MINUTESAPI Subcommittee 17 - Subsea Production EquipmentHouston, TexasJanuary 16, 2009John Bednar: ChairGary Hurta; Vice-Chair John McManus; Secretary1. John Bednar, API SC 17 Chairman, welcomed the group to the meeting at 8:00 AM andoutlined various safety and housekeeping issues.2. A roll call was completed and it was confirmed that there was a quorum present for thismeeting. An update was given on voting categories of the membership. (Attendee Listprovided in Attachment A)3. The agenda was adopted.4. The minutes from the Joint Meeting SC17/TC67-SC4-WG6 held in Calgary (June 2008) werereviewed and approved by the attendees.5. The latest Work Program Listing (Attachment B) was presented.6. Task Group Chair/Project Group Leader reports.a. ISO 13628-1/API 17A---Subsea Production Systems--i. J-H Neuenkirchen updated the activities on ISO 13628-1 (API 17A) -- A draft foran official Amendment to ISO 13628-1 Clause 6, Materials and corrosionprotection‖ has been prepared, together with a proposal for a new Annex L"Materials and Welding of Subsea Manifolds". These documents were approved2007-02-22 as proposed Draft International Standard (DIS).b. ISO 13628-11/API 17B, ISO 13628-2/API 17J & ISO 13628-10/API 17K FlexiblePipe and ISO 13628-16/API 17L1 & ISO 13628-17/API 17L2 Ancillary Equipmentfor Flexible Pipe—i. K. Doynov reported by email that 13628-11 and 12628-2 were adopted back byAPI as 17B and 17J, respectively.ii. Work is continuing on 13628-16 and 13628-17. A CD ballot was issued.c. ISO 13628-3 (API 17C) ---TFL SystemsNo work was done on this document since the last meeting.d. ISO 13628-4 (API 17D) ---Subsea Wellheads and Treesi. The formal report was given by Ross Fraser, see TG chair report (Attachment C)ii. The task group has reviewed and responded to all 113 pages of comments. Inaddition, text has been added to address the design and classification of submudline casing hangers which are sometimes used in subsea drilling/wellheaddrilling programs.iii. The task group’s response to the comments has been incorporated into thedocument. The finished product was forwarded to the ISO Secretariat on 27October 2008 along with the task group’s recommendation that a second DIS beissued.Minutes SC 17Page 1January 16, 2009

iv. The task group has also been directed to consider the treatment of differentialpressure in the design process for the equipment that is in the scope of thespecification. This is to serve as a template for treatment for the entireSC17/13628 family of specifications. The work has been completed and thereport received 22 Dec 2008. It is being reviewed by Ross Frazer and BrianSkeels.v. The task group is also following the ECS task group on the changes to theASME Section VIII, Division 2 pressure vessel code and what effects it may haveon the current document.e. ISO 13628-5 (API 17E) --- Production Umbilicalsi. The formal report was given by John McManus, see Task Group Chair report(Attachment D)ii. The API TG dispositioned all comments received and submitted final FDISversion to API/ISO.iii. The DNV JIP, acting on behalf of ISO, is reviewing the changes made. The ISOsecretariat will either send it back to the TG with suggestions or forward to votingmembers to vote/comment.f. ISO 13628-6 (API 17F) --- Production Controlsi. The formal report was given by Jens-Henrich Neuenkirchen.ii. No written report available.iii. TG leadership has determined that it is time to begin work on a new revision to17F. Work will begin on drafting new scope of work for revision. A new structurewill be proposed whereby a core controls document will be developed withannexes for each individual component.g. ISO 13628-7 (API 17G) --- Completion/Workover Risersi. Brian Skeels submitted the formal report, see Task Group Chair report(Attachment E).ii. API 17G task group has met three times (August, November, and January)continuing work on its tasks. ISO 13628-7 task group met in December toorganize and start work on its IWOCS task.iii. Steady progress has been made on several of the tasks within the new workitem for ISO 13628-7, revision 3 lead by the API 17G task group. The ISO taskgroup lead work on the IWOCS is currently getting organized and shouldcomplete its task by the end of 2009.iv. TG is to present a revised document with minor editorial/clerical changes to EdBaniak for errata publication.h. ISO 13628-13 (API 17H)---ROV Interfaces & ROT Intervention Systemsi. The formal reports were submitted by Charles White, see Task Group Chairreport (Attachment F)ii. Statoil has setup a FTP web site to allow universal access to all team members.The ―strawman‖ document and other supporting documents have been posted tothe site. Using the table of contents a ―strawman‖ document has been createdfor use by both teams. Responsibility for chapters of the ―strawman‖ has beendistributed to each team for comment.Minutes SC 17Page 2January 16, 2009

