Nurse Anesthesia Student-Faculty Handbook 2021-22Detroit Mercy Graduate Program of Nurse AnesthesiaRevision history: This document was reviewed annually 2001 to present. Last revision date is 24 May 2021.TABLE OF CONTENTS1. Introduction. 5Program address and phone number .6Policy Changes and Disclaimer .6Policy on policy development and change .6History and Accreditation.6Non-discrimination .7Program mission and Philosophy .82. Ethics . 11Admissions .11Nondiscrimination .11Categories of admission .11Deadlines.11Technical Standards .11Criminal Background Check, Health, and Drug Screening.12Information Sharing and privacy policy .12Services For Students With Disabilities .13Loyalty .13Rights and Responsibilities .14Patients .14Applicants .14Students .14Alumni .15Detroit Mercy Nurse Anesthesia Student-Faculty Handbook 2021-221

Faculty.16Conducting institution .17Council on Accreditation .183. Professionalism and Integrity . 18Title and identification .224. Curriculum, Faculty, Course Descriptions . 23Master of Science Curriculum .23Doctor of Nursing Practice-Nurse Anesthesia Curriculum .24Faculty .25Course Descriptions .265. Academic Policies. 26Registration .26Attendance Policies .26Course Policies .27Examinations .27Grading scale.29Transfer Credit .29Curriculum Transfer .30Academic misconduct .30Fraternization.31Graduation .31Supervision of students.326. Scheduling . 33Time commitment .33Holidays .34Clinical Time- Assigned Hours per Week .34Flexible scheduling (optional) .34Detroit Mercy Nurse Anesthesia Student-Faculty Handbook 2021-222

Clinical Release Time .35Unscheduled absences .36Affiliate sites requirements .36SEE exam and vacation bank .37Bereavement Time .37Military Absence .38Mission trips.38Snow Days & Instructional Continuity .41Required Conferences and Meetings .42Optional Conferences .42Maternity or Paternity Leave .42Leaves of Absence .437. Financial Considerations . 43Student Employment .44Textbooks .44Liability Insurance .45Miscellaneous Expenses .46Technology Requirements .468. Student Responsibilities in the Clinical Area. 47Records .47Care Plans .48Clinical Time .49Communications and distractions in clinical.50Off-Shift Clinical Time .51Licensure .51Medication Safety.51Call Policy .52Detroit Mercy Nurse Anesthesia Student-Faculty Handbook 2021-223

9. Environmental & Chemical Hazards . 52Environmental hazards .52Chemical Dependency .5310. Clinical Affiliations . 56Communication .57Duties of clinical coordinators and faculty at clinical sites .5711. Library and Computer Resources . 5812. Evaluation Plan .