Area 50 Summary of 70th General Service ConferenceAgenda Items and BackgroundOrganization of this document is by Conference Committee, of which there are da - page 2CPC - page 14 & 35Corrections - page 16Finance - page 16Grapevine - page 17Literature - page 18Policy/Admissions - page 24Public Information - page 26Report and Charter - page 30Treatment and Accessibilities- page 32Trustees - page 34Archives- page 35International Conventions/Regional Forums - page 35Our Delegate has been assigned to the Agenda Committee in the Conference. The seven (7)agenda items for this committee are in the first section below, beginning on page 2. See thearrow icon () in the items below which point to the items on which our Delegate could useyour group’s input.Please let our Delegate know your input by emailing it to him at:[email protected] you would like any additional information on the items, please visit the Area 50Website: you to the following who helped read and summarized (these are summaries, not ouropinions) over 1068 pages of background material:Anthony L., Chuck P., Derek H., Desiree W., Hannah W., Jill N., Matt T., Mike R., Lisa S.,Olivia C., Patrick, Pete W., Rob F., Stephanie F., and Tom Z.And a separate thank you to our Web Chair, Tom C., for organizing and uploading theinformation on the Area Website and doing all the other tech-y stuff we don’t understand!Yours in Love and Service,Hank K., DelegatePanel 70, Area 50, Agendap[email protected] M., Alternate DelegatePanel 70, Area 50, [email protected] of 42

I. AgendaA. Review suggestions for the theme of the 2021 General Service Conference- TheConference Agenda Committee recommends a theme for the following year’s Conference.Ideally, this is a theme that the Area and AA as a whole can focus on for the entire year.Ideas are:1.Our Singleness of Purpose2.12 x 12 x 123.A.A. Staying relevant for the generations to come4.Our Primary Purpose5.Trudging!6.Happier, More Joyous, Free-er7.We know very little8.Our Three Legacies9.Our Past, Stepping Stones for Our Future10.Carrying the Message: Today and Tomorrow11.Working with others inside and outside the rooms12.Our COMMON Welfare.13.One Alcoholic helping another Alcoholic like no one else can14.The attached string (A.A. Comes of Age, page 280, para 1 – 3)15.Our 3 Legacies: Does Recovery Come First?16.Our 3 Legacies: Recovery then Unity then Service?17.Our 3 Legacies: Can unity or Service Exist without Recovery?18.Unity: A.A. Fellowship & the GSC19.Autonomy: A.A. Fellowship & General Service20.Autonomy: Unity, Humility, Authority21.Unity: Group Autonomy & A.A. as a whole2 of 42Check thesetopics out and let ourDelegate (Hank K.) knowwhat you think would bethe best theme for the2021 General ServiceConference!

22.Being financially responsible at the group level23.How to be inclusive and still retain our singleness of purpose24.How can we stay current without losing our history?25.Three legacy sponsorship: leading us into the future by remembering where we come from26.Inform, Involve, Inspire27.By Faith & By Works (***note this is the other part of the 1951 theme)28.Home Groups/ The Beginning29.Principles over Personalities30.Home Group – The Heartbeat of A.A.31.Twelve points to assure our Future32.Our Literature – Preserving the A.A. Message33.Beyond Love and Service – Sacrifice34.Trauma and Recovery35.Trauma and Addiction36.Holding Fast to traditions37.Being a Good role model for New Members38.Encouraging service at the District and Area Levels39.The A.A. Home Group40.A.A. and other Organizations41.Unity – One Solution. One message42.Rigorous Honesty43.Unity - Service - Recovery44.Interpersonal - Collective – Self45.Our Unshakeable Foundation – Preserving It46.Our Three Legacies in Action – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow3 of 42

