SPLKA Board of Directors Meeting AgendaMay 17, 2014 9:30 AM“The mission of SPLKA is to preserve, promote, educate thepublic, and to make our lighthouses accessible to all.”Call to Order/Establish a Quorum:A meeting of the Board of Directors for the Sable Point Lighthouse Keepers’ Associationwas held on May 17, 2014 at 9:30 a.m. in the Board Room. The President, LenoreJanman, called the meeting to order. The following Board members were present:Lenore Janman, Bob Baltzer, Doug Buikema, David Dietrich, John Truxell, RogerPashby, and Sheila Meeusen. Staff member present: Peter Manting. Guest: BryanStauffer.Lenore Janman discussed changing the opening of our board meetings by adding prayerand pledge of allegiance. Peter will have the flag available in the room for the pledge ofallegiance. David Dietrich reminded us that we could also read our mission statementbefore each meeting.Minutes of Board Meeting of March 29, 2014:Under Treasurer’s Report on page 4, “The budget was accepted as presented” waschanged to read “The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented.”On page 6, the phrase “by private parties” was added to the Alcohol consumption atWRLS (change in township regulations) paragraph.Minutes were accepted with changes.Audience Comments/Correspondence:Bryan Stauffer commented that he and his wife were happy to be part of SPLKA and hewanted to continue to contribute to our Association.Presentation by North Sky Consulting or Committee Work:Lenore noted that North Sky Consulting would not be making a presentation. Petercontacted them and submitted our strategic plan. North Sky does not do presentations togroups. The purpose of their organization is to help non-profit organizations by figuringout what they want to do. They hire subcontractors who work for them. Thesecontractors would in turn work for us if we hire North Sky. Kevin Woods is a consultantfor North Sky and he has a consulting firm office in Muskegon. If Kevin is hired, hewould help with fundraising and assess our area to find out if funds are available. Peter

SPLKA Board of Director’s Meeting MinutesPage 2 of 6May 17, 2014said Kevin is working on finding sources of fund raising. Peter will investigate and meetwith Kevin and report at our June meeting.Peter said the proposal from Heritage is good until the end of this year.Recess to Committee Work:We did not recess to committee work. The committees reported to the Board as relatedlater in these minutes.Reports: Executive Director’s ReportPeter reported that Aaron Zickel will be our intern at White River Lighthouse Station andLindsey Kotecki will be interning at Little Sable Point starting June 12. Peter alsoreported that Big Sable and Little Sable lights have hosted several school groups duringrecent weeks. Leslie also has hosted two days of adult groups at White River Station inApril. Peter is working on getting more school groups out to visit White River Station.Veterans will also be given free climbs on Memorial Day (May 26) and August 1 thisyear.Peter also received the certificate for boiler inspection at Big Sable last Thursday, makingthe next inspection due in 2017.Our 3rd Annual Lighthouse Festival will be held on June 7 and 8, 2014. Peter reported onnumerous events, including bus day, hiking activities, craft show, music events duringday and evening, chalk art day, events at White Pine Village, and Manistee andMuskegon lights opening during the festival. New and former sponsors include FrontierCommunications, Sanders and Czapski, West Shore Bank, Cartier Mansion, KerryBlinds, Gunberg’s Appliances, and Ludington Historic Bed Association. Tickets are 20and 12 for Lee Murdock. Ludington Daily and Muskegon Chronicle will have articleson festival.As Karen Allen is no longer with our organization, Peter reported that he is looking forcandidates for gift shop manager and plans to have someone on board by July.Other accomplishments: Biennial Report for Ludington North Breakwater Lighthousehas been submitted; lampists will be hired to complete an assessment on the lens at LittleSable to help get the light turned back on; improvements to our website, setting up aseparate fund for the capital campaign fund, formulation of opening and closingprocedures for our lights, researching a two-way emergency radio for implementation atour lights, extensive work on the road out to Big Sable, new brochures for Big Sable andLudington Breakwater lights, replacement of fire extinguishers at Big Sable, attendanceat a non-profit expo at the Lake Mall in Muskegon, updating the rental agreement atWhite River, successful keepers’ training on April 25, publication of our newsletter.Peter also reported that he will be attending the Great Lakes Lighthouse Conference onMay 21 through May 23 in Traverse City.