iii. An ISO work group and an API task group have been assembled; membernames and contacts are listed in section 3.iv. The ISO team has had good participation at meeting but progress has beenreduced due to the fact that 3 of the members companies have recently merged.The API meetings have been poorly attended due to competing demands.v. Updated dual-port hotstab drawings have been obtained and will be incorporatedin the new standard. An additional question has been received regarding acorrection to the units one of the tables. This has been incorporated in the newstandardvi. Additional meetings will be scheduled quarterly.i.ISO/WD 13628- 12 (API 2RD) -- Dynamic Risers for Floating Productioni. The formal report submitted by Paul Stanton, see Task Group Chair report(Attachment G)ii. The ISO 13628-12/API RP 2RD Task Group’s scope of work is to revise API RP2RD and to submit the revision to ISO. The new document will cover toptensioned risers, catenary risers, hybrid risers and offloading risers. The newname of the document will be Dynamic Risers for Floating ProductionInstallationsiii. Design - Comment incorporation ongoing; Draft to be circulated end ofyear/Januaryiv. Connectors / components - Chapter content 50% complete; Completed draft andreview of Annex Ev. Materials - Group lead Jeff O’Donnell has completed straw man and receivedcomments from DNV on 12 Fabrication / Installation - Reference material provided as starting point;Workgroup has revised Chapter TOC and preliminary tasks have been assignedto membersvii. Annexes / Appendices – Examples started; Qualification / Test – 90%; icalReducing content to 20 pagesj.API 17N -- Subsea Reliability and Technical Risk Managementi. Report presented by John Allan, see Task Group Chair presentation (AttachmentH)ii. API performed its first pass editorial/format, the API 17N committee reviewedwith API for any incorrect edits (changed the sense)iii. Document awaiting final review by API 17N committee prior to publishingiv. Mark Siegmund has volunteered to take over Chairmanship once document isofficial publishedk. API 17O -- HIPPSi. Report presented by Brian Skeels on behalf of Christopher Curran, see TaskGroup Chair report (Attachment I)ii. The previous forecast was to have the RP complete by end 2008. Howeverdiscussions on how to handle export pipelines lead to a delay in completing thedraft.iii. Inclusion of export pipelines within the RP. This has now been resolved and willbe included in an Annex.Minutes SC 17Page 3January 16, 2009

l.ISO 13628-15 (API 17P) -- Templates and Manifoldsi. Report presented by Charles White, see Task Group Chair report (Attachment J)ii. Purchase Order was executed January 15, 2007 to Doris Inc to provide clericalsupport for the development of the rough draft. A cleanup of the rough draft hasbeen completed and distributed to the task group. Roughly 90% of the budgethas been expended to date and a final invoice has been submitted.iii. Three workshops were scheduled and well attended in the past two quarters.The goal was to uplift the working draft to committee draft by: Incorporatefigures; Fill out thin sections; Update material section to match latest annex L;Review gaps/overlaps with 17D, 17H and subsea connectorsiv. The list of previous actions has been completed and all input by the task grouphas been incorporated. A committee draft has been completed and transmittedto API and ISO representatives. No additional meetings are scheduled untilcomments are received to the committee draft.m. API RP Q -- Recommended Practice for Subsea Qualificationi. Report was provided by Chris Horan, see Task Group Chair report (AttachmentK)ii. Due to the large task of developing qualification guidelines for subseaequipment, eight (8) separate component task groups have been developed:valves and actuators, trees and chokes, connectors, hydraulic - subsea controls,electrical - subsea controls, coatings and insulation, completion equipment andwellhead equipment.iii. Since April 2008, eighteen (18) sub committee component grouping meetingshave been held to gain alignment on respective test requirements. In addition tosub committee meetings, two (2) 17Q leadership committee meetings have beenheld: March 10, 2008 (at BP) and May 15, 2008 (at Oil States).iv. To date, the