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Techno CNC Systems Educational Sector offers high speed, affordable industrial quality CNC Routers and CNCPlasmas in a wide range of sizes with work areas available from 12″ x 12″ to 5′ x 10′. All machines offer endless STEMopportunities. We have made it our goal to help the next generation of woodworkers/machinists to learn on thebest CNC equipment in the country. We provide exclusive educational discounts to schools and Universitiesthat are looking to incorporate CNC technology into their schools without surpassing a budget. Every machine isinstalled and supported by local Techno CNC Systems representatives to ensure a successful startup. We offertrainings to schools and Universities and live demos to help ensure success in your FabLab.Our CNC Routers are in thousands of schools and Universities across the United States. Here are a few schoolsthat currently work with Techno CNC Systems CNC Machines:Mineola High School, Commack High School, NYIT, Las Vegas University, South Dakota University, Windsor High School, University of Kansas, Philadelphia University, Lakeview School District, Columbia University, Indiana Senior High School, Cornell University, Armstrong High School, College of New Jersey, LuzerneCollege, Mifflin County School, New Albany Schools, Barren County High School, Monarch High School, Reynolds High School, Rachel Carson High School,Ohio Northern University, Pathways Academy and Design, Schuykill Valley High School, South Fayette High School, Syracuse University, Berea College, CentralCatholic High School, York Central School, Plainview High School, Hemfield High School, Wentworth Institute of Technology, MIT, WM Grady Car Ted Ed HS, Stevens Institute, Bellingham Schools, Immokale HS, Sehome HS, Squalicum HS, Columbia University, Teachers College, Hartnell College, Farrell Area High School,Harold L Richards HS, Essex High School, Dwight D Eisenhower High School, East Stroudsburg University, Penn State University, Alan B Shephard HS, Floral PlainHS, Gorham HS, Ingomar Middle School, Auburn University, Sharon Middle School, Clinton Community College, Angelo State University, Amridge Area HighSchool, Armstrong High School, Austin High School, Bellingham School District, Bereau College, Blue Earth High School, Carson Middle School, Deer Lakes HighSchool, Cuyahoga Community College, Dartmouth College, East High School, Essex Technical High School, Erie High School, Fitchburg High School, Farrell AreaHigh School, Georgia Correctional Institute, Glendale Community College, Green County Career Tech Center, Greenville High School, Hartnell College, Hill CityHigh School, Hamilton Wenham Regional High School, Hudson County Community College, Indiana Senior HS, John Deere Coffeyille Works, Lakeview SchoolDistrict, Los Angeles Technical College, Medford Vocational High School, Monarch High School, North Allegheny Senior HS, North Shore Middle School and HighSchool, Omaha Public Schools, Northern Michigan University, North Thurston HS, North Attleborough HS, Omaha Public Schools, Plainview HS, Reynolds HS,Shepherd Hill Regional HS, South Dakota University, Squalicum HS, Surry County Schools, Teachers College, Stuyvesant HS, Trinity HS, Wentworth Institute ofTechology, Windsor HS, West GEnesee HS, Youngker JS Buckeye Union HS and more.

Educational CNC Routers: Learn More about our Equipment for SchoolsTITANSERIES CNC ROUTERFeatures: 12 HP HSD high frequency automatic tool changer spindle Maintenance free brushless motors and drives Multi-zone vacuum T-slot table Pneumatic material pop-up pins Automatic tool length calibration Automatic Z-zero via secondary touch pad Easy-to-use hand held controller Open architecture works with all industry standard CAD/CAMsoftwareATLAS SERIES CNC ROUTERFeatures: 4 HP HSD high-frequency collet spindle Maintenance free, high precision, brushless motors Automatic tool calibration pad for easy and accurate z-zero Multi-zone vacuum table Easy-to-use hand-held micro-stepper controller Open architecture works with all industry standard CAD/CAMsoftwareSERIES CNC ROUTERFeatures: 12 HP HSD automatic tool changer spindle 4-zone vacuum T-slot table 8-position tool rack Pneumatic material pop-up pins PC based Osai Industrial grade CNC controller Brushless AC servo motors and drives Easy-to-use Techno CNC Interface Open architecture works with all industry standard CAD/CAMsoftwarewww.technocnc.com631-648-7481

