“Talented Artist” International Performanceand Visual Arts CompetitionThe “Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts Competition (hereinafter referred to as TAIC)welcomes and encourages ambitious people to show their artistic talents in the fields of musical instruments, vocalmusic, dance, etc., and help them to gain international public recognition. The competition is hosted byGuangZhou Broadcasting Network (abbreviated as GZTV) Competition Channel and GuangZhou TiangeShangteng Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.The Jury of TAIC will select the most outstanding performers from all age groups fairly and strictly.Cash prizes are offered in TAIC. The contestants’ performances will be broadcast to all the public through theGZTV Competition Channel and video-sharing platforms. Meanwhile, contestants can also choose to apply theChinese Band Tests of Social Art Skills and complete them during competition.TAIC adopts superimposed-seasons-system. On the deadline of the first preliminary contest registration, theregistration of new preliminary round will start immediately.Competition RulesQualifications: TAIC recruits global contestants with artistic expertise. No restriction for age, gender, nationalityor occupation. Registrations for all art categories includes dances, musical instruments, vocals and folk musicalinstruments are accepted. Contestants can perform solo or as a group.The main purpose of TAIC is to conduct a friendly and fair arts competition. Therefore, any statement or behaviorof contestants that may harm other contestants/countries will be forbidden.*Video recording and uploading: regardless of the region, all recordings should be submitted to the OrganizingCommittee through Email: [email protected] Contestants should indicate their name, competition item,repertory/program name, age group and recording time in their recording title. Besides, contestants should alsoindicate their name, country, competition item and age group in the title of the E-mail.The First Round (Preliminary Contest)Contestants should register for the competition by sending audiovisual materials. The deadline for the first-roundregistration is August 24/2020. The duration of the video should not exceed 5 minutes, and contestants shouldinclude their entire body in the screen frame. The audiovisual materials must not be edited or modified.In order to ensure the fairness of the competition, the audiovisual materials should comply with the naturalrecording principle: any post-production or adjustment will be strictly prohibited. Violators will be disqualifiedfrom the competition.The grading result of the preliminary contest will be released on August 25/2020, and the winners will be eligibleto participate in the quarter-finals.The Second Round (Quarterfinals)Winners of the first round can participate in the quarterfinals. In view of the COVID-19 situation, the quarterfinalsmay be conducted as online or live competition, depends on the actual epidemic state.If it is a live competition, it will be held on August 29/2020 in Guangzhou Broadcasting Network.If it is an online competition, the time schedule, standards and award arrangements will be consistent with those ofthe live competition.If contestants cannot participate in the quarterfinals in person, they can send audiovisual materials to theOrganizing Committee (they can either send the same works they used in the preliminary contest, or brand-newworks). The deadline for submitting audiovisual materials is August 27/2020.The grading result of the quarterfinals will be released on August 31/2020.

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionThe Third Round (Semi-finals)The semi-finals will be held in the GuangZhou Broadcasting Network Studio on October 2/2020.Winners will receive the prizes of gold, silver, bronze respectively. For contestants who are eligible tocompete in semi-final qualifications but cannot attend GZTV studio in person, they can choose to submitworks online instead. All contestants must provide different repertories or audiovisual materials forsemi-finals, they cannot perform/submit the same works from preliminary contest and quarterfinals.Also, the new works should better reflect contestants/groups’ professional skills.The competition will finish one cycle every two months (preliminary contest - quarter-finals - semifinals). All the deadlines for the year-round preliminary contests are August 25, October 2, December 2,February 2, April 2 and June 2. *The time schedule for subsequent quarterfinals and semi-finals will benotified in future.On October 3, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network will conduct a winners’ performance show.The online registration for the next preliminary contest will start on August 25 by submitting audiovisualmaterials.Around the New Year time of 2021, the winners from the first and second semi-finals will compete forthe TAIC 2020 annual champions. The final competition will be held in Guangzhou BroadcastingNetwork Studio.Registration Fees (Non-refundable):*The registration fees indicated below are in CNY and USD. Other currencies are also accepted based on real-timeexchange rates. Support WeChat and PayPal (International) online payments.Preliminary contest: 230 (CNY), 30 (USD)Quarterfinals: 580 (CNY), 80 (USD)Semi-finals: 880 (CNY), 120 (USD)Awards:First prize (gold award): 800 (Can convert to CNY)The winners will perform at the TAIC Winners’ Party in Guangzhou Broadcasting Network Studio.Second Prize (silver award): 400 (Can convert to CNY)The winners will perform at the TAIC Winners’ Party in Guangzhou Broadcasting Network Studio.Third prize (bronze award): 100 (Can convert to CNY)The winners will accept the awards at TAIC Winners’ Party. Their audiovisual materials will bebroadcast on TAIC program by Guangzhou Broadcasting Network.The awards of the most “beautiful male and female” contestants are specially set in this competition: 100 (Can convert to CNY)The winners will accept the awards at TAIC Winners’ Party. Their audiovisual materials will bebroadcast on TAIC program by Guangzhou Broadcasting Network.Contestants can choose to apply for Chinese Band Tests of Social Art Skills at the same time. Forcompetition items without social arts grading, contestants do not need to apply for the tests. The TAICOrganizing Committee reserves the right to repeal or amend in anyway, at any time or any of the rules atits absolute direction.Guangzhou Broadcasting NetworkGuangzhou Tiange Shangteng Culture and Art Development Co., Ltd.June 28, 2020

