ZINZINO CAMPAIGNTHE ULTIMATE PROMO IN JUNE & JULYWhat if you could give away a FREE Basic Partner Kit with a value of 400, to the next two Partnersjoining your business? That will make it easy to sign up your next two Partners.HOW TO TAKE PART IN THE CAMPAIGNFOR EXISTING PARTNERS1) Buy an Ultimate Partner Kit*.2) Receive two PROMO codes to be used as giveaways.One code equals one Basic Partner Kitand is valid for 15 days - shipping is included.You can also get your loyalty refund by aquiring25 new Premier Customers, and maintaining anActive Z4F Auto Order.After 12 months your ActiveCustomer Points must be increased by 25 pointsabove your level than you had on 31st of May 2021if you order in June & 30th of June 2021 if you orderin July.FOR NEW PARTNERS1) Receive a free Basic Partner Kit from yourSponsor.2) Place an order for the an Ultimate Partner Kit*.Receive two PROMO codes to be used as giveaways.One code equals one Basic Partner Kit and is validfor 15 days - shipping is included.Remember to activate your Auto Order to accessthe Fast Start Program.Loyalty refund according to the regular rules.Read more in our Ultimate Partner Kit Campaign HERE.Please keep in mind that the promo codes that areused as giveaways are only valid for 15 days.*The price of the Ultimate Partner Kit is 995 EUR, 869 GBP, 3995 PLN, 8995 DKK, 9995 NOK/SEK(Value is 2,400 EUR, 125 Credits & 250 Credits with ECB). Read more in the Q&A below.WHAT TO KEEP IN MIND IN THIS CAMPAIGNAs the PROMO codes expire in 15 days, you need to be fast in enrolling your next two Partners.It should be easy since we give them a FREE Basic Partner Kit to start with!This Campaign is all about paying it forward and creating a domino effect by doing good to somebody else!In order for new Partners to get the absolute best start, they are also able to order an Ultimate PartnerKit to help pay the campaign forward. Imagine the duplication when you double your team Partners every15 days! 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 in just 10 weeks. PLUS all the Customers, 25 from each Partner that get their loyaltyrefund, totaling 1,550 new Customers in one year.CAMPAIGN RULESRICH INPOLYPHENOLGMO FREEThe Campaign runs from June 1st to July 31st midnight EU CEST /6 PM USA EST / 8 AM (August 1st) AEST / 6 AM (August 1st) HKT /03: 30 AM IST.The Kit must be registered and paid before your PROMO codesare valid. The PROMO codes are valid from the date of payment, for15 days. One code per Partner, two codes cannot be given tothe same Partner.All orders must be paid by the end of the Campaign period.Every active Partner regardless of pin level can take part inthis campaign.

THE ULTIMATE PROMO IN JUNE & JULYQ&ALet’s do what we do best – INNOVATE! What if you could give away two freeBasic Partner Kit to your next two Partners who joins the business? Not just any gift,a gift worth 400 each!It’s exciting, right? Now let’s make it better!The magic happens when preparation meets opportunity and we take massive action. Set upyour Campaign strategies, brainstorm with your team and review your prospect list. Go to thewebshop and get an Ultimate Partner Kit and receive your PROMO codes. Time to make thatspecial phone call! Arrange your meetings and get the duplication started. Last but not least, getyour ticket to the Leader School, because we are going to create massive momentum!How can I give away the Basic Partner Kitfree PROMO codes?A) Register your new Partner with PROMO BasicPartner Kit and select ”pay later” as payment method. The support team will process the orderwithin 1-4 days. It is free and your new Partner willnot even have to pay for shipping.How can existing Partners join the Campaign?1. Buy an Ultimate Partner Kit* for 995 (Worth 2,400, 125 Credits (250 Credits. with ECB)1. To become an Active Partner, your new Partnerneeds to enroll 4 Customers and generate 20 Creditsfor activation or they need to upgrade to any of ourother Partner Kits.You can also get your loyalty refund by aquiring 25new Premier Customers, and maintaining an ActiveZ4F Auto Order. After 12 months your Active CustomerPoints must be increased by 25 points above your levelon 31st of May if you order in June & 30 th of June if youorder in July.2. To access the Fast Start program, your new Partnerwill need to have a paid Auto Order or activate AutoOrder if they are upgraded with a Partner Kit.If the Partner upgrades to any of our UltimatePartner Kits, the Kit will generate 125 Credits. If theupgrade is within the campaign period, it will alsoinclude the two PROMO codes that equal two BasicPartner Kits as give-away.B) Register your new Partner with an UltimatePartner Kit and select one of the payment options.1. To access the Fast Start program, the new Partneralso needs to place an Auto Order that will be paid30 days from registration. We recommend doing itat the same time as ordering the Ultimate PartnerKit.2. The Ultimate Partner Kit equals 150 Credits(300 Credits. with ECB).Please keep in mind that the promo codes that are usedas giveaways are only valid for 15 days.Does the Basic Partner Kit contain Creditsor qualifications?No, the Kit contains only products and is notcounted towards any extra qualifications (no pointsfor DT, Action Points or qualification in the TopRecruiter Campaign etc.).2. Receive two PROMO codes to be used asgivaways. One code equals one Basic Partner Kitand is valid for 15 days - shipping is included.Great opportunity for all Partners to get their loyaltyrefund ( 995) after 12 months also on thiskit in accordance with our Ultimate Partner KitCampaign rules.25 Premier Customers (A-Team) 1 kit, 50 PremierCustomers (Pro-Team) 2 kits, 100 premier Customers (Top-Team) 3 kits.Where can I find my PROMO codes?Zinzino will store the PROMO codes digitally.The codes are only visible for Partner Support.If you are unsure of the status of your codes,please contact your Partner Support directly.Your upline Partners will be able to see if you havereceived any PROMO codes, they will however, notbe able to view the status of them.Can I register a Promo Kit as a give away tomyself?No, the Promo Kits are only given as give away to anew recruits.Where can I place my new Partners in theteam structure?We recommend that new Partners should use onePROMO code in the left team and one PROMOcode in the right team.

