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1. Safety .32. Introduction. Your New Spray Gun . 4The 7700 AtomiZer & Turbine Systems . 4O.S. – Overspray Control/Texturing Feature. . . 5The 7700 AtomiZer As A Bleeder Type Spray Gun . 53. Setup. 63.1 Installing Air Relief Mechanism (Turbine Systems Only). 63.2 Installing And Using The O.S. (Overspray) Control. 73.3 Cup Assemblies And Turbine Air . 73.4 Installing A One Quart Cup Assembly (For Use With Turbine Air) 93.4.1 Installing A One Quart Cup Assembly (Turbine Air) .103.5 Assembly Of Your Pressure Pot System . 123.6 The 7700 AtomiZer & Compressed Air . 133.7 Preparation Of 7700 AtomiZer For Production Spraying . 193.8 Installing Cup Air Regulator And Gauge (Compressor Only). 203.9 Using Your 7700 AtomiZer With An Optional Handle Air Regulator. . 204. Operation. 214.1 Spray Patterns . 214.2 Spray Gun Technique . 224.3 Using The 7700 AtomiZer With A Turbine System . 234.4 Using The 7700 AtomiZer With Compressed Air . 234.5 Selecting Nozzles, Needles And Air Caps . 244.6 Understanding Your Viscosity Meter . 254.7 Know Your Coating Properties . 254.8 Apollo HVLP Turbine Properties. 264.9 Cleaning Your 7700 AtomiZer Spray Gun . 265. Record Of Spray Gun Use . 316. Record Of Spray Gun Maintenance . 317. Troubleshooting . 328. Diagram & Parts List. 339. Warranty . 382

1. SafetyRead all instructions and safety precautions before operation.Indicates a hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, will result in death or serious injury.Indicates a hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in death or serious injury.Indicates a hazardous situation, which, if not avoided, could result in minor or moderate injury.NOTICEIndicates a situation that could result in damage to the equipment or other property. Risk of fire or explosion! Solvent and paint fumes can explode or ignite,causing severe injury and property damage. Paints and solvents containing HALOGENATED HYDROCARBONS can reactexplosively with aluminum. Always check the product’s label before usingthese materials in the unit. Hazardous vapors: Paint, solvents, insecticides and other materials may beharmful if inhaled, causing severe nausea, fainting or poisoning. Make sure the room is well ventilated. Avoid all ignition sources, such asstatic electricity, sparks, open flames, hot objects, sparks from connectingand disconnecting power cords, and working light switches. Follow the material and solvent manufacturers’ safety precautions andwarnings. Do not use liquids with flash points less than 100 F (38 C). Static electricity can be produced by HVLP spraying. Make sure anyelectrically conductive object being sprayed is grounded to prevent staticsparking. The sprayer is grounded through the electrical cord to preventstatic sparking. Use a respirator or mask whenever there is a chance that vapors may beinhaled. Read all instructions with the mask to ensure that the mask willprovide the necessary protection against the inhalation of harmful vapors.NOTICETipping the spray gun causes the spray gun to clog. Dried spray material also clogs the pressuredelivery tube and fittings. The spray gun does not function when clogging occurs.3

2. IntroductionYou are about to experience a unique, superb performingTrueHVLP spray gun. The Apollo 7700 AtomiZer offersthe most modern and advanced HVLP technology availabletoday. Special features are our new Xpansive Fan Control,and MicroTech Atomization Technology. Please take a fewminutes to read about these features so that you canexperience the ease and benefits of TrueHVLP sprayfinishing. The Apollo 7700 AtomiZer spray gun comes pretested and packaged in a custom spray gun case for properstorage and protection.You should have the following items in the case: A 7700 AtomiZer spray gun with 1.0mm nozzle andneedle paired with a “B” Air Cap (Gold) installed. Wrench (Spanner) Cleaning Brush Air Feed Connector (#22) Non-return valve 1 x 1 quart (1 liter) cup top gasket OR 1 x 250cc/600cc/1000cc (dependent on the cup size) cup top gasket OR 1 x 8ounce cup top gasket Sample bottle – spray gun lube Instruction manual2.1 About Your New Spray GunThe Apollo 7700 AtomiZer HVLP spray gun is a multi-use, multi-purpose HVLP spray gun. The 7700 AtomiZer will operateon most professional HVLP turbine systems or as a TrueHVLP spray gun on any air compressor (3hp – 20 gal [75 liter]tank or larger). The 7700 AtomiZer is designed to operate as a production spray gun from a fluid feed system, a bottommounted cup gun or as a top mounted cup gun.2.2 The 7700 AtomiZer & Turbine SystemsThe 7700 AtomiZer is a standard turbine spray gun – non-bleed type. When the turbine is turned on, NO air will flow throughthe spray gun. When the trigger is partially pulled, air will flow through the air cap. When the trigger is fully pulled, paint willflow through the nozzle (tip) to meet the air flow, atomize and project to your work surface. It is most important that yourturbine system be equipped with a proper internal air relief valve tohandle the back pressure when the trigger is released and the turbineis running.All Apollo models manufactured after 2007 which includes; 725, 825, 835,835VR, 1025, 1035, 1040VR, 1050, 1050VR, Power-3, Power-4, Power-5,Precision-5 and Precision-6 are equipped with an internal air relief valve. Allother Apollo models manufactured prior to 2007 and not previously listed willrequire an external relief valve that must be attached to the air outlet on theturbine before using the 7700 Atomizer spray gun. Failure to install partnumber A7538A when using the 7700 AtomiZer spray gun with older turbinesystems can cause premature failure of the turbine motor due to excessiveback pressure and will void your warranty.If you are using the Apollo 7700 AtomiZer spray gun with a turbine system other than one manufactured by APOLLO, it isadvised to inquire with the turbine manufacturer to determine if your unit is configured to accept a non-bleed spray gun. Ifyou are not sure, or if you cannot get accurate information it is strongly advised that you install Apollo part number A7538prior to using the 7700 AtomiZer spray gun.4

