CMPHIGHPOWER RIFLEAND PISTOLCOMPETITION RULESNLU # 776 9.9511/06/1822nd Edition—2018These Rules govern all CMP sponsored and sanctionedMatches for Highpower Rifle, Service Pistol and 22Rimfire Pistol events in National Trophy Matches,Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) Matches, and otherCMP-sanctioned competitions. 2018, Civilian Marksmanship ProgramEffective date 1 January 2018This edition supersedes the 21st 2017 Edition andwill remain in effect through the 2018 competition year.

About the CMP and CPRPFSA 1996 Act of Congress created the Corporation for the Promotionof Rifle Practice and Firearms Safety, Inc. (CPRPFS) to conductthe civilian marksmanship program that was formerly administered bythe U. S. Army’s Office of the Director of Civilian Marksmanship(ODCM). The CPRPFS is a federally chartered, tax-exempt, not-forprofit 501 (c) (3) corporation that derives its mission from Title 36USC, §40701-40733.The CPRPFS, better known as the Civilian Marksmanship Programor CMP, promotes firearms safety training and rifle practice forqualified U.S. citizens with a special emphasis on youth. The CMPdelivers its programs through affiliated shooting clubs andassociations, through CMP-trained and certified Master Instructorsand through cooperative agreements with national shooting sportsand youth-serving organizations.Federal legislation enacted in 1903 by the U.S. Congress andPresident Theodore Roosevelt created the National Board for thePromotion of Rifle Practice to foster improved marksmanship amongmilitary personnel and civilians. The original CMP purpose was toengage Soldiers and U. S. citizens in rifle marksmanship practice andcompetition so they would be skilled marksmen if later called to servein combat. This government supported marksmanship programbecame known as the “civilian marksmanship program.”The National Matches, Excellence-In-Competition Matches and othercompetition programs have been important components of the CMPlegacy since the early 1900s. The CMP promotes these competitionsas vital ways to test and celebrate the marksmanship skills of U. S.citizens. They also are a vital means of fostering the development ofshooting sports leaders who can instruct youth in target shooting andpromote marksmanship activities among U. S. citizens.

This 2018 22nd Edition of the CMP Competition Highpower Rifle andPistol Competition Rules governs CMP National Trophy Rifle and PistolMatches, Excellence-In-Competition (EIC) matches and other CMPsanctioned competitions for Highpower Rifle and Service Pistol. These rulesremain in effect from the date they are issued until they are replaced by thenext edition of the rules. However, if a rules emergency arises, the CMPRules Committee has the authority to issue a rules update to addressspecific rules issues that might arise.Authority.The CMP governs and sanctions competition events inaccordance with Title 36, USC, § 40701-40733. The authority “to conductcompetitions in the use of firearms and to award trophies, prizes, badges,and other insignia to competitors” is one of the statutory “functions” of theCPRPFS. Authority to conduct the National Matches is given in §40725.History of CMP Rules. The first CMP Competition Rules were revisions ofArmy Regulation 920-30 that governed the National Trophy Matches prior tothe creation of the new CMP in 1996. This is the 22nd edition of the CMPCompetition Rules. Substantive rule changes from the 21st Edition and anynew rules are underlined so they can be readily identified.CMP as National Governing Body. The CMP is the U.S. national governingbody for Service Rifle, Service Pistol, 22 Rimfire Pistol, As-Issued MilitaryRifle (Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military Rifle, M1 Carbine, Vintage SniperRifle Team Match), As-Issued Pistol (M9, M1911, M&P Service Pistol) andRimfire Sporter Rifle competitions. It fulfills this responsibility by establishingrules, sanctioning competitions and promoting participation in thesedisciplines.Applicability. CMP Competition Rules govern the National Trophy Rifleand Pistol Matches, CMP-sanctioned EIC matches and CMP-sanctionedService Rifle and Pistol Matches as well as other competitions sponsored orsanctioned by the CMP. No match program, match director or othermatch official has the authority to contravene these rules except asexplicitly authorized in these rules.Highpower Rifle: National Trophy Events or CMP Cup Match Events. Inorder to provide more competitive shooting opportunities for morecompetitors and match sponsors, the 2018 CMP Competition Rules allowmatch sponsors the option of using one of two rules tracks to govern theircompetitions. The CMP will continue to use traditional National Trophyiii

