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Division of Career and College t/Pages/DCCR/index.aspxConsider combining this landing page with the CTE webpage on the next index). Currently, this landing page is only three sentencesand serves mostly as a link to the CTE page.2

Division of Career and College /Pages/CTE/index.aspxWhy is the headline on the page “Division of Career and College Readiness” when the information on the pageis about Career and Technology Education? This is not the home page for Career and College Readiness, it’sthe home page for CTE.February is CTE Month! should be tagged as a heading 2 .here is not descriptive and unique link text. Example: Learn more about CTE.Maryland High School Career and Technology Education Programs of StudyDocument is a tagged PDF, but no headings are designated and there is no alt text on the graphics. Readingorder not set. If this was done in InDesign, the designer should be able to go back and tag the documentproperly (headings, alt text, etc.) Another option would be to make a text-only or text-only large print version topost along with this complex document. Heading 2 Heading 3 Heading 3 Heading 3 3

Apprenticeship Pages/CTE/ApprenticeshipMD.aspxTechnically, the alt text on this should be “Earn and Learn with ApprenticeshipMaryland.”alt “State of Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.”Each of these should be heading 2.Having Youtube “automatically” caption a video should be a 2-stepprocess:1. Youtube guesses what people are saying and makes that intoone run-on sentence with no punctuation or capitalization.2. Human being corrects the inaccurate guess and addspunctuation and capitalization.The video has only had Step 1.Video also needs a companion Visual Description/transcript document that describes what’s going on in thevideo along with what people are saying.4

Maryland's Career Pages/CTE/careerclusters.aspxShould this be an active link to an online document?Policies and Procedures for the Development and Continuous Improvement of Career Technology Education(CTE) ProgramsIt is a tagged PDF, but nearly everything is tagged as a paragraph. The only things tagged as headings aresome random h5 and h1 s in the body of the document. Back in Word, make only title Heading 1,designate other headings as Heading 2 or 3. Convert back to PDF.Document also contains inaccessible forms. A form that is supposed to be printed out and filled in with a penis not an accessible form because people who can’t use a pen or can’t see the paper can’t use the cluster system ( Maryland Career Clusters: Restructuring Learning for Student Achievement ina Technologically Advanced, Global Society)Not a tagged PDF. No headings or titles designated. No alternate text on graphics. No table headers on thetables. Reading order not set. If this was done in InDesign, the designer should be able to go back and tagthe document properly (headings, alt text, etc.) Another option would be to make a text-only or text-only largeprint version to post along with this complex document.5

Career ms/Pages/CTE/careerdevelopment.aspxThis is an enormous (by internet standards) essay. Break it up with properly coded headings, like this:Career DevelopmentNational Career Development Association GuidelinesMaryland's Career Development Framework (MCDF) provides a structured, developmental approach for teaching students andadults about the world of work along with encouraging the development of positive personal characteristics and self-efficacy skillsneeded for making appropriate choices regarding their education and career paths. The National Career Development Association(NCDA) Guidelines support this Pre-K through adult career development framework. The MCDF includes six career developmentstandards: Self Awareness, Career Awareness, Career Exploration, Career Preparation, Job Seeking and Advancement, and CareerSatisfaction and Transition.Skills for SuccessThe MCDF includes workplace readiness skills called the Skills for Success which are Learning skills, Thinking skills, Communicationskills, Technology skills and Interpersonal skills. Skills For Success is a Maryland model that resembles the Partnership for21st Century Skills that also include these skills sets to prepare students to work successfully in a diverse, innovation-driveneconomy. By encouraging skill building in the areas of critical thinking and problem solving; communication and collaboration; andcreativity and innovation, the MCDF framework provides educators with standards and learner objectives that are essential elements forcurriculum, instruction and assessment activities to compliment the Maryland Common Core Standards.Maryland's Career Development FrameworkTable header rows (Pre-k-2, Grades 3-5, etc.) not designated as header rows.Maryland Career Technology Education (CTE) Programs of StudySee notes on Division of Career and College Readiness page.Career Guidance and Advisory Programs for Grades 7-12This document is from 2008 and features Dr. Grasmick. Is it still current and relevant? If it is, then is needsheadings, table row headers, alt text and fillable forms.The Maryland Adult Career Development ToolkitsThis is what I get when I click on this link.6

Computer ages/CTE/CS.aspxComputer Science:Remove the : from the page title.Remove the blank lines in between bulleted items.PLTW Computer Science & IT Computer ScienceHere’s what I get when I click these links:Computer Science Teacher Certification OptionsComputer Science Professional Learning OpportunitiesComputer Science as a Technology Education Graduation CreditHere’s what I get when I click these links:Computer Science Supervisors' Briefing MaterialsHere’s what I get when I click this link:Items on the public website should not be stored on Google Drive.7

CTE Awards of s/Pages/CTE/CTE aoe.aspxThis is about an event from April 2017. Is it still current and relevant?Should be heading 2.Award titles should be heading 3.2017 CTE Awards of Excellence Program BookNot a tagged PDF. No headings or titles designated. No alternate text on graphics. No table headers on thetables. Reading order not set.2016 CTE Awards of Excellence Winners2015 CTE Awards of Excellence Winners2014 CTE Awards of Excellence Winners2013 CTE Awards of Excellence WinnersWhen I click on any of these, I get:8

2017 CTE Awards of Excellence Awards Pages/CTE/CTEAOE2017.aspxNone of these photos have alt text or captions.Consider combining this page and the previous, like this:OUTSTANDING BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS – SECONDARYNational Cancer Institute’s Werner H. Kirsten Student Intern ProgramPartnership with Frederick County Public SchoolsOUTSTANDING BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS – POSTSECONDARYMaryland State PolicePartnership with Frederick Community College9

CTE Pages/CTE/CTEprograms.aspxThis doesn’t look like it’s an actual unordered list because of the ragged appearance of the format icons at thebeginning of each. Move icons to the end of the link to the document.The accordion widget doesn’t work well with screen reading software. While the user can hear the headingnames (e.g., Construction and Development) and hit Enter to open the accordion, the bullet items inside theaccordion are not then read by the screen reading software. There are more accessible accordion widgetsavailable, but in this case it would be easier on the content creator and the reader to just to make a list, withoutthe bells and whistles of an accordion.Arts, Media and Communication Graphic Communications (PrintED) Interactive Media Production (IMP)Business Management and Finance Business Management & Finance (BMF) NAF Academy of FinanceConstruction and Development Construction: Design & Management (CDM) Construction: Maintenance (NCCER) Construction: Trades (NCCER)10

Career and Technology Student Organizations ges/CTE/CTSO.aspxDECAFBLAFFASkillsUSAMake these heading 3 Make bulleted list. Same with the next two sections.Policies & Procedures for Implementing Career Technology Student Organizations (CTSOs) in MarylandSee the Maryland's Career Clusters notes.This page will need a disclaimer that MSDE can’t vouch for the accessibility of third-party websites.11

Additional Resources, y.aspxDCCR ProfilesThe title of the document is in the header. Screen reading software does not read material in the headers andfooters because it’s generally redundant from page to page and does not add to the content. In this case, thescreen reader user will never learn that this is the “Division of Career and College Readiness (DCCR) FY17Profiles.” They’ll just start with “Office of the Assistant State Superintendent.” Change the document so it hasa different First Page.Put the title in the content area of the First Page (as a heading 1 ) so it will be