DA 5 BLOODSWritten ByKevin Willmott & Spike LeeRevisions ByMatt BillingslyWritten ByDanny Bilson & Paul DeMeo7TH REVISION - SALMONMarch 11th, In Da Year Of Our Lawd Two Thousand And Nineteen40 Acres And A Mule FilmworksDa Peoples Republic Of Brooklyn

ii.Dear Beloved,The Soul, The Spirit And Conscious Of This Script DA 5 BLOODS Is OurBrother MARVIN GAYE'S OPUS - WHAT'S GOING ON. All Of The Songs On ThisG.O.A.T Album Will Be Interwoven Into The Fabric Of This Joint. AsMarvin Said "In 1969 Or 1970, I Began To Reevaluate My Whole Concept OfWhat I Wanted My Music To Say. I Was Very Affected By Letters MyBrother (Frankie - Who Did 3 Tours In Vietnam) Was Sending Me FromVietnam, As Well As The Social Situation Here At Home. I Realized ThatI Had To Put My Own Fantasies Behind Me If I Wanted To Write Songs ThatWould Reach The Souls Of People. I Wanted Them To Take A Look At WhatWas Happening In The World". WHAT'S GOING ON Would Most Def Be TheVinyl That Was Spinning In The Homes Of Our BLACK VIETNAM VETS LikePAUL, OTIS, MELVIN, EDDIE And NORMAN, When DA 5 BLOODS Returned FromThe War To The War At Home. Peace And Love. Onward And Upward,Kevin Willmott and Spike Lee.


Under A BLACK SCREEN The Hip Sound Of The Legendary 1971Classic Song, Marvin Gaye’s “INNER CITY BLUES.” CreditsBegin.FADE IN:OVERTURE OPERATIC MONTAGEI Take A Lot Of Pride And Care With The Opening CreditsSequences Of My Joints Over The Last 4 Decades. I See It AsAn Opportunity To Get The Audiences Mindset In Tune With TheStory That Will Follow. It Is Much More To Me Than JustPutting Credits On The Screen. Who’s In It? Who Did This? WhoDid That?This Joint DA 5 BLOODS Will Open In That Same Spirit Of MO’BETTER BLUES, DO THE RIGHT THING, MALCOLM X, 25TH HOUR AndNow BLACKKKLANSMAN. It Will Be A Collage Of Images Of AllThings That Make Up This Crazy, Insane, Upside Down, TopsyTurvy Unjust World We All Live In Today. As MARVIN GAYE SangOn SAVE THE CHILDRENCU - WHAT’S GOING ON - ALBUM COVERMARVIN GAYEI Just Wanna Ask A QuestionWho Really Cares?To Save A World In DespairWho Really Cares?When This Opening Credit Sequence Has Concluded TheAudiences’ Mind Will Be Right, Onboard, Strapped In TIGHT ForThis RIDE To Follow. TRUST.TITLE: DA 5 BLOODS

2.1INT. TAXI - HO CHI MINH CITY - VIETNAM - DAY1OTIS, A youthful 69, The Rock Solid, Medic of The Squad, hekept them all alive. A Family Man who recently lost his Wifeto Breast Cancer. He’s now alone and lonely. In the back seatwith him is PAUL, 69, Stormin’ Norman’s Main Man, now full ofBlue Collar resentment. He has a paranoid intensity and aHair Trigger Temper that’s only grown worse with age.OTISTwenty hours in the air. My BlackAss is officially kicked.Otis rotates his stiff neck and arches his sore back. He popsa Pill chasing it with bottled water.PAULCan’t believe we back in Dis Bitch,Saigon.OTISNo Saigon. Ho Chi Minh City, Baby.Paul and Otis looking out at how the City has changed.Skyscrapers, Office buildings. A New Modern Beautiful City!PAULDamn Hands sweatin’. Ain’t felt disway since the last time I was “InCountry.”OTISHey, you the one suddenly got allGung Ho about returning. You knew Ialways had my reasons to come back.PAULYeah, times running out. Wegetting no younger. I Dreamdis damn place every night.this’ll put my PTSD Shit inain’taboutMaybecheck.OTISTell me ‘bout it.PAULY’know, Man, my memories grow oldwit’ me.OTISWhat do you mean?