Event Rules to govern National Trophy Matches, EIC Matches and othercompetitions where sighters are not permitted and competitors are requiredto start rapid-fire series in standing. With this edition of the rules, the CMPwill also sanction competitions that use CMP Cup Match Rules wheresighters are permitted and competitors start rapid-fire series in position.Both options are included in the rules; match sponsors must decide whichoption best meets the interests of their competitors.Rule Interpretations. To obtain a clarification or interpretation of any CMPrule, contact CMP Competitions, 419-635-2141, ext. 714 or 722 [email protected], to request a CMP ruling or interpretation. TheCMP staff has the authority to interpret unclear rules, but may not modifyrules. The Rules Committee of the CPRPFS Board of Directors and its RulesCommittee have the sole authority to modify CMP Competition Rules.CMP Competitions Website. The CMP website at http://www.TheCMP.orghas information pages for all CMP competition programs as well as links tothe latest rulebooks, match programs and program announcements for CMPcompetitions. From the CMP home page, click on “Competitions” and thenselect the item(s) you want.CMP Competition Tracker. The CMP pioneered in using the Internet toadminister competitions and post live match results for competitors and thepublic. CMP Competition Tracker is a computer-based software system thatwas first used during the 2003 National Matches. Any shooter, match officialor interested person, can view upcoming match announcements and matchresults in Competition Tracker. On the CMP home page, click on“Competition Tracker” or visit Then select the type ofcompetition or other activity that interests you. You can then click on“Upcoming Matches” for that type of competition. This site also displays acomprehensive list of “Current Distinguished Shooters” and other informationof interest to competitive shooters. Competitors can use Competition Trackerto enter CMP National Matches events on-line.iv

Where to Obtain Rules. CMP Competition Rules are posted on the CMPweb site at lebooks/ andmay be downloaded from there without cost. Printed copies of the rules areavailable at a cost of 9.95 each. Contact:CMP Competitions DepartmentP.O. Box 576Port Clinton, Ohio 43452Phone (419) 635-2141, ext. 605 or 615Fax (419) 635-2573Email: [email protected] about the CMP Competition Rulebook or rulerecommendations can be directed to the CMP CompetitionsDepartment at [email protected] or(419) 635-2141, ext. 714 or 722.v


Table of ContentsPageRule 1.0CMP Competitions and Competition Events. 1Rule 2.0Competitor Eligibility. 5Rule 3.0Competition Rules and Procedures . 13Rule 4.0Firearms, Ammunition and Equipment . 31Rule 5.0Pistol Event Regulations . 48Rule 6.0Rifle Event Regulations . 54Rule 7.0Electronic Target Rules . 69Rule 8.0The National Matches . 75Rule 9.0Excellence-in-Competition Matches . 86Rule 10.0 Distinguished Badge Program . 89Rule 11.0 National Records. 100List of TablesTable 1CMP-Recognized Rifle Events . 3-4Table 2CMP-Recognized Pistol Events . 4Table 3CMP Achievement Award Cut Scores . 27Table 4Other Approved Service Pistols . 40-42Table 5President’s Pistol Course . 52Table 6Pistol National Match Course . 52Table 7President’s Rifle Course . 60Table 8Rifle National Match Course . 61Table 9CMP Highpower Rifle Aggregate Course(s) . 62Table 10 Infantry Team Match Course . 66Table 11 Springfield M1A Match Course. 68Table 12 CMP Long Range Courses . 69Table 13 Oliver Hazard Perry Rifle Match Course . 84Table 14 EIC Credit Point Table . 94Table 15 International Distinguished Badge Credit Points . 98vii

