1"16 x 11/8"20 x 11/8"20 x 50757575120120140140CFCFCFCFCFANSI B16.5 Class 300# boltsPTFE /PFAxbolt torque PPsize14 x /2"12CF4 x 5/8"12CF4 x 5/8"12CF4 x 3/4"16CF8 x 5/8"19CF8 x 3/4"29CF8 x 3/4"33CF8 x 3/4"47CF12 x 3/4"73CF12 x 7/8"76CF16 x 1"83CF16 x 11/8"87CFPVDFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFCFFxF - Fixed x FixedFxR Fixed x RotatableRxR Rotatable x RotatableANSI Class 150 bolt and stud length requirements (All dimensions in inches)FlangeSize1"11/2"2"2 1/2"3"4"6"8"10"12"FxF3"3 1/4"4"4"4 1/4"4 1/4"5"5"5 1/2"5 1/2"Stud LengthFxR31/4"3 1/2"4"N/A4 1/2"4 1/2"5"5 1/4"5 3/4"5 3/4"RxR3 1/4"3 1/2"4 1/4"N/A4 1/2"4 1/2"5 1/4"5 1/2"6"6 1/4"FxF21/2"2 3/4"3 1/4"3 1/2"3 1/2"3 1/2"4 1/4"4 1/4"4 1/4"4 3/4"Bolt LengthFxR2 ¾"3"3 1/4"N/A3 3/4"3 3/4"4 1/4"4 1/2"4 3/4"5"RxR2 3/4"3"3 1/2"N/A4"4"4 1/2"4 3/4"5 1/4"4 1/2"ANSI Class 300 bolt and stud length requirements (All dimensions in inches)FlangeSize1"1 1/2"2"3"4"6"8"10"12"(304) 343-2571FxF3 1/2"4"4"4 3/4"5"5 1/2"6 1/4"7"7 3/4"Stud LengthFxR3 3/4"4 1/4"4"5 1/4"5 1/2"5 3/4"7"7 1/4"8"RxR3 3/4"4 1/2"4 1/4"5 1/4"5 1/2"6"7"7 3/4"8 1/4"FxF3"3 1/2"3 1/4"4 1/4"4 1/2"4 3/4"5 1/4"6"6 1/2"Bolt LengthFxR3 1/4"3 3/4"3 1/2"4 3/4"5"5 1/4"5 3/4"6 1/4"6 3/4"RxR3 1/4"3 3/4"3 3/4"4 3/4"5"5 1/4"6 1/4"6 3/4"7"5

5. Chemical Resistance5.1 PTFE - a universal chemical resistanceagainst almost all chemicals and solventswithin its continuous operating tempera ture - with the exception of molten alka lis,elementary fluorine and certain halo gens.5.2 PFA identical with PTFE.5.3 PP & PVDF Please refer to the manufacturer’s information. Both may vary intemperature capability with various mediaand concentrations of those media.5.4 ETFE consult factory.D1d46. Pipe and flange dimensions for lined pipe and fittings6.1 Class 150NPSFlange ODmm½"88.9¾"98.41107.91¼" 117.51½" 127.02" 152.42½" 177.83" 190.54" 228.65" 254.06" 279.48" 342.910" 406.412" 482.614" 533.416" 596.918" 635.020" 1.0013.5016.0019.0021.0023.5025.0027.50Pipe OD D1Raised FaceOD 10.6212.7515.0016.2518.5021.0023.00Sch ------------ScheduleSch 30mm---------------- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 7.00.25 7.80.25 8.4--- 9.50.31 9.50.31 11.10.37 12.7D1 outer diameter flange d4 outer diameter faceD1 diameter pipe6(304) .370.440.50Sch 40mmLining Materialin. PTFE PVDF llllllllllllllllllllll

6.2 Class 300NPSFlange ODmm½"95.2¾" 117.31123.91¼" 133.31½" 155.42" 165.12½" 190.53" 209.54" 2545" 279.46" 317.58" 38110" 444.512" 520.714" 584.216" 647.718" 711.220" 12.5015.0017.5020.5023.0025.5028.0030.50Pipe OD D1Raised FaceOD 10.6212.7515.0016.2518.5021.0023.00Sch ------------ScheduleSch 30mm---------------- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- 7.00.25 7.80.25 8.4--- 9.50.31 9.50.31 11.10.37 12.7in.-------------Sch 40mmLining Materialin. PTFE PVDF PP2. 5.2--- 5.5--- 6.0--- 6.6--- 7.10.28 8.20.31 9.30.33 10.30.37 11.10.37 12.70.44 14.30.50 59llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllD1 outer