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Unity ClientTable of ContentsUsing the Module Reference Guide (MRG) .ivEXPOSUREOverview .1Exclusive Features . 1Applications .1Licensing .1Definitions .2Annotations . 2AutoFill Keyword Set . 2AutoFill Keyword Set Instance. 3Cascading Data Sets. 3Cross-Reference . 3HTML-Based Documents . 3Custom Queries. 4Document . 4Document Handle. 4Document Type . 4Document Type Group . 4Envelope. 5External Text Search Definition . 5File Cabinet . 5Dynamic Folder. 6Static Folder. 6Image Documents . 7Internal Text Search Definition . 7Keyword Data Sets . 7Keyword Types and Keyword Values. 7Keyword Types . 7Keyword Values . 8Keyword Type Groups . 8Multi-Instance Keyword Type Groups . 9Keyword Type Masking. 9Note. 9OLE Documents. 10Overlay . 11Staples . 11Text Documents . 12User . 12User Group . 12OnBase 18 2018Hyland Software, Inc.v

Unity ClientTable of ContentsUSAGEGeneral Functionality . 13Opening the Unity Client . 13Logging On. 13Change Password . 15The Unity Client Window . 16Home Tab . 17Home Layout . 18Web Sites . 19RSS Ticker . 20File Menu . 21Accessing Keyboard Shortcuts . 23Favorites .