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So you think you’d like to be an Anesthesia Technologist?Photo of a surgical suite from

What is anAnesthesiaTechnologist?It is an allied health professionspecifically focused on fundamental andadvanced clinical procedures which assistthe anesthesia provider in the safe andefficient care of patients.

What Does an Anesthesia Technologist Do?Some of their responsibilities include Photo of confused physician from Wordpress

Intubation photo from Kidocs.orgBasic Airway SetupIntubation equipment photo from

Assists with Rapid SequenceInductions (patient musthave a breathing tubeinserted quickly)Intubation photo from

Selects the Appropriate Airway Supplies andEquipment for Different Patient PopulationsPhoto of intubated infant from Flickr.comPhoto of poorly positioned patient from

AssistswithPatientPositioningPhoto of patient in prone position from

Demonstrates aCompleteUnderstandingof the ASADifficult AirwayAlgorithmDifficult Airway Algorithm from

Demonstrates the Appropriate Knowledge ofand is Able to Assist with Airway Items(1 of 3 slides)CombitubeLMACombitube photo from tamingthesru.comDisposable Laryngeal Mask Airway photo from

Demonstrates the Appropriate Knowledge ofand is Able to Assist with Airway Items(2 of 3 slides)GlidescopeBronchoscopeGlidescope from Flickr.comBronchoscopy photo from

Demonstrates the Appropriate Knowledge ofand is Able to Assist with Airway Items(3 of 3 slides)Double lumen tubesJet ventilatorDouble lumen tubes photo from litfl.comJet ventilator photo from

TroubleshootsProblems with AirwayEquipmentGlidescope video laryngoscope photo from

Has a ThoroughUnderstanding ofAnesthesia MachinesAnesthetic machine photo from

PerformsDaily SafetyChecksFDA Approved logo photo from

Point of CareTestingBlood gas analyzer photo from

Understands and Assists withthe Administration of Bloodand Blood ProductsTransfusion photo from

Understands the Difference Between ColloidCrystalloidIV bag photo from prehospitalresearch.euIV bag photo from

Assists with Invasive Line PlacementCentral line kit photo from wikimedia.orgTriple lumen central line in jugular vein photo from

Identifies and Understands theUsage of Drugs CommonlyUsed by the Anesthesia CareTeamPropofol bottle photo from

DemonstratesKnowledge andComprehensionof Biotechnologyand MonitoringAlbert Einstein quote from

Able to Assist in Critical EventsTraumaTrauma room photo from emdocs.netLabor and deliveryLabor room photo from

What makes a Good Anesthesia TechnologistTechnical knowledge and critical thinkingskills are essentialThe ability to assess a situation and makedecisions as to what equipment/suppliesare necessary for the anesthesia care tosafely take care of that particular patient

Just as Important are your PersonalAttributesThe successful Anesthesia Technologist is: People-oriented Dependable Flexible Conscientious Honest Compassionate Caring Courteous Self-directed

The Operating Room can be a Very StressfulPlace to WorkThe successful technologist must be ableto handle the physical and emotional rigorsof stressful work situationsThe successful technologist must alwaysbe willing to learn new things and strive tomeet the highest standards of theprofession of which he or she is a part

What is the work environment like for anAnesthesia Technologist (AT)?Anesthesia technologiststypically work between32-40 hours a weekSince hospitals operatearound the clock,technologists can workdays, evenings, nights,and weekends & holidaysYou could spend longperiods standing andwalking between yourassigned areasYou may be assigned tothe operating room, laborand delivery, MRI or otherareas outside theoperating roomRegardless of where youare assigned you willwear scrubs that thehospital provides for youAlways be prepared forthe unexpected! If you aresomeone who likes apredictable workday, thisjob is NOT for you.

But more importantly, you arepart of the anesthesia care team

This soundsgreat how do Ibecome anAnesthesiaTechnologist?