SPLKA Board of Director’s Meeting MinutesPage 3 of 6May 17, 2014 Treasurer’s ReportDoug Buikema reported that our Association is 32,000 ahead in assets than we were thistime last year, the increase due in large part to Peter’s efforts in recruiting more members.Doug also reported that half of what we spent this year has gone toward salaries. A largeexpense was incurred in making improvements to the road to Big Sable Lighthouse.Doug noted we are doing much better financially this year than this time last year. TheBoard noted a special appreciation and thanks to Peter for all his efforts in makingcontacts and improvements to our Association.Bob Baltzer asked what the investment for 1043.57 was. Doug will find out and reportat next meeting. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted as presented. Officers’ ReportsLenore Janman reported that she attended the April 25 New Keepers’ Orientation. Alongwith new keepers, several former keepers came for retraining, including many from theSeekers. Lenore expressed appreciation and thanks to our staff, especially to ShirleyMitchell and Matt Varnum, for a job well done. Committee ReportsGoal I Committee:Roger Pashby reported that he and Matt Varnum have been working on several projects,including having a sign at our lighthouses which states why the lighthouses are there.Roger has scheduled an interview with the radio station in Battle Creek talking aboutstay-cations to visit lighthouses. The interview will be on May 29 and will be played thefollowing week during the morning show. Roger also has also advertised on Facebook.Board members also noted the new Pure Michigan has advertisements on TV andbillboards for Ludington.Goal II Committee:No report.Goal III Committee:Bob Baltzer reported that he has been working with Peter on fundraising goals. TheLegacy Fund has been established in Muskegon, (sustaining fund only), a capitalcampaign fund will be opened up through the Muskegon foundation for donations forBSP to fix tower-- 250,000 is goal. Bob is also working on seed money of 25,000 tostart the fund. Bob also reported that trex planks will be sold for 100 each for placementat BSP.Our Association will be using Northwood Signs for these planks. Thefundraising package has been reviewed and will be sent out to possible donators.

SPLKA Board of Director’s Meeting MinutesPage 4 of 6May 17, 2014Bob reported that he is looking into the possibility of local businesses having a specialday in which they will donate part of their intake (possibly 30%) to our lighthouses.Bob also reported that he has been in contact with an individual who can set up an app forlighthouses to engage people after visiting the lighthouse. Prizes would be given toparticipants for answering questions related to their visit to the lighthouse. Bob also isinvestigating the possibility of having a website auction.Goal IV Committee:Sheila Meeusen reported that she has received the activity booklet drafts for Little Sableand Breakwater lighthouses. The deadline for these is the end of May. John Truxelladded that the activity booklet draft for White River is prepared and they are awaitingauthentication on the historic facts before submitting it for publication. Sheila will beresearching illustrators in the next month or two to put the booklet together.Old Business: Light at LSPPeter reported that we have a lampist is coming the first week of June to evaluate thelens. The lampist will submit a report; the cost will be 1200. The Board discussedcontacting our state and federal representatives to get some help since the State continuesto increase the requirements to have the light turned back on. Operations ManualPeter reported that Matt Varnum has submitted his manual on the duties of the OperationsManager. Other staff members have met and are working on their individual manuals.Debbie will be making corrections on them. Derrick Ebidon is working on the openingand closing documents for our lights and will be submitting those for finalization shortly. FundraisingSee report on Goal III Committee. Action ItemsBob Baltzer reviewed the Action Item sheet. The chamber websites have all beenupdated. Other items continue to be worked on. Bob will update the sheet before ourJune meeting.New Business: It is the recommendation of the Board President to approve Policy 505 SPLKAProcurement Policy.