3.PAULDa incidents never change, but Ido. I age within da memory.Otis listens. You can see he is realizing it too.OTISYeah, weird, like the memorychanges with you. Like an update.PAULShit always stays current. I can’tget this Country out my head, nowhere I am, back in dis God forsakenplace of my own Free Will.OTISI recall back in 68’ somebodytellin’ me he volunteered to servehis “Country, Tis Of Thee.”Paul has to grin.PAULSee you remember dat Shit.OTISOh Yeah, that’s when we knew likeRichard Pryor said. Dat Niggascrazy.PAULYou got to understand back then, Iwas Young, Cock Strong, Dumb as aRock. There’s a reason dey don’tsend Old Men to Fight in The War.OTISWe wouldn’t go.PAULYou damn right. We know Death isReal. When you Young, you think youAin’t Never Gonna’ Die.Paul hands Otis something. We don’t see it. Otis looks at it,then he looks at Paul, who remains silent. Otis slips theenvelope in his jacket looking out at the passing City.OTISYeah, War is hell. I just keeptellin’ myself. We’re doin’ it forNorman.

4.2INT. HOTEL MAJESTIC - HO CHI MINH CITY - VIETNAM - DAY2EDDIE, also 69, was one of the few Black BattlePhotographers. He’s dressed in affluent Southwest style,owner of a string of Car Dealerships, who has gone throughnumerous Wives and Gallons of Courvoisier. He gives Paul aBig Bear Hug longing for a Bloods Reunion for years. Eddiedoes however have one pronounced FLAW, He is Pigeon Toed - ALOT. Da Bloods DAP each other up.Gawwwdamn!EDDIEMELVINDamn, Eddie. You still Pigeon Toed.Couldn’t get that fixed?EDDIEDecided not to. Why Bother? DaLadies Love It. And also did y’knowJackie Robinson, John Elway,Agassi, Messi, Neymar, Mookie andMichael Jordan are Pigeon Toed too?MELVIN, 65, so desperate to enlist he lied about his age,then learned War Kills and developed a “Live For Today”selfish attitude that made him among things a Pussy Hound. Hedresses and acts way too Hip for his age. He nears Otisbreaking into a elaborate “Dap” handshake from Back In DaDay. They all laugh! Melvin holds his hand up to give Paulsome “Dap.”PAULI can’t remember none of datFoolishness.They hug. It’s an Explosive Reunion as Otis and Paul greetMelvin and Eddie after so many years.EDDIEMan, it’s good to see ya’ll!!!OTISCan you believe dis Shit?MELVINI’m tellin’ ya! It’s a Stone ColdTrip US bein’ back in Country.MAN!!!OTISYeah, we stepped off dat Plane andthat Heat slapped us right upsideda head just like back in ‘68.

5.EDDIEBrother Man, We are back!!!MELVINDa Bloods iz back!!!PAULDa Five Bloods don’t die, We justMultiply!Melvin does a SLAP shake with Otis. Otis corrects.OTISSoon to be Five.A joyous moment of silence.Amen.MELVINANGLE - CHECK IN DESKEddie SNAPS photos of the Bloods with his Nikon Camera. It’sthe same one he had during his Stint in Nam.OTISSee you still at it.Eddie nears the Hotel Counter.OTIS (CONT’D)What happened to all those picturesyou took Back in the Day?EDDIEHad some Exhibits. Officially theywere the U.S. Army’s not mine.Eddie hands Otis a B/W Photo. Otis is immediately moved.OTISCheck this out.Melvin and Paul gather around seeing.A PHOTO of STORMIN’ NORMAN in his Hooch. On his Wicker ChairThrone, M-16 in one hand like a Black Panther Huey P. Newton.MELVINDAMN! Brother Man in all his Glory.Paul stares at it longer than the others.

