Beer / Soft Drink Caddy Plans

Tools & Materials 2 — 2 ft. X 7.25 in. X 3/4 in. Polar (or wood of choice) & 7/8 in diameter wooden dowel 2 — 12 inch X 6 inch license plates. Tape measure, square & pencil Safety gear (glasses, dust mask, hearing protection) 16 - #8 5/8 black pan head screws, phillips screw driver Forstner bit - 5/8 in. Miter Saw (or Hand Saw) Jigsaw Orbital Sander (220 grit) Stain (your choice) or check out my homemade stain Spar Urethane Styrofoam (1/2 to 5/8 in. wide), glue, and clear silicone sealant (optional) Metal bottle opener (optional)

Tip: First, cut out a 11”by 7.25” board.Next, find the center ofthe top end. Thenmeasure over 1.5” bothdirections from thecenter. This will giveyou the 3 inches. Thenjust connect the “dots”down to the 6” marks.5”5.75.75”3”11”6”6”7.25”Make 2 Identical End Boards

1/2”Dowel Dia. 7/8” Length 12”11”9.5”License Plate is 12” By 6”(one on each side)6”10.5”12”Side View

Construction Notes Refer to my website link below for a more detailed tutorial.Tutorial link: all the boards to dimensions I provide or use your owndimensions.With my design, some of the dimensions are constrained by thedimensions of the license plates (12” X 6”).With the two end boards stacked together, I drilled the 7/8” holefor the dowel. This will ensure dowel alignment later.I used a pocket hole jig to attach the bottom board to the twoend boards (4 pocket hole screws).I cut the dowel, dry fitted and then glued into place.Next, I sanded, used a homemade stain, and then sprayed on aspar urethane seal. (see more in the detailed tutorial)After the urethane dried, I used 7 screws on each side to attachthe license plates.Next, I cut the styrofoam, dry fitted, and then glued thestyrofoam together. Then I used clear silicone to seal all theinside areas where the styrofoam came together.

Optional Bottle Opener1.5”This makes a great addition to the bottle tote. You canadd it or not. Use dark color screws to match thebottle opener.

Styrofoam OptionAdding the styrofoam may limit the inside capacity alittle, but you can still easily fit 6 bottles in the space.The styrofoam helps the tote act as a mini cooler.

Optional Paracord GripThis is a nice addition. I have another tutorial thatshows how to do the paracord wrap.

Want to see the detailed tutorial?Check out the Tutorial Link Below:Make a Beer / Soft Drink CaddyPlease Subscribe!