2.3 O.S. – Overspray Control/Texturing FeatureThe O.S. control will permit the safe reduction of air flow and air pressure from the turbine, when necessary. The O.S. controlshould be used if an extremely thin coating or low viscosity product is being sprayed and you desire to reduce atomizingpressure to achieve maximum efficiency and the least amount of overspray for your turbine unit. The O.S. control can alsobe used to create a textured or splatter effect with selected coatings.NOTE: O.S. Control is not needed when using an 835VR, 1050VR or Precision 5 variable speedturbine system.2.4 The 7700 AtomiZer As A Bleeder Type Spray GunWith the appropriate optional adapter, the 7700 AtomiZer can be operated as a bleeder type spray gun. Note there is ablanking cap (#12B page 33) above the material adjusting screw (#19, page 33), this is where the upper port air hose coupler(#12C, page 33) fits. Make sure you also blank the bottom of the handle with part (#28, page 33). This arrangement willbypass the non-bleeder valve assembly and allow you to operate your 7700T spray gun as a “bleeder” style gun.Sometimes it’s not convenient to have the hose connected to the bottom of the handle. This option also allows you to holdthe hose in a different position, by connecting your air hose to the top of the spray head and running the hose over yourshoulder. This is especially nice when spraying, hoods on cars, tables, or inside bathtubs.5

3. Setup3.1 Installing Air Relief Mechanism (Turbine Systems Only)As previously noted, Apollo Models 725, 825, 835, 835VR, 1025, 1035, 1040VR,1050, 1050VR, Power Series and Precision Series have an air relief mechanisminternally installed and DO NOT require an external air relief mechanism. Allother Apollo Models require the installation of Apollo Part # A7538A to the turbineair outlet prior to operating The AtomiZer 7700 spray gun.The air relief mechanism Part #A7538A must also be installed on ANY MAKEturbine system that does not have an air relief mechanism installed. If using witha system other than Apollo, please check with the manufacturer to determine ifa non-bleed spray gun can be safely operated on your system. If not, install Part#A7538A before operating the 7700 AtomiZer spray gun.A7538To install Part #A7538A Air Relief Mechanism, first locate and remove the Air Hose Quick Connect.Second, screw the air relief mechanism onto the turbine air outlet. Third, screw the Air Hose Quick Connect onto the AirRelief Mechanism. Make sure to install the Air Relief Mechanism with the bleed hole pointing upwards. Failure to do so, willblow dust and dirt around on the floor while you are spraying.6

3.2 Installing And Using The O.S. (Overspray) ControlTo install the optional O.S. control follow these steps:1. Remove the Upper Port Cap (12B, Page 33) and screw O.S. controlin its place.2. Rotate the O.S. control air flow screw counterclockwise (anticlockwise) to its full open position. It is now ready to use.Keep the O.S. control in the full open position when not in use. Rotatethe O.S. Control air flow screw counterclockwise (anti-clockwise) until itstops, this is its full open position.To operate, turn the air flow control screw clockwise at least 2/3 of the wayin. Test spray to see if the reduced flow of air reduces overspray/pressureto your desire. If not, continue to rotate the air flow control screw until thedesired results are achieved. Be sure that you still have enough pressureto atomize your coating to provide a good quality finish. If not, increase theair flow by turning the screw counterclockwise until you feel you have themost efficient results.To create a textured or splattered paint effect, turn the air control screw all the way closed (clockwise). Do not thin yourpaint, or if you have to, thin it very slightly to permit it to flow. Hold the spray gun further back from the work piece than younormally would for regular finish spraying, at least 8” or more. You should now have a splatter effect. Adjust paint viscosityaccordingly to produce desired particle size.In order to properly protect your turbine, you cannot completely shut off the air flow with the OS Control.If you still feel that you are experiencing overspray, please refer to your instruction manual or to our website FAQ pages foradditional information.3.3 Cup Assemblies and Turbine AirA variety of cup assemblies are available for the 7700 AtomiZer.An 8oz. (250cc) mini-cup assembly can be installed onthe 7700 AtomiZer spray gun when smaller quantitiesof material are to be sprayed or when a smaller cupassembly is desired.You can install a standard 1 quart (1 liter) cupassembly to the 7700 AtomiZer spray gun.7

A 3oz (88cc) super-mini cup assembly can be installed on the 7700 for even smaller quantities of material or for compliancewith local regulations.A top mounted gravity cup can also be used. Apollo offers a 250cc, 600cc and 1000cc top mounted cup.250cc Cup600cc Cup1000cc CupThe 7700 AtomiZer can also be used as a production spray gun in conjunction with any size pressure pot. Apollo offers a 2quart (2 liter), a 2.5 gallon (10 liter), and 10 gallon (37 liter) pressure pot (not shown).8

3.4 Installing A One Quart Cup Assembly (For Use With Turbine Air)To install a standard 1 quart (1 liter) cup assembly to the 7700 AtomiZer turbine spray gun follow these simple instructions:1. Locate the cap (#11, page 33) that blanks the material connector not being used and makesure that it is installed on the top material connection (#30, page 33).2. Screw the cups center bolt to the material connector (#29, page 33), finger tight.3. Locate the brass air feed nipple on the cup top and rotate the cup lid sothat the brass nipple is in