PM15 Planer/MolderPlaning or moldings, the choice is yours – with the new PM15 fromPowermatic, you can do both with one machine. Loaded with featuresand built for performance and value.The Gold Standard Since 1921.

PM15 Planer/MolderThe new PM15 from Powermaticis loaded with features that makeit a standout. Large 5HP motorgives the unit 15" wide planingcapacity and enough power torun double knife sets for molding. The stand is fully enclosed andis equipped with integral castersfor shop mobility. Two feedspeeds, 10 and 20 fpm’s allowyou to run quickly for maximumstock removal yet slower speedsyield a fine milled finish ondecorative moldings. Openingthe hinged top with 4" dustcollection port exposes thecutterhead, allowing for fastand easy tooling changes. Thismachine can use either singlemolding knives or 3 knife sets,whichever you choose. A longlist of available accessories willmake this machine a valuableaddition to any shop.FEATUREBENEFIT5 HP motor with15" planing capacityHandles the biggest jobsFully enclosed base cabinetwith integral castersAllows complete mobility in the shopBig 271/2" x 151/8" cast irontable is supported by 4 leadscrews and height is controlledby chain and sprocketOffers precise depth of cutpositioning and accuracyFeed rollers and cutterheadsupported by full cast ironhead assemblyPositive stock feeding with accuracyand longevityHinged topMachine uses single or threepiece molding knivesWMH TOOL GROUPWide selection of profiles available2 feed speeds –10/20 fpmAllows for fast stock removal as wellas fine finish workDust collection port includedFor clean work area and improved finishEasy to read depth of cut scalewith large handwheelFast and accurate set-upFull cast iron headconstruction with hingedtop allows for fast toolingchanges and adjustments.The Gold Standard Since 1921.Easy access to internal portionof machine for fast blade changing2-speed oil bath gearboxtransmits full power to thefeed rollers and facilitatesfast speed changes.Accessory bed board andguide set (PN# 2253082)for precise alignment andsupport of workpiecewhile molding.

Large handwheel andeasy to read inch/metricscale for fast set upHeavy duty cast iron tablesupported by 4 columnsfor accuracy2-speed gearbox for roughand finish workBig 5HP motoraccommodates15" x 61/2" capacityIntegral casters forcomplete mobility

Knives MoldingsCove Moldings3/4" x 3/4"4570930 Designed for use in a corner as a smoothblend between two right angled surfaces,at floor or ceiling Smaller sizes often used to clean up cornersin paneling or to give a finished look beneaththe overhang of a desktopChair Rail Moldings1. 4570297 11/16" x 3"2. 4570298 11/16" x 21/2" These popular moldings are usually appliedone-third the distance between the floor andthe ceiling of a room and encircle the perimeterPanel Moldings11/16" x 21/2"4572120 Commonly used to “top off” baseboard andpanel wainscot Mitred and snugged into the corners formedwhen a flat panel is recessed within a frameCrown and Bed MoldingsTop1. 45704702. 45704803. 45704904. 45705005. 45705106. 45705207. 45705308. 4570540Dimensions 1457052145705314570541x 45/8"x 41/4"11/16" x 35/8"11/16" x 31/2"11/16" x 31/4"11/16" x 23/4"11/16" x 25/8"11/16" x 21/4"11/16" Designed to bridge the corner between wallsand ceilings as few meet at true right angles Also popular for use under a fireplace manteland as frames for mirrors and picturesCasing Moldings1. 4573060 11/16" x 21/4"2. 4573510 11/16" x 21/2"3. 4573560 11/16" x 21/4"4. 4573610 11/16" x 21/2"5. 4573660 11/16" x 21/4"6. 4573900 11/16" x 25/8" Provides decorative trim around doorways,windows and other openings(indoor/outdoor use)Casing and Base Moldings1. 4574440 11/16" x 31/2"2. 4574480 11/16" x 31/2"3. 4576020 11/16" x 31/2"4. 4576420 11/16" x 31/2"5. 4577020 5/8" x 31/2" These popular shapes are larger than standardprofiles Designs serve either as trim for doors andwindows or as baseboards where walls andfloors meet

Knives MoldingsBrick Molding4571800up to 25/8" thick(brick molding) Thick molding provides a surface for brick orother sidingBase Cap Moldings11/16" x 13/8"4571630 For use on the top edge of a standard flatbaseboard to give it a more ornate look Closes the gap between uneven walls andbaseboards Also for use as trim where brick or stucco meetwood on exterior wallsStop Moldings1/2" x 13/8"4579260 In window frame applications, these moldingshold the sashes in place On doors, these moldings stop the door in theclosed positionPaneling T&G Molding Very popular for wall and ceiling paneling4575388for 5/8" to 1" thick (paneling)Wedge T&G Molding4575391for 5/8" to 1" stock Versatile profile for making flooring and panelingBack Relief KnivesSold per set of 3 knives1. 4575100 1"2. 4575185 11/4"3. 4575150 11/2"4. 4575175 13/4"5. 4575200 2" Limits the contact that the pattern makes againsta wall, leaving a better fitPicture Frame Moldings Unique designs for many different configurationsKnivesSold per set of 3 knives6296190Bed Board and Molding Guide 742114574214457421745742224574223

PM15 Planer/MolderModel NumberPM15Stock Number1120003Motor HP/Voltage/PhaseWorking Width5HP 230V 1PH15"Maximum Depth Cut Planing1/8"Maximum Depth Cut Molding3/4"Minimum Thickness3/16"Maximum ThicknessUrethane Infeed Roller Diameter61/2"11/2"Urethane Outfeed Roller Diameter11/2"Feed SpeedsTable Size L x W10/20 fpm271/2" x 151/8"Minimum Length Workpiece8"Table Height Adjust1 Turn 1/16"Scale/CursorCutter DiameterInch/Metric27/8"Cutter Diameter with Knives3"Number of Knives3Cuts per MinuteDust Connect Diameter13,5004"Minimum CFM Required900Weight Gross/Net Lbs.Overall Dimensions Assembled550/423 lbs51"H x 34"W x 28"LOverall Shipping Dimensions50" x 37" x 32"Tools SuppliedBlade Wrenches,Knife GaugeWMH TOOL GROUP 123 Alpha Drive City, State, Zip Toll-free 1-800-xxx-xxxxThe Gold Standard Since 1921.Part No. 91-602