As an existing Partners, you know where you needgrowth, so make a plan with your team and focuson placing your personal recruits in the teams of yourdownline Partners who also decide to participate inthe Campaign.If I already purchased the UPK to get a refundfor when I reach my 25 Customers, do these 25Customers count towards the new promotionpack?If you enrolled with the UPK that qualifies you for arefund in 12 months when you reach 25 Customersand now choose to participate in the new campaign,you need to collect additional 25 Customers for thenew pack reimbursed as well.Do the 12 months count reset and start againfrom the month when I enter the new promotion?The 12 months start counting when your purchasethe UPK for each promotion respectively. Forexample, if you purchased your first promotionalUPK in February and the second one in June. The 12months for the first one start counting in Februaryand for the second one in June.What about Partners who signed up in May?Just like all other Partners who joined before June 1stthey have to qualify by buying an Ultimate PartnerKit during the Campaign Period.When will the PROMO Codes for the freeBasic Partner Kit expire?The PROMO codes will expire 15 days from the dayyou pay your Ultimate Partner Kit. Therefore, werecommend that you to take immediate action.Where can register the PROMO code in orderto access my new Partners free Basic PartnerKits?- Register your new Partner.- Go to Partners Campaigns & choose the BasicPartner Kit.- Choose payment method: Pay later.Why is there a price on myFree Basic Partner Kit order?It’s because your PROMO code needs to validatedbefore your kit is being shipped. This can take up tofour days. This is why it is important that you choosepayment method; Pay later. Your Basic Partner Kitorder will be updated & shipped free of charge.Can I refund my UPK purchase if I have alreadygiven away by two Promo codes to two newPartners?No, refunds are not possible when you have alreadygiven away your free promo codes.Can Global Partners participate inthe Campaign?Yes, but they have their own PROMO Offer whereyou buy a Better Partner Kit and receive twoPROMO codes that equal two Mini Partner Kits asgiveaway.See the Global Campaign HERE.Where can I find the Campaign sheets for othermarkets?You can find them under “Ongoing Campaign” inyour Back Office or below:CAMPAIGN SHEET USACAMPAIGN SHEET CANADACAMPAIGN SHEET AUSTRALIACAMPAIGN SHEET HONG KONGCAMPAIGN SHEET INDIACAMPAIGN SHEET GLOBAL

PARTNERENROLLMENT STRATEGY1. an Ultimate Partner Kit and receive two PROMO codes to be used as giveaways. One code equalsone Basic Partner Kit - shipping is included.Activate your Zinzino4Free Auto Order to access the Fast Start Program*.Write a list of 100 names and select your top 10 business prospects.Book your meetings using the phone call / text message script below.Present and follow up until you enroll a new Partner with a free Kit - use your support team to dothe meetings for you until you master them yourself.Upgrade your new Partner with an Ultimate Partner Kit and they will also receive two PROMO codesto be used as giveaways. Now it is their turn to pay it forward!Activate their Auto Order so they also can access the Fast Start Program.When you have given away your two Basic Partner Kits (used the promo codes), focus on buildingdepth or buy a new Ultimate Partner Kit and give away two more Basic Partner Kits.Take action today because you only have 15 days to forward your two Basic Partner Kits with thepromo codes.MEETING SCRIPTHi, how are you? (small talk).I just got started with with a health and wellness business and as part of my training process I have the opportunity togive away two free product Kits (Basic Partner Kits) worth 400.You are one of the first people that came to my mind. If you are willing to take a look at a 30 to 60 minutes presentation together with me and my business colleague, I would like to offer you the free gift.There are no commitments attached to the gift, but you need to like my business to be able to receive it.I want to get started as soon as possible, at what time could we meet within the next 48 hours? Would today ortomorrow be best for you?Full scripts can be found in the Express Start booklet.*Available for new Partners only.

CUSTOMERENROLLMENT STRATEGY1. the Ultimate Partner Kit you have 10 BalanceTest Kits and 10 BalanceOils that you can use tostart 10 free trials.Write a list of 100 names and select your top 20 Customer prospects.Book your meeting using the special phone call / text message script below.Present, follow up and start free trials until you enroll a new Customer with a paid Balance Premier Kit- use your support team to do the meetings for you until you master them yourself.When you have started your 10 free trials, focus on using your Customers’ BalanceTest Kits that theyreceived in their first order to start new free trials. Help them qualify for Zinzino4Free or buy a newUltimate Partner Kit and start 10 new free trials.With 25 Premier Customers in 12 months you get a full refund on your first Ultimate Partner Kit, with50 you can get a refund for two Kits and with 100 we refund 3 kits to you. View full terms & conditionsin the Ultimate Partner Kit Campaign sheet.Take action today! You only have 30 and 60 days to qualify for your Fast Start Bonuses, and you don’twant to pay for your first months of the Zinzino4Free Auto Order.MEETING SCRIPTHi, how are you? (small talk).I just got started with a health and wellness business, we are focused on the new area of test-based nutrition.As part of the program we are able to start free trials including a test system and products for a few selectedpeople who wants to watch the full presentation.There are no commitments attached to the free trial, however, it will only make sense to you if you are interestedin optimizing your health. What would be a good time for you, today or tomorrow?Full scripts can be found in the Express Start booklet.*Available for new Partners only.