CABINET NESTING SERIESFeatures: 12 HP HSD high frequency automatic tool changer spindle 8 position rotary carousel 9 spindle drill bank Brushless Digital AC Servo motors and drives Multi-zone vacuum t-slot table Pneumatic material placement stops PC based Osai industrial grade CNC controller Easy-to-use Techno CNC interface Open architecture works with all industry standard CAD/CAMsoftwarePLUS CNC ROUTERFeatures: 12 HP HSD automatic tool changer spindle with 8-position rotarycarousel Maintenance free brushless 1.5 kW AC servo motors and drives Precision helical rack and pinion on X and Y axes with ballscrew onZ-axis 4-zone vacuum T-slot table Pneumatic material placement stops PC based Osai industrial CNC controller Open architecture works with all industry standard CAD/CAMsoftware Comprehensive CNC program interface that is easy to learn andoperate Cutting speed up to 1,200 inches per minute with rapid speeds of3,000 ipmLarge Format CNC PlasmaFeatures: PC based WinCNC controller Unique design / easy-to-learn and operate All steel construction for rigid platform Precision helical rack and pinion on X and Y axes with ballscrew onthe Electronic torch breakaway Brushless micro stepper motors and drives High-speed cutting up to 800 IPM Cuts up to 1.5” thick steel capacity Water table / Downdraft Combination Automatic torch heigh control (THC)631-648-7481

TABLETOP CNC ROUTERFeatures: 20" x 30" process area Precision ballscrews on all three axes 2 HP high frequency collet spindle Brushless micro stepper motors and controls Vacuum T-slot table for easy part fixturing Automatic tool calibration pad Precision linear rails and bearingsBT1212 TABLETOP CNC ROUTERFeatures: Precision ballscrews on all three axes 800 Watt (1 HP) Kress variable speed spindle 8,000-24,000 RPM Brushless micro stepper motor control system Aluminum T-slot table Compatible with G code and M codes Easy to learn and operateVENUS SERIES TABLETOP CNC Easy to learn and operate 20” x 30” process area Precision ballscrews on all three axes Hypertherm Torch Brushless micro stepper motors and controls Stainless steel water tray with steel grid Automatic torch heigh control Linear rails and bearings PC based Win CNC Controller Electronic Torch Breakway Automatic torch heigh control (THC)631-648-7481

STEM Educational Program Gallery:

CNC TECHNOLOGY DRIVING MHS STUDENTSTO A BRIGHTER FUTUREThe students of Mineola High School are some of the most talented individuals that Long Island has to offer. Eager to learn, studentswork hard day to day, not only in their core classes like math, science and ELA, but also enthusiastically in the wood shop to learn everydayskills. The school recently updated their entire Tech Ed woodworking and metal working classroom, switching from standard conventionalmethods of producing projects to an exclusive “Fab Lab” that consists of some of the most advanced technological equipment used in theindustry. The new Fab Lab at Mineola High School is equipped with machinery that few other schools have on the Island– a CNC Plasmacutter and CNC Router from Techno CNC Systems. Whitney Smith, Principal at MHS, spoke proudly about the new Tech Lab and how it haseffectively and efficiently changed the way the students are learning.“Adding CNC to our high school program was really the next step forus,” stated Smith. “We are always on the cutting edge of technology. We are always searching for the best tools for our students. Lastly, we have always hada traditional wood and metal shop, but now we are focusing on showing thestudents the latest and greatest technology in automation and the studentsare very excited about it. We already knew our students had such great ideas,but now, it is incredible to be able to see these students take their ideas frominception to completion, using CAD/CAM technology,” said Smith.“The school was able to transform the lab from a conventional shopto an advanced lab for students to learn and enhance their engineering skills.The new technology in the Fab Lab has changed everything. All of our 8thgraders get introduced to all the new equipment and do a problem solvingactivity. They get introduced to Aspire CAD/CAM software by choosing a letterof the alphabet, and setting up the job and creating a toolpath. The studentsare shown how to setup and operate the CNC router under the direction of theinstructor,” said Paul Sommer, Tech expert/teacher at Mineola High School.“Having a space like this is unique. We are the only school on Long Island to have made the commitment to adding this technology and advanced learning which benefits our students. Another benefit about the space is that the 8th grade students are all given achance to find a passion in CNC, thus getting them excited for the more advanced tech courses offered in 9-12 grade. We also partneredwith Queensboro College, where students can also receive college credits for courses taken,” Smith said.Transforming the shop and learning the equipment was a challenge for the school, at first. The transformation was a huge commitment, but overall, was a necessity for the school to further their knowledge and better their classes. MHS now has grades 8-12 studentsflowing through the shop for all 9 periods of the day. “We are still learning how to integrate the new equipment into our teaching curriculum.It is a work in progress, but very much worth it. We also spend more time on designing and learning the Aspire, AutoCad and Inventer CAD/CAM programs. As a result, the types of projects have changed tremendously. Before, we used a lot of hard and soft woods, and now, we areusing more plywood. We are getting the students to solve more real world problems such as seating, flat pack furniture, and space organizers.” Sommer stated that, “The biggest challenge to adding CNC into our program was that we were given two high end CNC machines andhigh end computer design programs all at once. This was overwhelming in the beginning, especially since we had little to no experiencewith these types of machines/software. Thanks to the training and exceptional tech support from Techno CNC Systems, we were able toget through the first few months and begin to develop a curriculum for our students. Now, our students are able to use the software andrun the machines with no problems. The possibilities are endless.”MHS recently created an entire robotics team. Smith states, “TheCNC equipment has been tremendously beneficial for our new robotics team,as well. We are able to manufacture our own parts. We can customize any ofour parts. It has also helped us with our alliances with other robotics clubs. Weare now able to help other schools manufacture their own robotics parts.” Notonly is the Fab Lab used for classes and manufacturing robotic team parts,but it is also utilized for many other activities that the entire town requires.Sommer explained how the CNC equipment has completely transformed thetheatre clubs in the elementary, middle and high schools of Mineola. “Onceword got out that we could manufacture pretty much anything, we were getting requests from everyone asking if we could create their designs.”

Paul Sommer and Andrew Woolsey, technology teachers at MHS, were also asked to help with theatre design. They were giventhe project to create stage lighting from the bottom. They were able to route out an entire stage lighting template. “If we had to do these byhand, it would have taken months. We had to create 6 of these and I was able to program it all within minutes, letting the router do the rest,”said Andrew. The theatre director also requested props for the play Aladdin. The tech teachers were able to design and route perfect (andhuge) theatre props for the play.“The students are taught the software, but are given freedoms to think out of the box, challenging their young minds,” says Sommer. Sommer uses online tools available to him and the students for learning and finding quick solutions to immediate challenges. He believes this is a great tool for students to use at home or in the shop, as a secondary way to master Aspire and AutoCad software. The programat MHS has completely transformed the learning process from conventional hand tools to now being able to design, program, and routewhatever they imagine, as well as cut metals with their new CNC Plasma metal cutting machine from Techno CNC. “We had trouble cuttingthick material so I had wanted to research a plasma cutter. We found Techno CNC and fell in love. The machine had great reviews and Technowas a local company. The plasma cutter has changed the welding class by allowing us to cut thick plate steel accurately. In the past, we useda torch or hand held plasma. Having local customer support has been so great– there is always someone there to help whenever we call andthey come to us, as well,” said Sommer.The students have developed a passion for CNC’s, and are even considering manufacturing as a future. “As a high school, it is ourjob to prepare our students for the real world. We want our students to leave high school with an idea and direction, and with the possibility of getting a job that they love after college. We are really focused on getting kids to pursue a pathway for their future here at MHS andwe concentrate on having electives that pave that pathway. We are using this CNC equipment not only in tech classes but in our businessclasses, as well. The CNC equipment has allowed us to create a school