6.Eddie SLAPS his American Express Black Card down speaking toThe Hotel Clerk KMUE.EDDIESir, make sure all Four of TheRooms are on My Card.PAULNo Thank You. I’m good.EDDIEOn me. Remember?PAULNo, I got mines.EDDIEWhat? Come on, we agreed.OTIS.We talked about this.PAULI’m not your Welfare Charity Case.EDDIENobody said that.PAULWe all know yo’ Black Ass Dabiggest Car Dealership in DaFuckin’ World. Keep your money.EDDIEI see your Head is still Hard asHell.PAULLike My Swanson Johnson.EDDIEYou haven’t changed one bit.3INT. APOCALYPSE NOW CLUB - NIGHT3A large picture of Marlon Brando from The Film Poster ofApocalypse Now. It is all Surreal. A mix of Locals andTourists on the Dance Floor. Marvin Gaye’s GOT TO GIVE IT UPBlasts from The Speakers. The Bloods stand there looking atit all like Brothers From Another Planet. The Disco lightingbouncing off their faces. DA BLOODS start to Dance to ThePatio.

7.4EXT. PATIO - APOCALYPSE NOW CLUB - NIGHT4The crowded Dining area is lit by hanging Paper Lanterns. TheThumping Bass bleeding out from The Club. The 4 Comrades inarms sit around a table drinking and catching up.MELVINY’know I got an eight year old Son.Shows them a Photo of Cissy and his Son, Melvin Jr. on hisphone.MELVINI got Thug-Ass Hardheads moving inmy Hood. Cissy wants to move.PAULYou got a Piece for protection?MELVINOh I do. Gotta Side Piece.Melvin shows the Boys a photo of his Side Thing on his phone.A healthy YOUNG Black Woman in a Sexy Provocative Pose.Damn!OTISEDDIEBeing The Pussy Hound Yo Ass isnow, it’s hard to believe you was adamn Virgin when you came to Nam.Melvin checks out a couple of Very Pretty Vietnamese Womenwalking into The Club. They eye him back.MELVINYeah, lost my innocence here. But Igained my skills. HA! What are wedoin’ out here? Action’s backinside!!!EDDIEWe couldn’t hear each other talk!!!MELVINTalk? We can talk later!!!OTISWe’re meeting our Guide out here.PAULWe wasn’t nuthin’ but Babies backthen. And Melvin You still one!!!

8.MELVINFuck you, I ain’t never gettin’old. Not like ya’ll. Hell No. I’m aLive in The Club until My Pete’sNull and Void, then I hope theymanufacture some Atomic Viagra toresuscitate my Wood, make it BUKKOGOOD!!!Even Paul has to laugh.ANGLE - PATIOA Very Small Vietnamese Boy, HUY Age 10 hobbles to Da Bloodson a makeshift crutch. His whole right leg is missing. Huygoes directly to Paul holding a tin Cup in front of his Face.HUYTien xin ngài(Money Please Sir).PAULKid, Get outta here.HUYTien xin ngài.(Money Please Sir).PAULDey got no age limit in a Bar herein Nam?Huy moves closer to Paul.HUYTien xin ngài.(Money Please Sir). USA!!! USA!!!Paul Screams at Huy.PAULI said Get Outta here, KID. GOAWAY. FUCKOUTTAHERE!!!Huy starts to cry.OTISHey. Leave him alone.Otis collects Dollar Bills from Da Bloods stopping at Paul.CLOSE - 2 SHOT OTIS and PAUL

9.OTIS (CONT’D)C’mon Bro. Give it up.Paul digs into his pants and reluctantly pulls out a 20.Which Otis grabs and gives to The Kid.Paul watches Huy hobble away, still crying.PAULEddie what you gonna’ do with yourshare? Buy another Yacht?EDDIEIt's a Sailboat.PAULMaybe you ought to get one of thosePrivate Jets.EDDIEI came here to find Stormin’Norman. I don't really care aboutThe Money.PAULNigga Pleeeeze.EDDIEOh yeah, right, you’re the only oneloved Stormin’ Norman.PAULNo but your Shit is suspect cuz’you’re one of dem High Fa’lootin’Kapernick, Obama Nigga’s alwayscomplain’ and takin’ a Knee, ICan’t Breathe, shoutin’ Black Livesthis and White Supremacy that. Timefor your Type to take some damnresponsibility.EDDIEThank you Agent Orange. PunIntended!!!PAULWhen we got back to the World allwe got was a hard damn time. Ibought into dat Obama Bullshit, howdid your Life change? Yeah, Right!Well, time to get the Free Loadin’Immigrants off our backs. Niggasbetter Wake Da Fuck Up wit DaQuickness.

