UpgradingOld  MacsWith  SSDsOMUG Tech Tips 8/21/[email protected]/21/121

The  MacBookModel Name: Early 2008 MacBookModel Identifier: MacBook4,1Processor Name: Intel Core 2 DuoProcessor Speed: 2.4 GHzDisplay: 13”Memory: Previously upgraded to 6GB, but only 3GBis fully accessible Hard drive: 200GB 7200RPM Upgradable to Lion, but NOT Mountain Lion 8/21/122

The  Problem Installation of Lion resulted in much slowerperformance than previously with Snow Leopard. So, both iMacs still running Snow Leopard. Differences between Lion and Snow Leopard userinterfaces made switching between Macchallenging, especially in Mac Mail and Finder. MacBook to be used during three week vacation todo major upgrade of website. 200GB hard drive full, partly because of previousVMWare Fusion and Windows XP installation.8/21/123

DIY  Solution Remove existing 200GB hard drive Install 240GB SSD drive. Install fresh copy of SnowLeopard from CDROM. Install only needed applications and data Install removed 200GB hard drive inan enclosure that supports Firewire400/800 and USB 2.0. Previous data still accessible on backup drive.8/21/124

Software  Installation Fresh install of Snow Leopard O/S from my CDROM Downloaded updates from Apple Setup FileVault making sure I know the MasterPassword, because a software update caused myson in-law to lose data on my old iMac whenneither of us could remember the Master Password Installed Microsoft Office 11 from my CDROM Removed license from Adobe Illustrator on my oldHDD Installed Adobe Illustrator from my CDROM Installed iLife and iWorks from my CDROMs8/21/125

Data  and  SoftwareFile  Transfers Since the MacBook has a Firewire 400 interface,used a Firewire 400 to Firewire 800 cable to mountthe MacBook with the SSD as a drive on my 27”iMac using Command T. I transferred the files and some applications Ineeded using that interface. I mounted the removed HDD in the enclosure thathad both Firewire 400 and 800 interfaces andtransferred the files and some other applications. I also transferred files via my 1GB Ethernet switch, asfast, or faster than the Firewire8/21/126

How  It  Was  DoneAll parts and support from Other World Computing(OWC) DIY KIT: 240GB Mercury Electra 3G SSD OWC Onthe-Go FW800/USB 2.0 2.5" Enclosure Kit - 294.99 Two-day Shipping and Insurance - 10.79 OWC Installation Instruction Video - FreeNOTE: Pre 2010 Macs probably will not support 6Gtransfers and may have issues if a 6G SSD drive isinstalled, even though the price difference between3G and 6G SSD drives is minimal.8/21/127

ResultsUnbelievable performance enhancement in: Time to boot. Opening big apps like MS Word, Adobe Illustrator Opening web pages. Much longer battery life. MacBook now faster than 27 inch early 2009 iMacwith Intel i7 processor and 16GB of RAM. Outstanding performance in all aspects of website upgrade over a threeweek period of use.8/21/128

Now  for  the  Hard  Part8/21/129

Why  Didn’t  I  Use  Apple’sMigration  Assistant My understanding is that with Migration Assistantyou cannot select the applications and files youwant to migrate to the new computer. I wanted to only migrate some of the applicationsand data to the MacBook from its HDD. Forexample, I did not want to migrate any of theWindows XP applications and files from the VMWarefolder. Based upon the resulting challenges of doing itmanually, it might have been better to have usedMigration Assistant at least for the applications.8/21/1210

Moving  E- ‐‑mail  Files Transfer ng-apple-mail.htm tells how. Import mail boxes Mail File Import Mailboxes (notmentioned in the above link. Manually create your E-mail accounts using your oldsystem as a guide. Add signatures in Mac Mail Preferences Signatures. My import from my upgraded MacBook to myupgraded iMac had duplicates and E-mails with nomessageL .8/21/1211

Moving  iTunes  Music My music library mostly consists of CDs I had loaded.Copy files from old user Library Music iTunesMove copy to new user Library Music iTunesAuthorize your computer at the iTunes Store8/21/1212

