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Table of Contents1.GLOSSARY . 42.myABL Digital Banking . 52.1.Introduction. 52.2.Scope . 52.3.Eligibility Criteria . 52.4.Key features. 53.Security Measures . 64.Registration Process . 65.myABL Processes . 95.1.Process to generate OTP: . 95.2.Login Process . 95.3.Process to view Account Details. 105.4.Process to Request Cheque Book online . 115.5.Process for Cheque Status Inquiry . 145.6.Process to View Mini Statement . 155.7.Process to View Full Account Statement. 165.8.Subscription of e-Statement . 175.9.Process for account Management . 185.10.Process to Change Password . 205.11.Process to view login history . 225.12.Process to reset Forgotten Password. 235.13.Process of change of OTP Alert Subscription Method . 256.Types and Process of Fund Transfer . 276.1.Funds Transfer (Within ABL or other Bank) . 276.2.Manage Payee . 316.3.Pay Anyone . 34Page 2 of 55

7.Process of Bill Payment . 407.1.Manage Billers . 407.2.Pay Bills . 438.Process of Donations. 469.Process of Merchant Payments . 4810.Process of Credit Card Payment . 52Page 3 of 55

ACRONYMSEV-SSLFRMUOTPExtended Validation-Secure Socket LayerFraud & Risk Monitoring UnitOne-Time PINPBASMSPhone Banking AgentShort Message ServiceSOCSchedule of Charges1. GLOSSARYWords DefinitionsWordsDefinitionmyABLmyABL refers to the Digital Banking Service offered by AlliedBank to its customers. myABL Digital Banking service is deviceagnostic and thus the term would interchangeably be used toinclude Internet as well as Mobile Banking.Payments means any payment from the account(s) of theCustomer held with Allied Bank using myABL Digital Banking.Payee is a person/friend or a billing/utility company whom youwish to transfer funds or pay an amount. Payee is also known asBeneficiary.Nickname is a short and easy-to-remember word which can bedefined for a Payee’s Account Number/ or for a payment to aUtility/Mobile Company. Defining a nickname for a Bank Accountnumber or payment to a utility/mobile company helps thecustomers to avoid typing complete Consumer Number andUtility/Mobile Company name every time.One Time PIN is a unique 6 digit numeric PIN which users requireto perform transactions via myABL Digital BankingPaymentsPayeeNicknameOTP(One-Time PIN)Page 4 of 55

2. myABL Digital Banking2.1.IntroductionmyABL Digital Banking is the new face to Allied Direct Internet Banking. It is the latest internet andmobile banking platform which offers a more secure, reliable and efficient digital banking service thatcaters to both Retail and Business customers alike. myABL offers: myABL Personal Internet Banking or simply myABLmyABL Business Internet Banking or simply refer to as BIB2.2.ScopeThis document serves the purpose of User Guide for myABL Personal Internet Banking or simply myABL.myABL offers a device agnostic responsive design that works seamlessly across wide array of screensfrom desktop computer to laptop, tablet or mobile. myABL complements individual/retail userexperience over mobile apps for Apple iOS and Google Android. Thus the term myABL mayinterchangeably be used to include Internet as well as Mobile Banking.2.3.Eligibility CriteriaTo register for myABL, you must have an Allied Bank Account with an active ATM/debit card. If new toABL, visit your nearest Allied Bank branch where our friendly staff will assist you with account opening.If you have an account with ABL but don’t have an ATM/debit card, please visit your branch to apply forthe ATM/Debit Card.If you already have an active account and an active ATM / Visa Debit Card with ABL, you can become aregistered member of myABL.2.4.Key featuresmyABL offers following services to its customers: Mini Statement Account Statement Subscription of E-StatementPage 5 of 55

Credit Card Statement and Payments Cheque Book Request Cheque Status Enquiry Generates One-Time PIN Account Management Alert Notifications Change Password Log-In history Funds Transfer (Within ABL & Other Bank) Pay Anyone Bill Payments Mobile Phone Bill Payments and Top ups (Balance Recharge) Donations Merchant Payments3. Security MeasuresStrong security measures have been devised to curb the chance of any fraud or malicious act. Thesecurity features that are incorporated with the myABL are: Validation-Secure Socket Layer (EV-SSL)Require addition of Payees/beneficiaries for Funds Transfer and Bill PaymentsTime bound One-Time PIN (OTP) is used for all financial transactions.Free of charge SMS notification is sent to customer on registered mobile number/email at Loginand upon OTP generation.4. Registration ProcessPlease follow below steps to instantly register for myABL.Step 1: Visit or download myABL mobile app, click on Join Now link andProvide CNIC, Mobile Operator & Mobile Number(CNIC & Mobile Number will be verified on the basis of customer’s information available at Bank’srecord provided at the time of account opening)Page 6 of 55