10.OTISYou voted for President Fake BoneSpurs?PAULYeah, I voted for him.MELVINGet da’ Fuck outta here!EDDIEYou gotta’ be kiddin’. Ain’t dat aBitch.OTISI thought that was You, thatGrinnin’ Ass Negro they always putin the front behind Trump at thoseRallies.PAULFuck you, Otis. You think you sogoddamn smart.OTISYou watch that Fox News Bullshit?PAULAnd you must watch that CNN, MS.Miss Da Damn Point. Fake news.Eddie and Melvin can’t believe he is into this.PAUL (CONT’D)I’m tired of not gettin’ mine. Ibeen Fucked my whole Goddamn Life.Otis, I’m plan on doin’ for me.Before it’s too late.Eddie stands with his drink.EDDIEMan, I called some Kid “Brother”the other day and he looked like hewanted to Fuckin’ kill me. Listento us. Each one of us out forourselves now. Back in the Daybeing a Brother meant something. Wefought against The Man. We lovedeach other! We became Ace Boon CoonBlood Brothers in that Damn Jungle!PAULStormin’ Norman demanded it!

11.Otis stands, also declaring The Mission.OTISDamn right he did! We died for aCause that wasn’t ours, for Rightswe didn’t have. This time! We do itfor a Brotherhood we done forgot.EDDIE.But God willing, never lost.They DAP UP as Otis sees VINH TRAN, their Vietnamese GUIDE,he walks up shaking Otis’ hand with a warm smile.OTISBloods, this is our Guide Vinh.VINHGentleman, welcome back to Vietnam.ANGLE - PATIO TABLEVinh is seated with the others. He opens a Folder, passingaround printed itineraries.VINH (CONT’D)I still think hiking into TheJungle without me as your Guide isa Big mistake.Da Bloods look over the itinerary, satisfied.PAULWe know dat Jungle.VINHYou have the necessary Documents?Otis pulls out an Envelope and removes Two Sheets of paper.He passes them to Vinh.OTISFrom The Pentagon and TheVietnamese Government. We locateNorman’s remains, DPM Double A willsend a Recovery Team to bring himHome.PAUL.Arlington National Cemetery.Paul isn’t listening. He’s watching a GROUP of SIX VIETNAMESEMEN, 70’s, at a nearby table. The Men stare back.

12.PAULWhat da Fuck do dey want?Everyone looks over. One of the Vietnamese Men waves to Paul.Chill.MELVINDUC, A WAITER approaches with a round of Drinks, and sayssomething to Vinh in Vietnamese.VINHThose Gentlemen would like to buyus a round. They are Former VietCong and welcome you back to theirCountry.Da Bloods all turn to the former VC Soldiers. A VIETNAMESEMale NGUYEN, HOUANG in a WHEELCHAIR next to him, they nodrespectfully to them.VINHOne of them is my Cousin Nguyen andmy Father’s younger Brother.EDDIEBut you are from the South.VINH.And they fought for the North.Nguyen does Tours for NorthVietnamese Tourists.Nguyen smiles, he raises his glass again.VINH (CONT’D)It turned Vietnamese Familiesagainst Vietnamese Families.The Former V.C. Raise their glasses to the Bloods. Eddie,Otis and Melvin toast their drinks in return but not Paul.Paul.OTISPAULFor all we know, one of those Gookszapped Norm.Otis sees everyone on the Patio is watching with interest.The slur doesn’t slip by Vinh.OTISRaise your Goddamn glass.

13.Paul sighs then halfheartedly raises his glass.5EXT. APOCALYPSE NOW CLUB - NIGHT5Da 4 Bloods come out of The Club an