Data SheetHAL4MultiprocessorHAL System DescriptionHAL is more than just another DSP drag-and-drop system. It hasrevolutionized system design and installation.HAL is an expert in room combining, paging and distributedaudio systems. This groundbreaking architecture is dimensionsbeyond any solution in any industry. HAL easily guides evennovice users through what used to be complex tasks in just minutes. No intricate matrix mixing or presets are required for roomcombining and paging. No virtual wiring is required to distributepages and background music to multiple, even hundreds of zones.Seamlessly interface HAL to your application with web controls and/or a broad variety of peripheral devices including smartDigital Remotes, Remote Audio Devices (RADs), portable or rackautomixers, audio I/O and logic expansion devices, wall sensors,ambient sensing mics, small remote amplifiers, and an advancedPaging Station.In addition, the HAL Multiprocessor and Halogen softwarecheck the status, location, CAT 5 wiring integrity, and that audiois flowing in all peripheral devices, so you know your system isproperly connected and ready to go.Four HAL multiprocessors provide various audio I/O andcontrol options for both large and small installations. HAL1x supports 16 in x 16 out audio, which may be increased up to 528 in x 528 out by adding up to 32 daisychained Expanders to a single HAL1x. Add a few to hundredsof more mic inputs with AM Automixers. HAL2 supports 18 in x 18 out audio, of which 2 x 2 are viaAES3 on XLR connections. HAL3s supports 6 in x 10 out audio. The 2 “Mic/Line-Plus”Inputs accept balanced, or unbalanced left/right monoed. HAL4 supports 2 in x 2 out audio. The 2 “Mic/Line-Plus”Inputs accept balanced, or unbalanced left/right monoed.See the “HAL Comparison” on page 2.Since the same Halogensoftware code runs on bothWindows and within HALhardware, third-party controldevelopers can test all their codeusing only the Halogen Windows software. Use only softwarefor complete system design andvalidation. Buy the hardwareonly when the install date arrives.Standard TCP/IP set and getASCII text messages control levels, selectors, presets and togglesoftware actions.Halogen software includesEthernet control support forIncludes Customizablethird-party control systems.Web ControlsAMX, Crestron and StardrawControl Support Packages are installed with Halogen software, oravailable as separate downloads.Halogen includes support forcustom Web Controls using anydevice with a web browser suchas a tablet, smartphone or laptop.Download Halogen and design a system now! Support Packages are installed with Halogen software, oravailable as separate downloads.Data Sheet - 1

HAL4MultiprocessorHAL ComparisonHAL1x MultiprocessorAnalog Mic / Line Inputs 8 16 in x 16 out - 8x8 analog & 8x8 digital (RAD ports). Up to 4 RADs (without EXP1x), up to 260 RADs (with 32 EXP1s). Up to 12 Digital Remotes (without EXPs), up to 268 (with EXPs). Four logic inputs, Two relay outputs (more with DR4 or DR5).8 Analog Line OutputsDigital RAD Port Inputs 88 Digital RAD Port OutputsDigital Expansion into HAL1x 512512 Digital Expansion from HAL1xTotal in the HAL1x DSP Brain 528 528InputsOutputsDIGITAL REMOTESREMOTE AUDIO DEVICES4HAL1X3212RELAY OUTC NC NO C NC NO1 8– 7– 6– MIC / LINE INPUTS54– –3 – 2–1 –AUDIO RX87654321AUDIO TXCOMMCOMMPOWERPOWERLOGIC IN G 4 3 2 1 G8– 7– 6– LINE OUTPUTS54– –3 – 2–1 –MADE IN U.S.A.RANE CORPORATIONLANLINKETHERNET100-240 V50/60 Hz 55 WATTSEXPANSION BUSLOCATEPOWERCLASS 2 WIRING765424 VDC @ 50 mAREMOTE AUDIO DEVICES & DRs3214SHIELDED CAT5e OR BETTER32124 VDC @ 100 mADaisy-chain up to 32 EXPanders Adds 16 in x 16 out digital (8 more RAD ports) to HAL1x.OUT1SIGNALENABLED8LINKThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received,including interference that may cause undesired operation. This Class Bdigital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareilnumérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada.EXP1x Remote Audio Expander for HAL1xDIGITAL REMOTESEXP1REMOTE AUDIOEXPANSIONSTATUS Up to 8 Digital Remotes or RADs in any combination. Chain up to 32 EXP1x units to a HAL1x for 512 in x 512 out.EXP2x Dante Expander for HAL1x (Fall 2014)SIGNALINPUTS12345678OUTPUTS Enables HAL1x to send / receive 32 channels to Dante SIONSTATUS Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96 kHz Dante network sample