Step 2: Provide Email ID, Date of Birth, ATM/Debit Card Number, Card Expiry (Valid Through) &ATM PIN Code (4 digit) (System will verify the provided information)Step 3: Customer will receive One Time PIN (OTP) on his/her Mobile phone. Customer will enterOTP and press “Submit”.Page 7 of 55

Step 4: Upon successful verification of OTP, system will ask the user to setup Username andPassword.Note:1) System will confirm if your provided Username is available then it will complete the registrationprocess else you need to set different user name.2) It is recommended to read the password policy before setting up any password for youraccount.3) It is recommended to read the Terms and Conditions before marking it checked.Page 8 of 55

5. myABL Processes5.1.Process to generate OTP:For financial transactions such as Funds Transfer, Bill Payments etc. customer needs to enter six (6) digitnumeric One-Time PIN (OTP) as an additional security. This Six Digit OTP is automatically generated bythe System; however if customer doesn’t receive the OTP in time, on the payment screen customer canclick on “Resend OTP” button to re-generate the OTP by.Unable to receive OTP SMS on your Mobile?If you have shifted your mobile number from one network to other, write a new SMS message with text“MNP” (without quotes) and send it to 9080 and 9225. You may continue with myABL registration afterreceiving a confirmation SMS. For help, call 111-225-225.5.2.Login ProcessCustomer logs on to myABL and enters his/her “User ID” and “Password” on below screen and clicks on“Login” option.System opens below main “OVERVIEW” screen displaying various widgets/cards.Page 9 of 55

Note: Login alert will be sent to the customer’s registered mobile number on each login.5.3.Process to view Account DetailsCustomer will “Accounts” Card to view details of his/her available accounts. This will show summaryof the Accounts at a glance. If a customer wants to check details of a particular account and itscurrent status, he/she will select that particular Account.After selection of an individual Account, following Account details will appear to the customer.Page 10 of 55

5.4.Process to Request Cheque Book onlineRequest cheque book allows the user to request for a new cheque books online. This feature will beenabled only for those accounts for which cheque book facility is enabled. Cheque book is delivered tocustomer’s branch where account is maintained. Customer is notified through SMS alert when to collectthe cheque book.Following steps are followed to log online request of cheque book through myABL Digital Banking.Customer will select “Accounts” Card which will lead the Customer to all current and savings accountsdetails Menu.On Saving & Current screen customer selects the account for which Cheque Book request is to be made.Page 11 of 55

On Account Detail Screen Customer Clicks on “Request Cheque Book” button to initiate his request.Page 12 of 55

On the Next Screen Customer Selects the number of Cheque Books and cheque Book Leaves and clickson the Submit button. However by default number of cheque book will be “1” and number of Leaves perBook as “25 Leaves”. Customer then clicks on the Submit Button.Customer review detail and confirm by clicking on the Confirm button.Page 13 of 55

Customer receives confirmation of successful Cheque Book Request.5.5.Process for Cheque Status InquiryCustomer can inquire about the status of Cheque online, simply by adding Cheque number.Page 14 of 55

5.6.Process to View Mini StatementUnder “Accounts” Card, customer has the option to see mini statement of his/her availableaccounts. Customer will have to select his/her Account from the dropdown menu to view themini statement of that specific Account.It will show details of last 8 transactions with closing Balance. Order of the transactions will bein descending order i.e. latest transaction will be at the top.Page 15 of 55

5.7.Process to View Full Account StatementBesides Mini statement, customer can view full Account statement of multiple availableaccounts by selecting desired account from the dropdown. ‘View Full Account Statement’option is available at the bottom of Mini Statement. Account statement displays all debit andcredit transactions along with the balance amount. Opening balance and Closing balance of theaccount statement will also be displayed with the transaction details.Customer have multiple options to view his/her Account statement i.e. Previous Month,Previous quarter and by selecting Date Range. To view Account statement customer selectsoption i.e. period/duration of transactions by entering date. This feature allows the customerto view the transaction details for any selected period. The statement is also downloadable.On this page customer selects the Date Range (period) for Account Statement.Page 16 of 55

5.8.Subscription of e-StatementWhile viewing full Account statement, customer also has the option to subscribe for Estatement. Customer is required to click on the E-statement button.A pop-up notification will be appeared for customer to give his/her consent for subscribing forthe E-statement. Customer is required to select account from the dropdown menu (in case ofmultiple available accounts) for E-statement subscription.Page 17 of 55

Confirmation Alert will be sent to the customer.5.9.Process for account ManagementThis Account Management feature is used by customers to link/De-Link their available accounts. Thefeature is available to customer having multiple accounts.Following steps are followed by customer to Link/De-Link his/her account(s) online through myABLDigital Banking.Logs into the myABL Digital Banking. To link