MassHealth Home Care Programs in Hampden CountyPrograms that could help you avoid a Nursing Home Admission1200 Converse StreetLongmeadowMassachusetts 01106Call (413) 567-5600 to Schedule an EducationalMeeting Appointment with Attorney John L. Roberts.Click to view available appointment times.MassHealthHELP.comWhere do most people want to live? We want to live in our own home.Whether home is a single-family residence, a home we share with friends orfamily members, or an apartment that includes assisted living or otheramenities, Medicaid has home health care programs that pay for or providecare at home. These MassHealth programs are the key for many people whowant to live at home, and avoid a nursing home admission.The Home and Community-Based Services Waiver regulations allow people to receiveMedicaid paid services in their homes, if the home care services keep them out of a nursing home.The 2021 monthly income limit for Frail Elder Waiver and Money Follows the Person Waiver is 2,402 [3x SSI Federal Benefit Rate of 794] 20 2,402.There is no such thing as too much income, or too many assets. For people who have incomegreater than federal poverty guidelines, MassHealth Financial Eligibility Regulations explain how careexpenses can add up so you can meet a deductible and obtain eligibility. We are asking theMassachusetts Legislature to eliminate the “over income” problem with a law directing thatMassHealth simply charge a premium equal to a person’s excess income amount. Read the proposalat: Bill HD.938 and Bill SD.527 and call your State Rep and State Senator Fact Sheet.Income from Veterans Aid & Attendance and other VA Benefits Programs is not countedagainst you if you are a veteran or spouse who needs Medicaid for home care. Proper planning canmake anyone eligible for these programs if you need the kind of care described in program regs:Adult Foster Care (AFC) .1Community Choices .2Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC) .2Personal Care Attendant Program (PCA) .2Senior Care Options (SCO): Combiningwith.3MFP – Money Follows the Person (the Moving Forward Plan) .3PACE – Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly.4Adult Foster Care (AFC)This program is for people who cannot live alone safely, who have a family member or trustedfriend who can devote time and attention that provides 24-hour care. AFC pays the caregiver astipend of up to 18,000 per year (tax-free). The program is sometimes called by the names ofagencies that serve as the overseers of the host caregiver: Adult Family Care and Caregiver Homes.LAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 1 of 6

Adult Foster Care Regulations list two levels of care, which can include care for difficultbehavior management. A nursing assessment determines the person’s level of need. Social workersand nurses provide 24/7 on call support to the host and the elder. The elder can move in with the hostprovider, or a host can move in with the elder.The host/provider must be: 18 or older maintain a private home in good repair and ofsufficient size to accommodate both the AFC participant(s) and other residents of the home complete a physical exam including a TB test be physically able to supervise and/or provide handson care to the elder and assist with meal prep, transportation to doctor appointments, provide Rxmonitoring and personal care respect participant's right to make decisions pass a CORI check bewilling to work with ASAP program administrator. The "host" can be a son, daughter or any familymember (but not a spouse) of the person who needs care. In 2014 the Massachusetts Legislaturedeclined to include a patient’s spouse for eligibility to participate in the program.Community ChoicesCommunity Choices is a program that provides as much support/services as needed forpeople who are clinically frail enough to qualify for immediate nursing home admission (so it cannotbe used by people in assisted living). It is designed to provide an alternative to nursing homeplacement for people who are in imminent danger of nursing home placement, or who want to bedischarged from a nursing home, but need substantial home care.This program works best for people who do not have a preferred caregiver or family memberwho coordinates care. The elder has less control over caregivers than PCA and Adult Foster Care.Group Adult Foster Care (GAFC)This program pays for services for elders in subsidized senior housing and in assisted livingcenters. GAFC pays 40.33 per day ( 1,226.70 / month) for services such as daily personal care,homemaking, meals, and transportation.The assisted living center may combine the GAFC services with the room and board which ispaid by the resident, and another program called SSI-G. But you do not have to be eligible to receiveSSI-G in order to qualify for GAFC. Use thebutton on our Hampden County Area ElderCare resources page to locate assisted living centers offering apartments with the GAFC subsidy.To qualify for GAFC, the person must have low monthly income, or obtain the MassHealthHome and Community Based Services waiver.Personal Care Attendant Program (PCA)This Medicaid funded program is best for people who already have a preferred caregiver.Regulations allow you to hire a son, daughter or any family member, except your spouse. The programpays for home care services for people who need daily assistance with ADLs. The MassHealth memberhires the caregiver and submits time slips to a fiscal intermediary which processes payroll checks andincome tax withholding.The PCA Regulations explain how a written plan of services is developed jointly by the personalcare agency and the person who needs care. Care plans can increase or decrease, depending on needor changing medical conditions. You can appeal if you don’t get approval for enough care hours.LAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 2 of 6

Senior Care Options (SCO): CombiningwithFor people age 65 , this Medicaid/Medicare funded program provides services, benefits andtreatments authorized by your primary care physician, or your "primary care team". There are no copays, deductibles or other fees, and no out of pocket expenses. Your doctors must be part of theSCO provider network. General Information: (888) enior-care-options-scoServices can include:urgent caretransportation to and from medicalhome careoutpatientappointmentshospiceinpatient, including nursingchoresbehavioral healthhome careday caredental, dentures and crownsoutpatient/in patient surgeryaccessibility adaptationsPCA program/servicesPrescriptionslife linesand services ordered by yourpreventive carecompanion servicesPCP or your "team"There are several SCOs serving people in Hampden County:Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA): (877) 780-4711Navi Care a/k/a Falon: (877) 255-7108 Deborah Deluca 508-736-7220Senior Whole Health (888) 566-3526Tufts: (800) 701-9000United Health Care: (888) 834-3721MFP – Money Follows the Person (the Moving Forward Plan)In Massachusetts MFP is called the Moving Forward Plan. To apply for MFP, the person must:be living in a Skilled Nursing Facility now, need a clinical level of care, have a plan to be safely caredfor in their home in the community, and comply with Medicaid income and asset rules.A person over age 65 who wants to leave a Skilled Nursing Facility and return to their homecan apply for MFP-CL (Community Living). A person who has had a stroke could also apply for ABI-N(Acquired Brain Injury Non-Residential, meaning the person is not seeking a slot in a group home).MFP pays for services including Assisted Living and Adult Companion to Personal Care, Respite andLAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 3 of 6