rates. Chain up to 16 EXP2x units to a HAL1x for 512 in x 512 out.EXP3x Zone Output Expander for LEDLINE OUTPUTSREMOTE AUDIO DEVICESDIGITAL REMOTES Adds 8 analog line outputs and 8 logic outputs to a TATUS Adds 6 Digital Remote ports & 2 RAD ports to a HAL1x. Chain up to 32 EXP3x units to a HAL1x for 256 outputs.EXP5x Input Expander for HAL1x123456789101112123SIGNALMIC / LINE INPUTS Adds 12 analog mic / line/ line-plus* inputs to a HAL1x.4OVERLOADEXPANSIONBUSDIGITAL REMOTESEXP5xINPUTEXPANSIONSTATUS Adds 4 Digital Remote ports to a HAL1x. Chain up to 32 EXP5x units to a HAL1x for 384 analog outputs.EXP7x AEC Expander for HAL1x123456789101112123SIGNALMIC / LINE INPUTS Adds 8 channels of Acoustic Echo Cancelling DSP to a HAL1x.4OVERLOADDIGITAL REMOTESEXPANSIONBUSEXP5xINPUTEXPANSIONSTATUS Chain up to 32 EXP7x units to a HAL1x for 256 AEC channels.Dante is a trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd, Audinate is a registered trademark of Audinate Pty Ltd.The EXP2x device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not,and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.HAL2 Multiprocessor 18 in x 18 out - 8x8 analog & 8x8 digital (RAD ports) & AES3 I/O. Up to 8 Digital Remotes.Digital RAD Port Inputs 8(AES3) Input Channels 2 Four logic inputs (closure), Two relay outputs.Total in the HAL2 DSP Brain 18Inputs Four IR Ports for IR2 Wall Sensors.HAL2HEURISTICAUDIOLABORATORYData Sheet - 2Analog Mic / Line Inputs 88 Analog Line Outputs8 Digital RAD Port Outputs2 (AES3) Output Channels18Outputs

HAL4MultiprocessorHAL ComparisonHAL3s Multiprocessor 6 line in x 10 line out - 2x6 analog & 4x4 digital (RAD port). 2 Mic/Line/ Line-Plus Inputs.* Up to four Digital Remotes.Analog Line-Plus Inputs 26 Analog Line OutputsDigital RAD Port Inputs 44 Digital RAD Port OutputsTotal in the HAL3s DSP Brain 6Inputs Four logic inputs (closure).MADE IN U.S.A. RANE CORP.121OVERLOADOVERLOADSIGNALSIGNALLINE INPUTS23456RADINOUT12LINE OUTPUTSHAL3SHAL3DIGITAL REMOTESETHERNETLOGIC INDIGITAL NABLEDETHERNET3OVERLOAD10Outputs2COMMPOWER1REMOTE AUDIO DEVICESCOMMPOWER212AUDIO RXAUDIO TXLINE OUTPUTSMIC/LINE-PLUS INPUTSR1or DRsG 4 3 2 1 GLOCATE6 –5 4– –3 –2 –1 – L2– R1–POWERSTATUS100-240 V50/60 Hz 20 WATTSACN 001345 482SHIELDED CAT 5e – 24 VDC @ 50 mA (DR); 24 VDC @ 100 mA (RAD)CLASS 2 WIRINGHAL4 Multiprocessor* 2 Mic / Line / Line-Plus Inputs are configurable: 4 dBu balanced, mic or line level.Analog Mic/Line-Plus Inputs 22 Analog Line Outputs 48V phantom available in mic mode.Total in the HAL4 DSP Brain 2Inputs2Outputs -10 dBV unbalanced Left/Right Monoed.ETHERNET 2 balanced line outputs.DIGITAL REMOTEHAL4LINE OUTPUTS21 – –MIC / LINE-PLUS INPUTS21MAY BE WIRED – –LRLRACN 001 345 482 One Digital Remote Port.RANE CORPORATIONMADE IN U.S.A.100-240 V50/60 Hz 12 WATTSINPUTSOUTPUTSDIGITAL REMOTEETHERNETENABLEDCOMMLOCATELINKSHIELDED CAT 5e24 VDC @ 50 mABALANCEDORUNBALANCEDLEFT &RIGHTMONO’EDThis device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subjectto the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received,including interference that may cause undesired operation. This Class Bdigital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Cet appareilnumérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada.CLASS 2 BORATORYSIGNALLINKThe HAL4 is a stand-alone 2x2 Halogen replacement for thepopular DragNet RPM2 with four-times the processing power,improved digital remote and Web Control options, simplifiedlinking and improved preset recall capability. It solves just aboutevery signal processing problem encountered in one and tworoom spaces. Some typical applications include: House of Worship Education / Gymnasium Theatre / Auditorium Health Clubs Basic PA / Small Meeting Room, and combining two rooms.Common device use includes combinations of: Graphic andParametric EQ Feedback Suppression Ambient NoiseCompensation AGC- Compression- Limiting Delay Paging Mixing 2-Zone remote volume control HTML web pagecontrol from tablet, smart phone or iPad.LOCATEThe HAL4 is a 2-Input, 2-Output drag-and-drop DSP devicefor Halogen software. Inputs are Line / Line-Plus / Mic withswitchable 48V phantom. In addition to supporting balancedLine and Mic inputs, this configuration allows connecting a stereopair for conversion to a single L R mono signal input. This versatile, universal audio input configuration accommodates a