AnnexesAnnex A Pistol Firing Procedures and Commands . 103Annex B Highpower Rifle Firing Procedures and Commands . 113Annex C Highpower Rifle Pit Procedures . 131Index . 134viii


1.0 CMP Competitions and Competition Events1.1 CMP Competition ProgramThe Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) offers a comprehensive program ofrifle and pistol competitions that are governed by CMP Competition Rules. CMPshooting sports disciplines are Highpower Rifle, Service and .22 Rimfire Pistol,As-Issued Military Rifle, As-Issued Pistol, Rimfire Sporter Rifle, Smallbore Rifleand Long Range Rifle. The CMP competition program offers competitions at fourlevels: Club competitions or championships, State Championships, CMP TravelGames competitions and the National Matches.1.2 CMP Sponsored CompetitionsCMP Sponsored Competitions are planned, organized and conducted by theCMP Program Staff in accordance with policies and budgets approved by theCMP Board of Directors. CMP Sponsored Competitions are:1.2.1 The National MatchesThe National Matches are conducted annually at Camp Perry, Ohio inaccordance with Title 36, U. S. Code, § 40725-40727. See Rule 8.0 forregulations governing the National Matches. National Matches events includeRifle and Pistol National Trophy Matches and National CMP Games events.1.2.2 CMP National Ranges MatchesCMP National Ranges Matches are conducted by CMP staff throughout theyear at shooting facilities owned and managed by the CMP. CMP NationalRanges are equipped with electronic scoring targets. They include theTalladega Marksmanship Park (an outdoor range complex) at Talladega,Alabama; the Gary Anderson CMP Competition Center (a 10m air guncomplex) at Camp Perry, Ohio and the CMP Competition Center (a 10m airgun complex) at Anniston, Alabama.1.2.3 CMP Travel GamesCMP Travel Games offer major competitions in CMP-recognized rifle andpistol events in different regions of the U. S. The CMP staff organizes andconducts these competitions by developing cooperative agreements with theranges or clubs selected to host them. The selection of CMP Travel Gameshosts is decided by the CMP Board of Directors after considering a potentialhost’s location, range facilities and ability to host competitions with largenumbers of competitors.1.3 CMP Sanctioned CompetitionsThe CMP sanctions affiliated organizations to sponsor Excellence-InCompetition, State Championship and Club rifle and pistol matches withcompetitions in CMP-recognized rifle and pistol events. CMP sanctioned andsupervised competitions are:1

1.3.1 Excellence-In-Competition MatchesExcellence-In-Competition (EIC) Matches are Rifle and Pistol competitionswhere civilian and military competitors can earn EIC credit points that counttowards the awarding of Distinguished Rifleman, Distinguished Pistol Shotand Distinguished 22 Rimfire Pistol Badges (see Rule 10.2).1.3.2 State ChampionshipsThe CMP sanctions CMP-affiliated State Associations or designated clubs toorganize State Championships for CMP-recognized disciplines or events.a)The CMP will sanction one state championship (multiple site statechampionships are permitted) for one CMP discipline or CMP-recognizedevent per year in each state;b)State Championships must include one or more CMP-recognized eventsin their program; events included in a State Championship are selectedby the match sponsor and approved by the CMP;c)CMP-affiliated State Associations may conduct state championships orthey may designate a CMP-affiliated club to conduct the championships;andd)State Associations or clubs designated by a State Association mustsubmit a state championship sanctioning application not later than 1January of the year of the championship. If a State Association does notconfirm its intent to organize a state championship by submitting anapplication prior to that date, the CMP will allow other CMP-affiliatedclubs in the state to apply directly to the CMP to host any statechampionship, provided that only one state championship in thatdiscipline may be sanctioned for that state in any one year.e)State associations may provide awards for State Championships; andf)The CMP will