O & M ManualType RTS03 Bypass-Isolation Transfer SwitchesRusselectric Inc.South Shore Park, Hingham, Massachusetts 02043Service 800 654-3020www.russelectric.com90E1720004 rev. D

O&M Manual –90E1720004Table of ContentsList of Figures . 5Section 1 Hazard Categories and Special Symbols . 6Section 2 Introduction . 7General Description . 7Identification. 8RTS03 Model Numbering System . 8Section 3 Safety Precautions . 9Section 4 Receiving, Handling and Storage . 10Receiving . 10Handling . 10Handling with Eyebolts. 10Handling with Lifting Angles . 10Handling with Sling Rigging . 11Handling with a Forklift. 11Cradle/Rollout . 12Storage. 12Section 5 Installation . 14Installing the Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switch . 14Preparing the Site. 14Preparing the Foundation . 14Anchoring the Switch –Non Seismic . 14Anchoring the Switch -Seismic. 15Connect the Power Cables, Controls, and Wiring. 15Connect the Power Cables . 15Torque Values for Mechanical Lugs. 16Conductor Restraint for Short Circuit Current Rating . 18Connect the Controls and Wiring. 18Transfer Switch Inspection and Testing Before Operation. 22Check the Power Circuit Connections . 22Check the External Equipment . 22Check the Auxiliary Equipment. 22Check the Equipment Ground-Fault Systems . 23Conduct the Electrical Insulation Resistance Test . 23Section 6 Pre-Energizing Checkout Procedure. 24Section 7 Energizing the Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switch. 26Energize the Switch . 26Section 8 Operation . 28Bypass Switch . 28Transfer Switch –Cradle/Rollout. 28Cradle/Rollout. 28Bypass Mode. 29To Bypass the Transfer Switch . 30Isolating the Transfer Switch. 31Withdrawing the Transfer Switch 100-800A. 32Withdrawing the Transfer Switch 1000-4000A. 32Returning the Transfer Switch to Service . 33Internal Manual Operation. 34External Manual Operation (EMO) . 36RPTCS Control System. 37Overview. 37Graphical Control Panel Overview . 37Summary of Function Key Operations . 38Summary of LED Indicators . 39Summary of Control Pushbuttons . 39Summary of the Graphical Display. 40Performing Common Setup and Control Tasks . 40Setting Security Access. 40Setting the Date. 41Table of ContentsPage 3 of 52

O&M Manual –90E1720004Setting the Clock. 41Setting Daylight Savings. 41Entering the Switch Designation. 41Setting Timers. 42Setting Voltage and Frequency Setpoints for S1 (VFS1) and S2 (VFS2). 42Setting Transition Mode on a Closed Transition Switch . 42Setting Pre and Post for Elevator Contacts . 43Setting up the Exerciser Function . 43Performing a Load Test or a No Load Test . 44Section 9 Maintaining the Bypass-Isolation Transfer Switch. 45Transfer Switch Inspection Guidelines . 45Ideal Operating Conditions . 45Normal Operating Conditions. 46Harsh Operating Conditions. 46General Inspection and Cleaning . 47Bus Bar Joints, Lug Terminations, and Insulating Materials. 48Section 10 Adverse Circumstances. 49Inspection Following a Short Circuit . 49Clean-up Following a Short Circuit . 49Water-Soaked Switches. 49Section 11 Insulation Resistance Chart . 50Section 12 Maintenance Log . 51Table of ContentsPage 4 of 52

O&M Manual –90E1720004List of FiguresFigure 1: Lifting with an Overhead Crane and Eyebolts . 10Figure 2: Lifting with an Overhead Crane, Integral Lifting Angles and Cables or Chains . 11Figure 3: Lifting with Sling Rigging. . 11Figure 4: Forklift Safety Strap. 12Figure 5: Anchoring the Switch. . 15Figure 6: Bypass-Isolation Power Connections (400A 4P shown). 17Figure 7: Wrapping the Cables. 18Figure 8: Wrapping the Space between Cables . 18Figure 9: Finish Wrapping the Space between Cables .