Admission RequirementsCompleteComplete the CFNC Application for Durham Tech and establish your residency statusSubmitSubmit sealed, official documents to the Admissions, Registration, and Records or email electronictranscripts through an approved transcript service such as CFNC, Joint Services Transcripts, NationalStudent Clearinghouse, Parchment, ScribOnline and Script-Safe to [email protected] Admissions – Anna-Wade Banks and let her know you are interested in the AT programComplete andSubmitAttendMeetComplete and submit the signed Clinical Training and English Language Requirement forms to Ms.BanksAttend a ConnectSession (orientation)Meet course placement requirements outlined on the AT Admissions ChecklistView Health Technologies enrollment steps

Admissions Office Contact for AnesthesiaTechnologist ProgramAbraham DonesAdmissions, Registration, and Records officeDurham Technical Community College1637 E. Lawson StreetDurham, NC 27703Email: [email protected]: 919-536-7200 ext. 1805Fax: 919-536-7262

July 1st Last day to submit an enrollmentapplication, by 5 p.m.Key Dates forFall Semester2020August 7th Last day to take a placement test,arrive by 10 a.m. and attend a ConnectSessionAugust 13th Last day for late advisingAugust 16th Last Day to Register/Pay forClassesAugust 17th Fall semester Begins!

After you’ve gotten all of that done Library photo by

Complete the Application for the AnesthesiaTechnology ProgramWhile waiting for entrance into the program:Start taking some of the ‘General Education’ courses on the plan of study.That way you will not have to take as many credits after admittance intothe program.

The plan of study must be strictly followed asoutlined. The General Education courses may becompleted earlier/later or in the designatedsemester as long as the prerequisites are met All ATC courses must be completed in theorder they appear on the plan of studyPlan ofStudy

General Program InformationGrading Scale (7 point system) Must maintain a ‘C’ or better in all courses to continue in the program First and second semesters consist of an online class, lecture, and lab Third semester consists of one hybrid class and your clinical rotations start Fourth semester is entirely clinical time in addition to whatever generaleducation courses you need to complete Fifth semester is clinical time and one online class You will need to get your BLS card before starting clinicals You will need to get your ACLS card before the end of the program

Clinical SitesClinical training takesplace at Duke, UNC, andRex hospitals.Wake Med may be addedin early 2021.

All students in Health and Wellness programsmust have a drug screen and criminal backgroundcheck done. You will be given more informationand complete instructions during orientation.OtherRequirements

Certification ExamAfter completion and graduationfrom the Anesthesia TechnologyProgram: You are eligible to take theentry-level nationalcertification exam More information about thenational exam can be found atthe website

Accreditation StatusThe Durham Tech Anesthesia Technology program is in the process of seekingaccreditation. Below is the letter from CoA-ATE in regard to our statusThe Anesthesia Technology program at Durham Tech has been issuedaLetter of Review by the Committee on Accreditation for AnesthesiaTechnology Education (CoA-ATE). This status signifies that the programseeking initial accreditation and has demonstrated sufficient compliancewith the accreditation Standards through Letter of Review applicationmaterials and other documentation. Letter of Review is recognized by theAmerican Association of Anesthesia Technologists & Technicians (ASATT)for eligibility to take the credentialing exam. However, it is NOT a guaranteeof eventual accreditation.

Salaries as of April 6, 2020Source:

For More Information on the Profession Commission on Accreditation forAnesthesia Technologists (CoA-ATE) American Society of AnesthesiaTechnicians and Technologists(ASATT)

Questions?Please contact me if you have questions. We can eitherset up a time to chat or I can answer your questions viaemail. Gail Walker, MA, Cer.A.T. Director, Anesthesia Technology Durham Technical Community College,Orange County Campus mail to: [email protected]

One Last Thing If you are interested in the AT Program, please send an email to Ms. Walker([email protected]) and to Mr. Dones ([email protected]).In the subject line enter “AT Info Session”. This will let us know you’vereviewed this information and are considering applying to the program.Please include your name and email address. If you are currently a DurhamTech student, use your ConnectMail address. We look forward to hearingfrom you.