MovingAddress  Book  FilesSince I was not changing O/S the move was easy: Copy files from old user Library ApplicationSupport AddressBook Move copy to new user Library ApplicationSupport AddressBook8/21/1213

Moving  iPhoto  Library I keep jpeg files from my digital cameras in thePhotos folder I import selected ones into iPhoto when I need todo something with them in iPhoto. I transferred the jpegs like any other files To transfer an iPhoto Library Copy files from old user Pictures iPhoto Library Move copy to new user Pictures iPhoto Library\8/21/1214

Sample  Performance Already demonstrated:o Initial boot upo Launching Microsoft PowerPoint and opening thispresentation Launching Adobe Illustrator and a document Launching Microsoft Word and a 10MB documentfull of high resolution 4”x5” Kodachrome sheet filmimages from the early days of World War II.They are available on a Russian Social Media site l?thread 226699148/21/1215

Next  Problem Neither my MacBook nor my first generation 24 inchiMac can be upgraded to Mountain Lion. Only 27” iMac with Intel i7 processor is upgradeableto Mountain Lion O/S incompatibility with other two Macs if itupgraded to Mountain Lion Main production computer (27” iMac with Intel i7processor) is now much slower than MacBook withSSD DIY Installation Kit not available for early 2009 27”iMacs.8/21/1216

Next  Solution Arranged for “Mac & PC Repair” at 1713 E. SilverSprings Blvd, Suite #1 ( to installSSD. Ordered same SSD, Enclosure from OWC & bracket Dropped off iMac prior to vacation They removed existing 1TB hard drive &installed it in 400/800/USB 2.0 enclosure They installed 240GB 3G SSD & Snow Leopard Upgraded iMac ready on my return from vacation Installation cost 225 plus 331.99 for hardware8/21/1217

ReconfiguredBackup  Drives The 3TB Firewire 800 Drive that hosted Time Machineand Carbon Copy Cloner for the 1TB HDD in the 27”iMac has much more space than needed for the240GB SSD. So, it now holds:oooo1.5TB TimeMachine1.0TB Carbon Copy Cloner300GB from 27” iMac’s HDD200GB from MacBook’s 200GB HDD The 1TB HDD with Firewire 400 from the 27” iMacnow hosts the MacBook’s Time Machine andCarbon Copy Cloner The 1TB HDD with USB2 is on Apple Airport Extremeas a network drive8/21/1218

Results Comparable incremental improvement in theiMac’s performance post modification to theimprovement seen in the MacBook. iMac has relatively little improved performance postmodification over the MacBook post modification. The iMac has a quad core 2.8 Intel Core i7 with16GB 1064 MH DDR3 memory. The MacBook has a 2.4 Intel Core 2 Duo with 6GB667 DDR2 SDRAM (limited to 3GB for most purposes). So, replacing the HDD with an SSD provides farbetter value than faster processors and memory.8/21/1219

One  Last  Thing Replacing the Apple with an SSD HDD in an iMaccauses the CPU fan to run at high speedcontinuously and noisily. L Some folks seem to have good luck with a simpleshorting of the thermal connector, which appears tojust convince the iMac that all temps are good andkeeps fans running at a low speed. L 29.95 HDD Fan Control Software Solution works asadvertised!J It also works on conventional HDDs.8/21/1220

Summary Total investment to upgrade two Macs each with 2.4GBSSDs 892.72 100 less than a 11” MacBook Air with 64GB SSD 1,000 less than a 13” MacBook Pro with 256GB SSD Retained existing optical drives in both computers Legacy data and applications still available Performance is better than any current Macs withoutSSDs and may be close to those with SSDs Single O/S across all three computers Relationship established with Local Apple AuthorizedRepair Facility, even though all three of my Macs arenow out-of-warranty8/21/1221

Caveats Performance with Lion installed might have beenmore acceptable loaded on an SSD. Lion user interface objections would have beeneliminated with changes in preferences Phil Davisidentified. Potential for eventual security and upgrade issuesand new features may force Lion upgrade whenApple stops issuing Snow Leopard patches.Still, SSD replacement gave substantially better value/ invested than memory upgrades on any of my threeMacs and SSD performance more important than fasterprocessors.8/21/1222