Transportation. The application is filed with and screened by the Moving Forward Plan Waiver Unit atUMass Medical in Shrewsbury. (855) 499-5109Since MFP is for people who have been in a nursing home for 90 consecutive days or longer,you are not eligible if you are at home now and want to continue living at home.PACE – Program of All-Inclusive Care for the ElderlyPACE is for patients who are eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. PACE coordinates healthcareto help elders live safely in their own home. For people who are on Medicare and Medicaid there is noout of pocket expense. Cost share or private pay options are available for people who can’t qualify forMedicaid.The purpose of the program is to help prevent nursing home admissions. If a nursing homeadmission becomes necessary, the PACE plan pays for the long-term care in the facility.All services must be provided or authorized by the PACE Interdisciplinary Team, exceptemergency services. PACE participants may be held liable for unauthorized costs that are outside thePACE program agreement.Serenity Care Adult DayHealth604 Cottage St,Springfield, MA 01104MercyLIFE(413) 734-5445200 Hillside Circle, WestSummit EldercareSpringfield101 Wason Avenue,(413) 827-4238Springfield(774) 317-6200designed to serveimmigrants from theformer Soviet bloc andthe Middle Easthttp://www.serenitypace.orgCoverage AreaMedical DirectorExecutive DirectorClinical DirectorSite DirectorHampden andHampshireCountiesDr. Sarah SullivanEmmanuel CheoKaitlin SwistakTracy CarrollHampden andWorcesterCountiesDr. Alice GroverKris BostekNancy Leahey, RNMary Woodis, RNHampden and HampshireCounties. Portionsof Franklin CountyOlga Demchuk, RN, MSNRita NortonLAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 4 of 6

EnrollmentSeason Bryant(800) 698-7566Helen Czer(413) 827-4238(413) 372-2571(413) [email protected] WorkAnne Smidt, MSWErica Emerson, LICS;Olga Demchuk, RNCg Swift, LicSWMSWNutritionist, Dietician Lisa Normila, RDKate Sandord, RDPatricia YelleHospital AffiliationMercy Medical CenterBaystate Medical Center Baystate Medical CenterandHolyoke Medical CenterPhysicians andContracted physicians;Contracted physicians;Contracted physicians;Medical Specialiststhe physician listthe physician listthe physician listavailable at time ofavailable at time ofavailable at time ofenrollmentenrollmentenrollmentPatient’s Age55 or olderPatient’s RequiredPatient who requires nursing home level of care,Care Levelbut who is still able to live safely at homeEnrollment Timeline 1) A potential participant Enrollment visit inEnrollment visit inSequence:must be living in theirpatient’s home,patient’s home,determining whether house before anNurse assessment inNurse assessment inPACE would beenrollment intake visitpatient’s homepatient’s homesuccessful.can be scheduled. Theenrollment visit can bescheduled for 2 weeksafter the patient ishome.2) After the specialistassesses the person, aNurse visits the patient’shome to completeMinimum Data Sets.3) Patient visits careteam at Center,Review by Exec. Ofc ofElder AffairsIncome Limit2020: 2,349/month ( 20 disregard if over 65) The Spouse’s income does notcount toward this limit.Personal Needs Allowance: 522Aid & Attendance Pension does not countCountable Asset Limit 2,000for Medicaid PatientsNon countable assetsfor Medicaid PatientsMassHealth Buy InPremiumPrivate Pay Premiumfor patient notMedicaid eligiblePrivate Pay PremiumHome, automobile, burial account, funeral contract, 1,500 life insurance cashsurrender valueThe Participant’s EntireMonthly Incomeamount, minus 522/monthApproximately 4,433/month 4,300/month 6,675/monthLAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 5 of 6

for non Medicaid Medicare patientDrug PrescriptionsCo paysVan TransportationHome care hoursprovided to patientDay ProgramCovered in full whenauthorized by medicalprovider and included incare plan. Network ofcontracted pharmaciesin the community; orMail Order. Overnightdelivered to patient byPACE PharmacyTo the clinic andmedical appointmentsas needed, and to theCenter during 8:30 –4:30 pmDetermined by interdisciplinary team andincluded in care planCenter Hour: 8:30 a.m.– 4:30pmYes, for members.Yes.Respite CareSupport Groups forCaregiversPrepare MassHealth Yes.Application for newmembers?Covered in full whenauthorized by medicalprovider and included incare plan. Network ofcontracted pharmacies inthe community; or MailOrder.Covered in full whenauthorized by medicalprovider and included incare plan. Network ofcontracted pharmacies inthe community; or MailOrder.NoneTo the clinic and allmedical appointmentsand the day programDetermined by interdisciplinary team andincluded in care plan8:00 a.m. – 4:30pmYes.Yes.Yes.LAW OFFICE OF JOHN L. ROBERTS (413) 567-5600 PAGE 6 of 6