SPLKA Board of Director’s Meeting MinutesPage 5 of 6May 17, 2014John Truxell moved to approve the policy, but changing the Document Cost Analysisfrom 100 to 300; Bob Baltzer seconded. Motion passed unanimously.Related to the above motion, it was then determined that Policy 504 needed to bechanged as well. John Truxell moved to change the amount listed in the first bulleteditem under Financial Management in Policy 504 from 100 to 300; Doug Buikemaseconded. Motion passed unanimously. It is the recommendation of the Board’s Secretary that the policy be rewritten to state:NO alcoholic beverages are allowed in any of SPLKA’s towers, but keepers are allowedto keep alcoholic beverages in the keeper’s residence to be used, if desired, after theirworking day is over.Bob Baltzer moved to accept, David Dietrich seconded: Motion passed unanimously. It is the recommendation of the Executive Director to direct Jeanie Oaks, the ExecutiveDirector of the Mason County Community Fund, to set up a new Fund called the SABLEPOINTS LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS ASSOCIATION CAPITAL CAMPAIGN FUNDand transfer 5,000 from our present annuity fund.Bob Baltzer moved to accept, Doug Buikema seconded. Motion passed unanimously It is the recommendation of the Executive Director to accept the gift from the SEEKERSof 1,500.00 and to fund the remaining 927.50 from the budgeted areas from LittleSable Equipment and Repair and Maintenance of the house at Little Sable to purchase aMotorola portable communication device.Roger Pashby moved to table, John Truxell seconded. Motion passed unanimously. Dueto ongoing investigation into this equipment, the recommendation was tabled until ourJune meeting. It is the recommendation of the Executive Director to direct Jeanie Oaks, the ExecutiveDirector of the Mason County Community fund, to rename our annuity fund to theSABLE POINTS LIGHTHOUSE KEEPERS ASSOCIATION ANNUITY FUND.Roger Pashby moved to accept, John Truxell seconded: Motion passed unanimously. It is the recommendation of the Board President that the Board of Directors approve theaddition of the following wording, “In the event a scheduled keeper has an emergencyand must leave, or staff are unable to fill a tour of duty, experienced keepers whohave worked at BSP in the past may be asked to work for less than two weeks to fillthe open schedule.” to revise Policy #701 Scheduling Volunteer Keepers.Doug Buikema moved to accept, Roger Pashby seconded: Motion passed unanimously.Discussion topics: 2013 Form 990

SPLKA Board of Director’s Meeting MinutesPage 6 of 6May 17, 2014Doug Buikema reported that this report was filed electronically. Doug also reported thatdonations went up in 2013 from 2012 by 40,000. Some figures are estimations but oncean inventory is taken, Connie Tewes, CPA, can amend this report. The Board recognizedand appreciated that this report was filed in a timely manner. West MI Lighthouse FestivalAs related earlier in these minutes, Peter Manting reported final preparations are beingmade. Free tower climbs for VeteransPeter reported that this is also an ongoing project. Board Standing CommitteesLenore reviewed the members of the Nominating Committee, Finance Committee,Annual Meeting Committee and Bylaws Committee. AnnouncementsJohn Truxell recommended that White River Light Station be referred to as a museum.Peter Manting reported that the new brochures for WRLS do detail what is in themuseum.John Truxell recommended that educational packages on our lights be sent to schools.Roger Pashby recommended a new publication should be done detailing how to operatethe generator at BSP. This publication would be very helpful to keepers who need to usethe generator.Sheila Meeusen recommended that a list of duties be published and posted in eachresidence suggesting cleaning procedures for keepers when leaving at the end of theirtour. Peter said that these were almost completed.Bryan Stauffer expressed his thanks to the Board for their continuing work.Adjourn:John Truxell moved to adjourn; Doug Buikema seconded. Meeting was adjourned at11:45 a.m.Respectfully submitted,Sheila Meeusen