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionCompetition Catalogues:Vocal music:Popular, ethnic, Bel Canto, children’s voice, pop music, chorus, lyrics writitng, composition,etc.Instrumental music:A. Western musical instrumentalPiano, violin, saxophone, jazz drum, clarinet, oboe, flute, guitar, ukulele, etc.B. Ethnic musical instrumentalBamboo flute, Xiao, cucurbit flute, erhu fiddle, lute, Ruan, Zheng, Chinese dulcimer, etc.Dance, film and television performance:Ballet, folk dance, classical dance, hip-pop, host, short sketch, martial arts, recitation,storytelling, drama, theatre, opera, quyi, magic, etc.Painting and calligraphy:Calligraphy: regular script, official script, running script, tablet inscription of the NorthernDynasties, seal script and cursive script. Chinese painting: figure painting, landscapepainting, traditional Chinese realistic painting and freehand brushwork painting.Western painting: sketch, watercolor, gouache, print, cartoons, animation, decorativepainting, etc.Competition Groups:Children group: below 6 years oldJuvenile group A: (7-9 years old)Juvenile group B: (10-12 years old)Teen group A: (13-15 years old)Teen group B: (16-18 years old)Youth group: (19-35 years old)Adult group: above 35 years old

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionImplementation Plan for the Competitions in MainlandChina and Overseas Regions Round 1Preliminary contest: registration starts from today. Deadline of registration:August 24Quarterfinals: around August 31Semi-finals: around October 2Annual finals: around January 2021Special Statement:The Organizing Committee has the right to change the venue and theschedule of all events according to real-time situation. The winners’performances or audiovisual materials will be mix-edited as a 45 minvideo, and be broadcast on Guangzhou Broadcasting Network everyweek. Meanwhile, a 45-minute live recording of contestants’performances will be broadcast on the new media.Method and Criteria of Voting and Grading:The audience can vote online or offline to choose the most popularcontestant or group weekly and monthly.Audiences can vote according to the popularity of contestants/groups (canvote through WeChat voting system, live or online competitions), and selectthe Weekly Popularity Star. As for each month, a special promotionalprogram for the Monthly Popularity Star will be produced (the promotionalprogram will be broadcast online through WeChat Official Account, Tik Tok,Weibo, Tencent Video, etc.).One contestant/one group (multiple contestants) is counted as onecompetition set.During the show, the contestants can choose the repertory/program of theirperformances, and the judges will grade the performances independently andsimultaneously. Once the score sheets are submitted, the judges have no rightto amend them. In other words, the judges’ evaluation results are final.The contestants’ final scores are calculated on average---with the maximum score of9.90 and the minimum score of 8.01---with accuracy of two decimal points.The performances are graded respectively according to each competitioncatalogue. And the judges’ grading standard will refer to the following:professional techniques (7 points), stage manner (2 points) and etiquette (1point).

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionSome of The Jury MembersJincheng HuangProfessor of Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music and the master of Lingnan music

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionHuadong LyuChinese-American violinist and educatorIrma PicariFamous Italian pianist

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionBaoxun LiuHong Kong pianist with master’s degree in piano from Royal NorthernCollege of MusicYuqi LiaoWith a master’s degree from the Composition Department, Longy Schoolof Music of Bard College

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionBin LinChinese guzheng performer with a master’s degreefrom Shaanxi Normal UniversityQiaozheng MuOutstanding Chinese pipa player and teacher of Guangzhou Xinghai Conservatory of Music

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts CompetitionEdward Garcia CarlesSpanish pianistHotline:Teacher Fang: 189 2615 8703 Teacher Li: 134 2407 1141E-mail: [email protected] Official AccountScan it and add the WeChat account.

“Talented Artist” International Performance and Visual Arts Competition