following tasks have been completed via the 17Q Task Group:Committee and participant alignments have been reached regarding overall 17Qmethodology (failure mode analysis and product qualification sheets datasheets); Specific components and respective groupings; FMA/PQS templateforms; Individual component PQS forms complete, containing input from variousTask Group / Industry subject matter experts; Alignment obtained regarding theRP's document outline.n. Flowline Connection Groupi. Craig Redding identified a lingering need to further define requirements forFlowline Connections. However, it was agreed that no work in this area would beinitiated until API 17 P was published.7. Actions Items were reviewed and updated during the course of the meeting.8. Next Meeting –a. Summer June 22 - 26 2009 API Annual Summer Standardization Conference inWestminster, Colorado.b. SC 17 Winter 2010 will remain in Houston and not be part of the API WinterMeetings.Minutes SC 17Page 4January 16, 2009

ATTACHMENT BSUBSEA PRODUCTION SYSTEMS (SC17) STANDARDS STATUS MATRIXJohn Bednar - Chair ([email protected] ph: 281-249-4325); Gary Hurta (gary [email protected] ph: 713-939-7711); John McManus ([email protected] ph: 281-854-2063)as of: 5/12/2009No.DocumentEd. Year Reaf ISO No.SC17StatusContact Who17A RP: Design and Operation of Subsea Production Systems General Requirements and Recommendations4200613628-1HurtaNWIP Ammendment ballot closed 2/20/07; Next Rev toconsider Drilling Loads and Impact on Wellhead; NewClause 6 and New Annex L (from 17P) under ballotAndré Maerli (I [email protected]);Harold Reeves (A [email protected])17B RP: Flexible Pipe4200813628-11McM17C RP: Through Flow Line (TFL) Systems17D Spec: Subsea Wellhead and Christmas Tree Equipment212002 20051992 200313628-313628-4HurtaHurta17E Spec: Subsea Umbilicals3200313628-5McM17F Spec: Subsea Production Control Systems2200613628-6BedDocument Adopted back by API; No Activity at thistimeNo Activity at this timeDIS ballot closed 2/28/07; Comments Resolved. 2nd DISballot issuedDIS Comments being Resolved (9/2008); FDIS issued;Publication projected for 9/2009Time for initiating New ReviewKrassimir Doynov (I, [email protected]);Harold Reeves (I, A-TG6 [email protected])Ross Frazer (I, A-TG5 [email protected])Brian Skeels (I, A-TG5 [email protected])Ron Dee (I [email protected]);J. McManus (A-TG4 [email protected])Roald Loug Hansen (I [email protected]);John Bodine (A-TG2 [email protected])17G RP: Completion/Workover Risers2200613628-7McMAnthony Muff (I [email protected]);Brian Skeels (A [email protected])17H RP: Remotely Operated Verhicle (ROV) Interfaces17J Spec: Unbonded Flexible Pipe132004 2009200813628-813628-2McM17K Spec: Bonded Flexible Pipe2200513628-10McMMay divide into G1, G2, IWOCS will remain in 17G.Considering intervention control issues in next document;NWI to Edit Supplemental Doc; NWI for Rev. 3; CDproposed by 12/2008Retired Group, now operates under 13628-13Document Adopted back by API; No Activity at thistimeNo Activity at this time17L1 Spec: Flexible Pipe Ancillary EquipmentNew13628-16McMNWI Approved 11/17/07; CD Ballot issued17L2 RP: Recommended Practice for Flexible Pipe AncillaryEquip17M RP: Remotely Operated Tool (ROT) Intervention Systems17N RP: Subsea Reliability17O RP: High Integrity Pressure Protection System (HIPPS)New13628-17McMNWI Approved 11/17/07; CD Ballot issued2004 2009NewNew13628-9BedBedRetired Group, now operates under 13628-13Ballot closes October 16, 2008Ballot closes May 28, 200917P* RP: Templates and ManifoldsNew13628-15McM17H* RP: ROVs and ROTs (combined 17H & 17M)New13628-13Hurta17Q* Subsea Qualification17S* Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS)Materials Study GroupNewNew13628-142RD RP: Dynamic Risers for Floating Production InstallationsNew13628-121McMDraft in Preparation; Contract to Doris (#2006-102560);Need Figures and to address overlap issued; CD byQ3, 2008Will withdraw existing 17H and retain as newcombined document when complete; Work ongoing.Charles White (A [email protected])Olla Melland (I [email protected])Ballot closed 5/29/09Roger Walls (A [email protected])Jan-Fredrik Carlsen (I [email protected])Ragnar Mollan (I)Annexes to Existing ISO docs4 Levels of Criteria: 1-Current2RD; 2-13628-7 Req; 3LRFD based on DNV OS F201; 4- RP 1111Key: *Proposed; (I) ISO Lead; (A) API Lead; Yellow Document Currently with ActivityNot Subject To 5 Year Revision17TR1 TR: Evalutation Standard for Internal Pressure Sheath Polymerts12003for High Temperature Flexible Pipes17TR2 TR: The Aging of PA-11 in Flexible Pipes1200317TR3 TR: An Evaluat