47.Practicing the Principles – Preserving our Fellowship48.H.O.W. It Works49.Attraction Rather than Promotion50.Emotional Sobriety – To Serve A.A. Better51.This Colossus of Communication52.Always Inclusive, Never Exclusive53.Working with Others54.Drop of Participation and participants during meetings55.Our People, Our Places, Our Participation & Our Progress56.The 12 Concepts57.The Members, The Meetings, The Magic58.A.A. Services – It Begins as an Experiment and ends as an Experience(Inspired by the 1st GSC theme: 1951 – Genuine Faith – It Begins as an Experiment and Ends as anExperience)59.HOW It Works – Honesty Openness and Willingness60.Back to the Basics61.Where It All Began62.HALT – Humility, Acceptance, Love and Tolerance63.Recovery & Unity Service64.Consider a request to discuss the exclusionary language in Grapevine Inc. Examples include: ThePreamble’s use of ‘men and women,’ the use of language such as ‘transgendered’ in countless pamphlets,including Sober and Out; lack of transgender stories in The Grapevine, our meeting in print; and more” fordiscussion as part of all the suggested Themes, Presentation/Discussion, and Workshop ideas for the 2021Conference. The committee suggests the Conference committee consider broadening the focus of theexclusionary language topic.B. Likewise, the Agenda Committee selects presentation/discussion topics for the Conference.These topics will be available to us all as they will appear in the Final Report for the 71stGeneral Service Conference (2021). Suggested ideas are:1.Dealing with people in meetings with problems other than alcohol2.Foundation of Service4 of 42

3.Maintaining love and tolerance throughout A.A. Groups4.How to reach the new generations5.Does Recovery Come First?6.Recovery then Unity then Service?7.What is My Message?8.Who defines “the Message”?9.What is my group’s message?10.Principle into action: staying relevant11.Finding and reaching the problem drinker12.Our COMMON Welfare. One Alcoholic helping another Alcoholic like no one else can13.A True Fellowship14.Strong as the Weakest Link15.Seeking the Light16.Insulation Against Anarchy17.Unity: A.A. Literature & Tradition Four18.Tradition Four: Group Conscience, Autonomy, Humility19.Unity: Our Common Welfare should come first20.What is the purpose of an A.A. Group?21.What is the difference between carrying THE message and carrying MY message?22.How can we better convey the meaning of the Responsibility Pledge?23.What are our Three legacies?24.Service, Sponsorship, repairing the broken link in the three-legacy chain.25.How will the three legacies help me to better do my 12-step work26.A.A. General Service: Check thesepresentation/discussiontopics out and let ourDelegate (Hank) knowwhat presentation topicsyou think are mostappropriate for AA - we’llget to read about them inthe 2021 GSC FinalReport !Inform: How to develop an informed group conscience5 of 42

Involve: How to encourage participation (inactive groups and districts) Inspire: How to sponsor into service27.From 1951 to 2021 the changes in A.A. fellowship and G.S.O. and the foundations or things that have notchanged in A.A. fellowship and G.S.O that continue to provide unity.28.What are upcoming and exciting things for the future of G.S.O.29.Home Groups: - Our Mission – carrying the message to “alcoholics” (nonalcoholics should not have theprivilege of speaking at meetings)30.Principles over Personalities: The Principles of A.A. The Traditions The Concepts31.Our Literature – Preserving the A.A. Message32.Twelve points to assure our Future33.Do I Carry the A.A. Message or My Own?34.The Spiritual and Practical Benefits of a Prudent Reserve35.Carrying the message outside of A.A.36.Group Inventory37.Business meetings38.When apathy leads to becoming a Dark District39.What is the common solution and why it is important40.Why ALL the Traditions are still relevant41.Practicing the principles and the solution as a pathway to unity42.Sponsorship43.Our Singleness of Purpose44.Language of the Heart45.Self-Reflection – Hidden Motives6 of 42

46.Where does personal honesty fit in with service to the group47.Uncovering Hidden Motives and Agendas - Radical Honesty; Radical Acceptance48.Cross-Cultural Communications – Finding Connections49.Upside Down Triangle50.How to Proactively Communicate with Attraction51.Attraction Rather than Promotion – at the Individual Level52.Emotional Sobriety – Attraction for the Newcomers53.Service Sponsorship54.Find Inner Peace55.Emotional Sobriety – Attraction from Unity56.Emotional Sobriety – to give weight to the Traditions. (i.e., to make them moreimportant) and to live the Steps57.Recovery: Our lives have depended on Communication (from Our GreatResponsibility, p. 101)58.Unity: Our unity depends on Communication (from Our Great Responsibility, p.101)59.Service: Our function depends on Communication (from Our Great Responsibility,p. 101)60.Cultural Diversity – Who is not in the room and Why Not?61.Traditional Sponsorship – when face to face is not possible, making the approach62.Lack of members for responsibility and for supporting63.Speaker on the topic – Our People, Our Places, Our Participation & Our Progress64.The Original Manuscript (the book that started it all)65.History is Now: How will Actions taken Today impact A.A. Tomorrow?66.Digital Communications at the Speed of A.A.67.Action to Faith – Where Services and Spirituality Mix68.Rule 627 of 42

