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Table of ContentsMagellan 9800i USB Bridge . 1Overview .1Installation .2Compatible Operating Systems and Software .2Linux .2- VLC (for Linux). 2- Gstreamer . 3- Cheese . 3Microsoft Windows OS .4- VLC (for Windows). 4- WebcamViewer . 8Other Windows Resources .8Troubleshooting .9Warranty .10Appendix . 15


Magellan 9800i USB BridgeOverviewThe Magellan 9800i USB Bridge is an accessory that facilitates the streamingof data from Magellan scanners to a host computer. The USB Bridge connects aMagellan 9800i USB host port to a PC's USB port, allowing it to function as aUSB camera device.USBHostPortQuick Reference Guide1

InstallationPlug the cable from the Scanner USB host port to the USB Bridge.USBConnect to Host/TerminalScanner SideUSB Host PortCompatible Operating Systems and SoftwareTo view data from the Scanner, you must have video viewing software installedon your host system. The USB Bridge is compatible with the following operating systems and video application software.LinuxFollowing are examples of tested compatible software for Linux using the v4l2(Video for Linux 2) Driver. Tested on distributions: Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 16:- VLC (for Linux)VLC media player 2.0.8* Example Invocation, Graphical:1. Open VLC, Click the Play Button,2Magellan 9800i USB Bridge

2. Select the "Capture Device" Tab,3. Ensure the Capture mode is set to: "Video for Linux 2",4. Under Device Selection set the Video device name to your video device:(/dev/video0 if Video Bridge is the only USB camera device connected),5. Click the "Play" Button.* Example Invocations, Command Line:% vlc v4l2:///dev/video0% cvlc v4l2:///dev/video0 # (no interface)- Gstreamergst-launch-1.0, gstreamer-properties* Example Invocation, Command Line:% gst‐launch v4l2src device /dev/video0 ! xvimagesink- CheeseCheese Webcam Booth 3.4.1 (uses gstreamer)Quick Reference Guide3

Microsoft Windows OSIf using Windows (Windows Vista/XP, Windows or Windows 8), Microsoft provides the USB Video Class (UVC) driver. It is an AVStream minidriver that provides driver support for USB Video Class devices. The device worksautomatically with the system-supplied driver. Windows uses the (USB) VideoClass driver, Usbvideo.sys.For Windows 7 or 8, you must download and install a video software program.Many are available free, following are some recommended video software programs:- VLC (for Windows)VLC media player 2.2.11. Open VLC. Click the Play Button,4Magellan 9800i USB Bridge

2. The Open Media dialog will open. Select "Capture Device",Quick Reference Guide5

3. Ensure the Capture mode is set to: "DirectShow",4. Under Device Selection set the Video device name to "UVC Camera",5. Click "Play".6Magellan 9800i USB Bridge

Figure 1. Microsoft's Device Manager showing USB BridgeQuick Reference Guide7

Figure 2. Devices and Printers (in Windows 7 Control Panel) withUSB Bridge attached- WebcamViewerV1.0, Select "UVC Camera", Click the "Connect" ButtonOther Windows ResourcesMachine Learning and Computer Vision Libraries:OpenCV.orgEmguCVAForge.Net8Magellan 9800i USB Bridge

TroubleshootingIf the USB Bridge is not operating properly, the following checks should be performed:1. If the scanner uses an external power supply and the external powersupply has failed, the scanner will not operate. Exchange the powersupply with a known good power supply and retest operation.2. Verify the USB Bridge cable is securely attached to the host. Consultyour technical support personnel or refer to your host system manualto verify the proper connection for the scanner.3. Verify that the cable is securely attached to the scanner.If the USB Bridge still does not function properly, contact your local supplier orDatalogic Customer Support Services.Quick Reference Guide9

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NOTES14Magellan 9800i USB Bridge

AppendixOutput of lsusb program for the USB Bridge device on Linux:% sudo lsusb -v d05f9:0511Bus 001 Device 063: ID 05f9:0511 PSCDevice s1Configuration Quick Reference GuideScanning, Inc.Miscellaneous Device?Interface AssociationPSC Scanning, Inc.Datalogic ADC, Inc.Scanner Video Bridge15