ASTEC Re-Ply Roof System forMETAL ROOFSRe-Ply Roofing SystemsApplication Specification # AC-2014-MR-15 (15 Year Material & Labor Warranty)PART I - GENERAL1.01 DESCRIPTIONA. This guideline specification includes the installation of the fluid applied ASTEC Re-Ply System. The processeffectively repairs defects in the aged roof and renews the weathered surface to extend the useful life of theroofing system.B. Work included is labor, materials, equipment and accessories and related services to complete the applicationin accordance with guidelines and details as approved by ASTEC Re-Ply .C. This guideline does not specifically outline application procedures for preparation and finishing of roof drains,vents, ductwork, flashings, parapet walls or sheet metal work. This scope of work shall be submitted by the contractor prior to the commencement of work and shall be performed utilizing published trade related practices.1.02 QUALITY ASSURANCEA. Manufacturer Qualifications: ASTEC Re-Ply will furnish upon request, certification the material meets thephysical properties stated in this guideline.B. Contractor Qualifications: All work to be completed must be done by an ASTEC Re-Ply preferred applicator.C. No deviation from this guideline will be accepted without prior written approval of ASTEC Re-Ply .1.03 SUBMITTALSA. All projects requiring ASTEC Re-Ply System Turn Key Warranties must be submitted prior to commencement ofwork.B. Consult MSDS and Product Data Guideline for each product used before beginning work. MSDS and productSpecifications for each product are available at either or from an ICC representative.1.04 PRODUCT DELIVERY, STORAGE, AND HANDLINGA. Deliver MSDS for each product specified. Consult MSDS and Product Data Guideline for each product usedbefore beginning work.B. Containers are to be labeled with manufacturer’s name, product name, description and identification.C. Deliver material in original, unopened packages and containers.D. Store materials in a dry area above 40 and protect from water and direct sunlight.E. Any materials damaged in handling or storage must NOT be used.1.05 JOB CONDITIONS (CAUTIONS AND WARNINGS)A. All NEW mechanical equipment, vents, skylights, etc., should be in place before the roof restoration system isinstalled.B. Coatings should be protected from traffic and other abuse until completely cured and installation is complete.C. Application of coatings with spray equipment may require some masking and possible erection of wind screens toprevent over-spray and drift damage. Protect surfaces of unrelated areas from coatings and over-spray possibility.

1.05 Job Conditions cont.D. Application shall proceed on dry, clean surfaces only. In planning work consider environment and weather relatedconditions such as frost, mist, dew, condensation, humidity, and temperature. Temperature should be above50 F. and rising, and stay above 40 F. long enough for initial cure to occur, moisture should not be imminent.E. A wet surface or a surface that is not thoroughly cured can be very slippery. All work environments should complywith current OSHA regulations.1.06 WARRANTYA. ASTEC Re-Ply Roofing Systems warrants that materials provided are free from defects in manufacturing andwill replace any material found to be defective.B. All ASTEC Re-Ply Turn Key Warranty Systems must be installed by an authorized and trained contractor. Contact ASTEC Re-Ply Representative or Technical Department for details regarding new and renewable warrantyprogram.PART 2 – PRODUCTSA. The components of the coating system are to be products of ASTEC Re-Ply or products approved as compatible and/or approved equal.B. Physical Properties of Cured Roofing System: Testing of the coating system shall be done using guidelines underASTM-D6083, “Standard Specification for Liquid Applied Acrylic Coating Used In Roofing”.2.01 ASTEC RE-PLY #4000 SURFACE CONDITIONER (REQUIRED IN CHALKY SURFACE CONDITIONS)A. See Data Sheet2.02 ASTEC RE-PLY B 16-71 RUST PRIMER (REQUIRED IN CORROSION CONDITIONS)A. See Data Sheet2.03 ASTEC RE-PLY WPM #9A. See Data Sheet2.04 ASTEC RE-PLY WPM #9 BRUSH & ROLL GRADEA. See Data Sheet2.05 ASTEC RE-PLY WPM #10A. See Data Sheet2.06 ASTEC RE-PLY #900 CERAMIC COATINGA. See Data Sheet2.07 ASTEC RE-PLY #2000 FINISH COATINGA. See Data Sheet