69.Safety in A.A. – Don’t be silent, say something70.The Recovery Plane comes before the service and material plane71.Literature at A.A. meetings – What do we read, and do we change it when we read it aloud?72.72. Anonymity vs. Technology73.Communication Leadership – An Ever-Vital Need74.Prudence – A Way to Achieve Spiritual Progress75.Freedom to Serve – Freedom to Live and Love Unconditionally76.Sacrifice – Opens the Door to Unity77.Consider a request to discuss the exclusionary language in Grapevine Inc. Examples include: ThePreamble’s use of ‘men and women,’ the use of language such as ‘transgendered’ in countless pamphlets,including Sober and Out; lack of transgender stories in The Grapevine, our meeting in print; and more” fordiscussion as part of all the suggested Themes, Presentation/Discussion, and Workshop ideas for the 2021Conference. The committee suggests the Conference committee consider broadening the focus of theexclusionary language topic.C. Likewise, the Conference Agenda Committee reviews workshop topic ideas for the 2021General Service Conference. The summary of the discussions from each workshop will beavailable to us in the Final Report of the 71st General Service Conference (2021). Workshopideas are:1.Dealing with meeting attendees from drug courts2.How a concept relates to a tradition or step (Ex. Concept 1 w/ Tradition 1)3.How “appropriate” is harming groups and the members4.Why A.A. isn’t judge, jury, and executioner of its members5.Building Participatory Activities into Communications6.Singleness of Purpose7.Traditions Workshop8.6th Step9.Can Unity or Service Exist Without Recovery?10.How did I become the G.S.R.?11.A.A. is already established, why do we need service?8 of 42Check out these workshoptopics and let our DelegateHank know which ones youthink are most appropriate- we get to read about themin the 2021 GSC FinalReport - and - we candiscuss them in our Area!

12.How much does our past look like the future?13.Let our nonalcoholic friends recommend A.A./ How does that happen?14.Are treatment centers, halfway houses and other recovery groups doing our A.A. work?15.Can I smoke marijuana and be sober in A.A.?16.Has the Tradition 12 “Anonymity” faded from its intended use?17.A checklist for the A.A. message18.The identity of my group’s message19.Where does the newcomer fit in my group structure?20.How to develop my attraction21.What more can we do to stay relevant?22.Reaching problem drinkers where they are and on their terms.23.Why are there breakaways from the original A.A. such as A.A. for young people, A.A. for the nativeAmerican, etc.24.Our COMMON Welfare.One Alcoholic helping another Alcoholic like no one else can25.An Obligation to Society26.Providing a permanent & Safe Haven27.The Flame of Faith28.Special Interest Groups: inclusive or divisive?29.The Big Book & Tradition Three: How they are one?30.Are A.A. Groups connected to General Service?31.Can the GSC decide first on matters that affect A.A. as a whole?32.Concept One: Final Responsibility & Ultimate Authority33.What is the difference between carrying A.A.’s message and carrying My message?34.If the A.A. message is the Language of the Heart, why would it be different now?35.Is A.A. broken? If not, then why the need to update the language9 of 42

36.Sharing the Three Legacies to insure we leave what we were given37.Inform, Involve, Inspire: Rocketed into a fourth dimension38.How do people serving at G.S.O become involved in serving at that level?39.Home Groups: Strengthening the Home Group40.Principles Over Personalities: - Longevity of A.A. Ensuring it will be here 500 years from now- Anonymity: How we protect it in this day of the Internet - Carrying the Message: What does that mean? Different ways we can carry the message? Whatexactly is the message? - Importance of consistency at different meetings; what is the connection in conducting a meetingthat all A.A adheres to. The bare minimum?41.Twelve points to assure our Future42.Home Group – The Heartbeat of A.A.43.Cooperation without Affiliation44.Do I Carry the A.A. message or my own?45.Our Spiritual Heritage46.Liaising with professionals, probation, etc.47.Public Information48.Home group vs. A.A. meeting49.Service structure50.Chairing an A.A. meeting51.Open vs. Closed meetings52.Bridging the Gap53.Application of the Traditions in our interactions with our Friends54.Affiliation versus Cooperation55.Maintaining our Primary Purpose in the ever-changing world of Treatment56.Informing A.A. members of what A.A. does and doesn’t do10 of 42

57.What is an A.A. member’s responsibili