widevariety of applications. Standard balanced outputs are provided.A single DR port provides support for preset recall, level control and selection functions using a DR1, DR2 or DR3. Supportis also available for 3rd-party and Web Controls using any devicewith a web browser such as a tablet, smart phone or iPad. Theseflexible control options present many possible control solutions.As with other Halogen host products, the HAL4 connects to acomputer via a Gigabit Ethernet Port with Halogen software usedfor initial system setup. The full suite of processing blocks available with other Halogen host devices is available for the HAL4.No other 2-channel DSP gives this much bang for the buck!Data Sheet - 3

HAL4MultiprocessorDR1 DigitalVolume RemoteDigital RemotesDR4 Logic I/O RemoteThree Digital Remotes simplify end user controland eliminate installer brain fatigue. Use DigitalRemotes for volume control, preset recall, sourceselection, or resetting or toggling system states.All offer customizable backlit LCD screens forintuitive end user labeling. Home run shieldedCAT 5e (or better) connections to a HAL or EXPeliminate addressing, external power, and the needto test the cables.The DR4 Digital Remote adds additional logic inputand output ports to any HAL, enabling simple analoglevel and logic I/O controls. The rackmount DR4offers eight logic ins and outs for switches and relays,six IR2 ports for door sensors and eight analog controlinput ports for pot-on-a-wall level control.DR5 Switch ControllerThe DR1 supports Level Control.The DR2 offers Single Selector or List of Toggles/Commands behavior.The DR3 has three behaviors: Single Level & Listof Toggles/Commands, List of Levels for eithermultizone volume control and/or input sourcemixing, and Single Level plus Selector.DR1Level ControlDR2 Digital Selection RemoteDR6 Touchscreen RemoteSCROLLSCROLLPUSH TO SELECTPUSH TO SELECTDR2DR2Single SelectorThe DR5 Digital Remote offers additional logicinput and output ports, enabling the use of simpleanalog level controls in any HALsystem. Lighted switch panelsfor room combine applicationsare easily integrated into a HALsystem using the eight switchinputs and eight LEDs outputson a DR5. It fits in a standardUS dual-gang electrical box.List of Toggles / CommandsDR3 Digital Volume and Selection RemoteThe new DR6 is a fully customizable touchscreenremote for the HAL family. It supports multiplepages or tabs and any set of levels, toggles, selectorsand/or commands. Drag, drop and resize controlsany way. Use custom background images and logosin full-color on the 7-inch LCD display. Screwthe included wall-mount bracket overU.S. or international electrical boxes,or flush mount the ¾" thick DR6with a 2-inch hole in the wall toaccommodate the cable. Anoptional desk stand accessory(shown) allows the DR6 tomount on a horizontal surface.The DR6 shipsFall 2014.SCROLLSCROLLSCROLLPUSH TO SELECTPUSH TO SELECTPUSH TO SELECTDR3DR3DR3Single Level & List of Toggles / CommandsData Sheet - 4List of LevelsSingle Level & SelectorDetails of HAL Accessories are found in the HAL System Data SheetThis device has notbeen authorizedas required by therules of the FederalCommunicationsCommission. Thisdevice is not, andmay not be, offeredfor sale or lease, orsold or leased, untilauthorization isobtained.

HAL4MultiprocessorHalogen Web ControlsControl the Levels, Selectors, Toggles and Commands in anyHAL System from any device with a web browser. Halogen 4.0’sWeb Controls feature allows creation of custom HTML GUIcontrol screens. Define the quantity of control pages, and thelayout, labeling and size of each control, and completely test themusing your default web browser from within Halogen.Access any control page from any browser-enabled device onthe network with a HAL device. Just open a browser and type inthe customizable IP/webpage address for the HTML page – andbookmark it for easy access. Type in the (optional) 6 digit UserAccess code, and voilà, the trick, she is done! Control your HALsystem wirelessly from one or more tablets, smart phones, laptopsor desktop computers. The HAL web server is multi-client, allowing control across many devices and many rooms. You can linkRane’s wired DR remote controls (DR1, DR2, DR3, DR6) withwireless devices and they’ll automatically track each other.Customers from almost every audio application are asking for“iPad c