2.08 Reinforcing FabricA. See Data Sheet2.09 Butyl-backed TapeA. See Data Sheet2.10 RELATED MATERIALSA. Caulks, adhesives, thinners, primers, flashing materials and products of a similar nature shall be approved by themanufacturer of the ASTE Re-Ply System prior to use. All accepted materials should be applied in accordance with its manufacturer’s specification and recommendations.NOTE: See Product Data Guidelines for additional information and detailed instruction on each product.PART 3 - APPLICATION3.01 SUBSTRATE INSPECTIONA. An acceptable substrate shall be provided to receive the ASTEC RE-PLY metal roof coating system.B. The roof surface must be clean, dry and over-all structurally sound.C. Inspect the metal roof surface for loose fasteners, seam separation, repair areas (including asphalt and siliconeand acrylic caulking) and chalking. Inspect flashing details, seams, patches, expansion joints, terminations,and transitions. Determine which areas may not be watertight or structurally sound and in need of repair orreplacement.D. If a structurally sound, stable, well secured, surface cannot be ensured the roof is not acceptable to receive theAstec Re- Ply Metal Roof System.3.02 SURFACE PREPARATION & CLEANINGA. Fasteners, screws and fastening devices are first tightened or replaced so that all metal sections are firmly heldand all joining sections closed.B. Pressure wash to achieve a clean, dry surface free of dirt, debris or other contaminants. Some surfaces mayrequire additional passes of pressure washing to ensure adhesion of the Astec Re-Ply Metal Roof System.C. Previously coated surfaces, including aluminum silver flake coatings, may require the application of ASTEC#4000 Surface Conditioner prior to the ASTEC Re-Ply coating application. ASTEC #4000 Surface Conditioner must be applied at a rate of 200-250 square feet per cut gallon and dry 1-2 hours prior to the applicationof other coatings.3.03 COATING APPLICATIONSA. Prime all corroded surfaces. Scaling rust is first removed by scraping or by mechanical wire brush. Follow with aminimum two-coat application of B-16-71 Metal Primer applied to the roof surface at a minimum average coverage rate of 300 square feet per gallon per coat in rusted areas resulting in a Dry Film Thickness (DFT) of 6mils.B. Waterproof all fasteners with WPM #9 B & R waterproofing membrane, forming a watertight seal completelyaround the fastener.C. Waterproof horizontal seams with 4” wide reinforcing fabric embedded into an 8” wide wet coat of WPM#9 B&R.Use 4” or wider reinforcing fabric with WPM #9 B&R on joints, protrusions, vents & flashings. In all cases applyreinforcing fabric with a brush or roller to avoid wrinkles or gaps between the material and the surface. The fabricmay be cut and overlaid. 4” BBT (butyl backed tape) is an alternative to the first coat of WPM #9 B&R and reinforcing fabric. In either case, all treated areas receive a second coat of WPM#9 B&R overlapping 2” each sideat an average rate of 82 square feet per gallon per coat resulting in a DFT of 12 mils. BBT and reinforcing fabricmust be coated on the same day with WPM #9 B&R.

3.03 Coating Applications cont.D. Waterproof vertical seams with 2” wide reinforcing fabric embedded in a 4” wide wet coat of WPM #9 B&Rspread along the seams. Cover cloth with a second coat of WPM #9 B&R overlapping 1” on each side at anaverage rate of 82 square feet per gallon per coat resulting in a DFT of 12 mils. For standing vertical seams seenotes below.*2” BBT (butyl backed tape) is an alternative to the first coat of WPM #9 B&R and reinforcing fabric. In eithercase, all treated areas receive a second coat of WPM#9 B&R overlapping 2” each side at an average rate of 82square feet per gallon per coat resulting in a DFT of 12 mils. BBT and reinforcing fabric must be coated on thesame day with WPM #9 B&R. An alternative use of WPM#10 fibered waterproof membrane is available.E. Using commercial airless spray equipment, spray apply 2 coats of Re-Ply #900 Ceramic coat or ASTEC Re-Ply #2000 Finish over the entire roof at an average coverage rate of 100 square feet per gallon per coat.PROTECTION AND CLEAN-UP PROTECTIONA. The roof system and all components must be protected from all other trades at the job site.B. All damage to the system must be repaired to comply with ASTEC Re-Ply guidelines prior to final inspectionfor warranty approval. The cost of all related repairs will be the sole responsibility of the trades and/or subcontractors responsible for the damages.CLEAN-UPA. Site clean up is the responsibility of the contractor.B. All debris, containers, materials, equipment, and protection materials must be removed from the premisesand properly disposed of. All work and storage areas must be in an undamaged and acceptable condition uponcompletion of clean up.DETAIL WORKA. The purpose of this specification is to act as a guideline and is not intended to extensively describe preparationprocedures, scope of work to drains, ductwork, skylights, flashings, parapets, copings, scuppers, etc. This workshould be the result of consultation with contractors, manufacturer’s representatives and end-users prior to commencement of the project and shall be performed using standard and acceptable trade practices.NOTES1. Heavy rust will require more B-16-71. Consult your ICC Representative.2. Standing seam Roofs do not require application to vertical seams. Please consult with your ICC Representativefor more information.3. Skylights may require the application of ASTEC RE-PLY METAL ROOF SYSTEM Re-Ply #2541 Skylightsealer. See product specifications for Skylight Sealer.4. ASTEC RE-PLY METAL ROOF SYSTEM Re-Ply #2000 Finish MUST BE APPLIED in the States of Florida,Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana5. Tinting of any ASTEC products must be approved by ICC. Failure to do so may invalidate manufacturerbacked warranties.6. Renewable Warranty Process – follow guidelines for substrate inspection and surface preparation/cleaningfound in section 3.01 & 3.02 that are applicable to the existing warranted system. Upon completion of theinspection and surface preparation follow guidelines found in “Coatings Application” Section 3.03 E. Consultyour ICC Representative for additional information.

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